Match of the Day Top 10

Gary Lineker and the Match of the Day pundits pick their Premier League top 10s.

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5/20/2022 10:30:00 AM

And now, please stand by for a public service announcement from GaryLineker 😂 The MOTDTop10: Rest of the World Players 📱Watch on BBC iPlayer👉 🎧Listen on BBC Sounds👉

Gary Lineker and the Match of the Day pundits pick their Premier League top 10s.

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GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds No Wanchope but some lad that played for Leicester nobody can remember, stroll on. GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds Am I the only person who would love to see a top 10 PRE premier league. Something around the time of GaryLineker playing days,as a younger viewer who likes to look back at older clips of the game.Although you might have to replace big Meeks as he’s only relying on clips off Yt😂

GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds alanshearer was on top form ripping Big Meecs analytic pundit style 🤣 GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds It's a great programme, love the humour and all the insights. GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds dajft13 alfieallard gotta love this, I knew I was in the team- always struggled with confidence that MicahRichards had some serious talent tho

BBCSounds GaryLineker BBCiPlayer For a lad who never really fulfilled his potential he’s got some big head on him… GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds I love that Meekes is from west mids but then puts in the odd twang of “Gods oown cuntry”. YOURKSHEH! 👏🏽👏🏽🤣😂👍🏽 GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds No wonder he was finished by 25

GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds I generally don’t do podcasts but I might have to start listening to this one GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds ConorTrainor2 JamesMcCabe2 every Thursday and Friday night before rocking up for wingnuts army on the Saturday morning BBCSport GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds Now we know why his career was a failure

Premier League: 10 things to look out for on final day of the seasonWill City or Liverpool be champions? Burnley or Leeds to go down? And surely Spurs won’t lose at Norwich … will they?

GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds Great show. Really funny 😁 GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds You watched any of these yet HalliwellDanny 🤣 MicahRichards GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds Big Meeks 🤣🤣🤣💙💙💙 BBCSport GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

GaryLineker BBCiPlayer BBCSounds Absolute cheese. Already admitted he’s not a drinker.

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WWE Legend Ric Flair Confirms He'll Have One More Match🗣 'The Rumors Are True! I’m Going To Walk That Aisle, Style And Profile, One Last Time!' WOO. Ric Flair is coming back for one more match despite the fact he turned 73 just months ago. What a man. 👏 Bedew11

Billy Sharp: Fan jailed for headbutting player at end of matchSheffield United captain Billy Sharp was assaulted at the end of their match with Nottingham Forest. I just hope that the prison he serves term is in Sheffield some place with hungry male sexually motivated inmates that like to wear yellow Justice for Billy Sharp, quick punishment and quite rightly so. Proves the system can move quickly when it wants to. But when it’s not in the establishments interest to hurry the process, then it’s a different story SueGrayReport Confused man thought the opposition was named..Nuttinghead Forest - Man jailed for attacking Sheffield United captain, Billy Sharp, at end of match against Nottingham Forest

UK weather forecast: Thunderstorms to batter London after hottest day of the yearUK weather forecast: Thunderstorms are expected on Wednesday evening and overnight into Thursday briefly bringing an end to the scorching weather in London 🌧️

Liverpool: Teenager turns train announcer for the dayJoshua, who's blind, announced the 10.27 arriving at Platform 1 at Liverpool Lime Street. Good lad He was great 👏