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Mark Zuckerberg: advertisers' boycott of Facebook will end 'soon enough'

Mark Zuckerberg: advertisers' boycott of Facebook will end 'soon enough'

7/2/2020 8:46:00 PM

Mark Zuckerberg : advertisers' boycott of Facebook will end 'soon enough'

We will not change our policies or approach, says Zuckerberg as more than 500 companies protest against hate speech

According to a report by tech news site the Information, the Facebook founder and CEO sees the boycott from big brands including Starbucks and Coca-Cola as a PR issue rather than a serious threat and is not planning a major response. “We’re not gonna change our policies or approach on anything because of a threat to a small percent of our revenue, or to any percent of our revenue,” he said, according to the Information.

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The boycott is a “reputational and a partner issue” rather than an economic one, Zuckerberg told staff, according to a transcript obtained by the Information. “My guess is that all these advertisers will be back on the platform soon enough.”On Wednesday, more than 500 companies officially kicked off an advertising boycott intended to pressure Facebook into taking a stronger stand against hate speech. Zuckerberg has agreed to meet with its organizers early next week.

But whether Zuckerberg agrees to further tighten the social network’s carefully crafted rules probably boils down to a more fundamental question: does Facebook need big-brand advertisers more than the brands need Facebook?In a broad sense, the current boycott, which will last at least a month, is like nothing Facebook has experienced before. Following weeks of protests against police violence and racial injustice, major brands have for the first time joined together to protest against still-prevalent hate speech on Facebook’s platforms by taking aim at the social network’s $70bn in annual ad revenue.

After years of piecemeal measures to address hate, abuse and misinformation on its service, Facebook’s critics hope that pinching the company where it hurts will push it toward more meaningful change. As of Wednesday, 530 companies had signed on and that is not counting businesses like Target and Starbucks, which have paused advertising but did not formally join the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, which calls its action a pause” rather than a boycott.

On Wednesday, Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice-president of global affairs and communications, tried to reassure businesses that Facebook does not benefit from hate and said the company has every incentive to remove hate speech from its service. He acknowledged that “many of our critics are angry about the inflammatory rhetoric President Trump has posted on our platform and others, and want us to be more aggressive in removing his speech.”

Clegg, however, offered few concessions, and instead repeated Zuckerberg‘s frequent talking point that the only way to hold the powerful to account is ultimately through the ballot box. He pointed to Facebook’s get-out-the-vote efforts as evidence of the company’s commitment, along with the billions of dollars, tens of thousands of content moderators and other investments it has made in trying to improve its platform.

While Facebook is making efforts to hear out its critics, it remains clear that ultimate decisions will always rest with its founder and CEO, who holds the majority of the company’s voting shares and could effectively run the company for life, should he desire to.

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obviously the election spending outweighs those other brands. if it severely impacted his bottomline, he’d be behaving differently. they do make money off the hate speech, that’s the point F**k Facebook! Twitter is a much better 'playground' lol I don't understand why people are still on facebook. Why Are people still using Facebook? Not tired if it yet?

Ban trump from FB and Twitter.... Problem solved 👍👍👍 Mark banned the BOOGALOO( HALF ASSED) but did he ban ads from the gun sellers who market to them? After all, he needs all the ad revenue he can get. I'm glad to see companies taking some sort of a stand against facebook. It's an idle threat though if what Zuckerberg says is true about them returning in no time at all.

so he supports racism? sad to know that... Leave Mark alone Kind of like Trump saying that soonebthe coronavirus will “just disappear”. Two of a kind. I bet he didn't think he was going to grow up to be the bad guy, but here we are. DELETE FACEBOOK Facebook was over around 2010 when all the boring old farts joined. It's had its heyday. We're all bored of selfies and pics of kids we don't know. Was amusing for a while.

“We’re not gonna change our policies or approach on anything because of a threat to a small percent of our revenue, or to any percent of our revenue,” he said... That makes one thing clear. Whatever he does now in response to the boycott is purely cosmetic and fake. Nope. Be afraid Mark. Here’s an idea 💡 delete FB

😂😬 is this a threat So rich yet so inept and idiotic. Does anyone even care about facebook anymore Boycott, boycott, boycott. Yeah, Zuckerberg is a Suckerberg for Trump. They have had many private tête à têtes recently. For what? Zuckerberg sees himself as a future presidential candidate. If you think he comes down on the side of the Democrats, think again.

