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Marcus Rashford understands what the government does not | Letters

Marcus Rashford understands what the government does not | Letters

10/27/2020 1:17:00 AM

Marcus Rashford understands what the government does not | Letters

Letters: Ruth Lister and Austen Lynch on how the government is failing children, and Les Bright on why minsters will learn the hard way that pride comes before a fall

• Article 24 of the UN convention on the rights of the child states that governments must provide healthcare, clean water and nutritious food. Article 27 states: “Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and social needs.”

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Clearly, any government that wilfully votes against measures to ensure the most basic adequate wellbeing of children deemed to be under its protection is egregiously in breach of its obligations under an international treaty that it has undertaken to uphold. That it does so in such a callous manner is truly appalling.Austen LynchGarstang, Lancashire

• The diagnosis Martin Kettle offers, of a prime minister unable to recognise and act on the need for compromise, is spot on (Boris Johnson’s refusal to seek compromise will be his undoing, 21 October).Last week’s Manchester stand-off provided the mood music for the debate on the extension of free school meals to cover school holidays. MPs from Johnson’s party fought off a reasoned and reasonable appeal for support to some of the poorest families with relish, and such carefully crafted arguments as wanting to avoid “nationalising children”, when really what they meant was that the boss wouldn’t be best pleased at having to execute yet another U-turn in the face of the recently honoured “local boy made good”. They will learn the hard way that pride comes before a fall.Les BrightExeter

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Boris Johnson is due to explain a return to the three-tier system after lockdown ends on 2 December.

I disagree with that statement. The Government does understand, they just don't care about it, when it does not affect them directly or make them money. Maybe It's not really about feeding the children and more about making sure that the parents can pay for a £70 Man United shirt for the kids (made in a sweat shop that pays 64p a day). That's Premier League socialism for you. 😂😂

I didn't think he was that intelligent Oh dear, a story featuring a vocal black man. Let the idiotic hate comments begin. None of the Tory Government has been in need Let's make a huge pot of vegetable stew for all the starving children. Freezable healthy meals all round. Hmmm lovely! Champagne socialism?

How to virtue signal? do it properly Marcus Rashford MBE By the same token, the government understands what a goal is while Rashford does not. Really? As if. Marcus Rashford doesn't even understand Marcus Rashford. Just another child millionaire with an empty conscience that advocates what his goldfish brain allows him to remember. Stop making this people matter.

The Government understands. They just don't care. He doesn't. He's a millionaire footballer. If you want advice on producing wealth, ask those who produce it. He cares. The government most certainly does not.

'Boris Johnson scores own goal as Marcus Rashford wins Pride of Britain gong'The Mirror urges the Prime Minister to respond to a letter from footballer Marcus Rashford as our Pride of Britain hero champions hungry children's needs

Marcus Rashford overwhelmed by Pride of Britain award in emotional clipThe Manchester United and England strike has been leading the battle to make sure Britain's poorest children are fed after cruel Tories voted against free school meals in holidays News just in. We need more people like Marcus. thegoalzone Shouldn't we make sure that kids are not born into families where they are not encouraged to have children that need to rely on charity to just have food? Rashford is a politicised footballer. Not good for football or MU.

PM urged to meet Marcus Rashford amid calls for school meals U-turn by ChristmasThe Prime Minister is under increasing pressure to yield on providing poor school children with free meals during holidays and Labour is warning it could bring the issue back to the Commons So he thinks he needs to meet MarcusRashford . I think he's terrified of People Power. Meantime we'll feed the children. Thank you, Marcus. No

Free school meals: Boris Johnson admits he hasn't spoken to Marcus Rashford since JuneThe PM says ministers 'will do everything in our power to make sure that no child goes hungry this winter during the holidays'. Marcus Rashford 😂 isn't sallynugent his mouthpiece and some dodgy agency? This guy is our PM let that sink in He's a footballer that's doing a campaign.. His importance is being way overhyped.

Marcus Rashford honoured with Pride of Britain award after fight to feed kids'I am receiving this award on behalf of all of the incredible people who have selflessly stepped up to support their communities' His campaign will work as I’m sure govt will back down under pressure. But Marcus didn’t go hungry as a child under a Tory govt. Labour were in power for the first 13 years of his life. It’s not a party thing, it seems to be a UK thing. We treat our kids and elderly appallingly. If he returned his MBE it would mean so much more...... He earns more in a week than 99% earn in a year so why not tax him at 70% to pay for meals

Child poverty champion Marcus Rashford's special tattoo with heartfelt meaningEXCLUSIVE: An inking of a child playing with a ball beneath a cherry tree hints at the roots that set the young footballer on his path to becoming a champion for the nation's hungry kids At gashford has lost it PrideOfBritain ExpressFridayVigil Do not Love the World, but Love THE LORD with all you heart, soul and mind.