Marvel's Benedict Cumberbatch once pissed off Power of the Dog co-star Jesse Plemons

'There was one time he got under my skin.'


1/14/2022 8:48:00 PM

Marvel's Benedict Cumberbatch once pissed off PowerOfTheDog co-star Jesse Plemons:

'There was one time he got under my skin.'

Plemons went on to reveal that Cumberbatch kept his distance from the rest of the cast in order to get into the role, and"would be off in his corner braiding or doing whatever he was doing or rolling cigarettes. I think it was really helpful."

Cumberbatch elaborated of his method process:"Everyone was on the same page. I was introduced to the crews as 'Phil.' [Director] Jane [Campion] would say, 'This is Phil. You're going to be working with Phil. Benedict is really nice but you're going to meet him at the end of the shoot.'

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