Hey advertisers. markFuckerbug says your cowards. Someone will advertise on Facebook. He doesn't really need the ones that refuse. zionist supportive of hate speech. I lived to see your fall. sprbrighting Im sure taunting them with his arrogance like this will definitely not make them dump Facebook completely.

Considering the stock went up 12% in the last 4 days, Imma say yes Fuck this guy Personally I quit Facebook after its poor approach with hate speech last month. Now I m here. Hello! It's actually good that he's come out and confirmed how arrogant he is and that he doesn't give a damn, rather than making people think he might reconsider.

Oo he's doubling down. Now we'll see who had an ethical stance and who's just performing. 🍿 IS THIS MAN A SECRET TRUMP SUPPORTER? The sad reality is that ppl are not gonna delete thiere accounts, facebook have been abusing its users for years and ppl still use FB.... all this fuzz is just another fart in the wind

Facebook is not just a monopoly; it is totalitarian. It may be Zuckerburg's possession, but it is such a public but autocratic influence, it must be seen as belonging to the People. I predict that ultimately it shall be taken into public possession. Stop. Just stop...digging [your own grave]. BoycottFacebook StopTheHateForProfit I quit my Facebook ages ago and this is just making me glad I did it then!

I honestly don’t believe he is human at all. Definite AI gathering all your info on Facebook . No zucky boy....it will end when u will keep ur propaganda aside To be honest I never buy anything advertised on facebook or read any adverts..always skip them..so I dont know why people advertise on facebook..I always use ebay and amazon...

Proof, as if we needed it, that Zuckerberg has no moral compass at all. Everybody should just close their accounts and boycott the site. The arrogance is astounding. Facebook is a disease...like a lot of social media that replaces real relationships with 'friends'. First of all instead of this what about news that He should fucking get out of Hawaii and let the native Hawaiian people have their land. HE IS SUING NATIVE HAWAIIANS TO GET THEIR LAND. HE'S A MODERN COLONIZER. FuckMarkZuckerberg

nope DeleteFacebook Ok Satan!!! Absurd. Proximity to money does remove some people's morality. Prove Zuckerberg wrong. The Facebook boycott will NOT end soon, if I can help keep it going. Boycott Facebook. I was one of firsts to have a fb account and one of the firsts to delete it. Oh yea? Wait for the consumer boycott then StopHateForProfit BoycottFacebook

I wouldn’t surprise me if he already collected sensitive information & threatened them to giving it to rivals 🤣😂 😂 Zuckerberg's villain is coming out I hope it only grows bigger! He is not capable of getting it. Yeah, one way or another, it will end. ...and so Facebook dies. Facebook needs to be push harder and for longer to do the right thing on hate and racism and I’ll be looking hard at companies I do business with of they aren’t supporting Unilever, Coca-Cola et al. for appropriate changes. Zukrrberg can stall but must be forced to make changes!

Naw. FuckZuck More likely ad buyers’ suspicions will be confirmed: Facebook ads don’t really deliver much. The AuntsandUncles of Facebook are slowly spiraling down into a once-a-week “meh”. CocaCola said they were stopping the advertising for 30 days. They didn’t say permanently. Wake up- they are saying that Bc of the outrage these companies are doing this to try to shut the public up. Zuck is saying that Bc he knows company value making 💴 over what’s right.

Just to clarify, it's far harder to avoid getting a ban on facebook, you pick up bans for jokes, political indifference, explaining truth to lefties... Burn it down. It'll end when Facebook is Bankrupted & Nolonger the Pariah they've become. BoycottFacebook let's make Zuckerberg a Historical Footnote. CancelZuckerberg CancelFacebook

what a d-bag Smug? Cor, not much! This dude is continuously the worst person in the world I wish the whole world would boycott Facebook. It's 2020. Why are people still happy to put all their personal info online so they can be targeted by advertising? Just so you can take a selfie and get some likes? Grow up.

Well, if this statement doesn't backfire. noted. I really didn't expect a billionaire to openly vocalise how little the words of liberals and their corporate counterparts mean, but there it is I guess haha thats how you ensure a boycot. good job salamander man advertisers hahaa Ok boomer give me a magic marker so i can draw a swastika on this guy's forehead.

It seems to me like you’re the expert, Mark! The absolute arrogance of the man and the organisation. I deleted my account recently for all sorts of reasons - no looking back. Of course it will.

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