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Martin Lewis: 'Challenge everything you spend money on' to clear debt - steps to take

Money saving expert #MartinLewis reveals - how to save money and clear #debt 'Challenge everything you spend money on'

1/22/2021 9:11:00 AM

Money saving expert MartinLewis reveals - how to save money and clear debt 'Challenge everything you spend money on'

MARTIN LEWIS the Money Saving Expert tonight shared his financial wisdom with Britons looking to save the pennies. In his Martin Lewis Money Show on ITV he focussed on debt - and the steps one can take to clear it.

Leanne took a great many small steps to get rid of her debt, tackling her spending from all directions."I used Martin's budget planner. I set up a spreadsheet that details day by day exactly how much I'm expecting to go out the bank, how much is coming in the bank and I still follow that spreadsheet daily," she explained

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"We moved to online shopping and started buying own brands, meal planning (things were getting thrown away)."I followed every little bit of advice that was ever given on the TV. I started with a credit card shift and it's something that I've seen Martin talking about."

Martin Lewis:"If you've got debts, go and make sure you can slash the costs," advised Martin(Image: Getty Images)Martin Lewis explains how Britons may be owed forgotten cashLeanne's debt-slashing attempts didn't stop there."I got everything onto nought percent," she continued."I went on comparison sites, together with cashback sites, moved energy provider. I moved car insurance provider, home insurance - the companies aren't loyal to me so I'm not going to be loyal to them.

"I started haggling to reduce payments so just things like breakdown cover, mobile phone providers, TV packages, and on every occasion at work there wasn't one occasion where I didn't get the price down."I would never have even thought about haggling before I was never brave enough to do anything like that."

Lastly, she explained, she began overpaying the debt. Read more: Daily Express »

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