Marcella, Marcella Final Episode, Marcella Season 3 Final Episode, Marcella Season 3 Ending, Marcella Season 3 Ending Explained, İs Marcella Over

Marcella, Marcella Final Episode

Marcella season 3 ending: What happened in the final episode?

All we know about the ending of #Marcella season 3 and what to expect next

3/4/2021 12:13:00 AM

All we know about the ending of Marcella season 3 and what to expect next

MARCELLA season 3 has finally come to an end with a double-bill and fans were left with many questions. What happened in the final episode of Marcella ?

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explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time.Marcella season three has been airing onITVthroughout 2021 and viewers saw the title character (played by Anna Friel) take on her new persona. The detective was believed to be dead, but she resurfaced as Keira Devlin to take on some undercover work. The season three finale included some major cliffhangers and here's all we know about what happened.

Related articlesPiers hits out at Sturgeon's 'severe memory loss' amid Salmond inquiryWhat happened in the final episode of Marcella season 3?Marcella Backland joined a gang of Belfast mobsters in the third season and fans were glad to see the damaged detective return.

She had joined forces with Frank Young (Hugo Speer) to expose one of Ireland's most dangerous families while facing her own personal issues along the way.The flawed detective had one last chance at redemption as she set out to take down the Maguire family.

Leaving no stone unturned, she took them all out before stealing £24million from their fund and disappearing into the night.Fans were holding their breath as she was caught in the middle of a shoot-off between the Maguires.READ MORE: Marcella season 3 ending: Marcella walked away alive

(Image: ITV)Marcella season 3 ending: Marcella had taken on a new persona(Image: ITV)Alex Browne Marcella: Who is Alex Browne and what happened?Undercover boss Frank was killed in the action, leaving Marcella and baby Katy to escape with their lives.DS Backland had taken on the orphaned child following the death of her parents - Bobby (Martin McCann) and Stacey Barrett (Kelly Gough).

Fans believed she would use the Maguires' money to create a new life for herself and young Katy.She had taken on a new name of Miss Hart as she planned to jet off to a new part of the world.However, her phone rang at the airport and the voice on the other end of the phone asked to speak with"Marcella Backland".

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Marcella season 3 ending: Katherine Maguire could expose Marcella(Image: ITV)She abandoned the call and continued to board the plane with Katy, but viewers were left wondering where she was headed.Whoever the mystery caller was, it is someone who knew of Marcella from back in her early days in the field.

Some believe it was her old colleague Rav Sangha (Ray Panthaki), who was injured in the Maguire shootout.He was a fan-favourite so viewers are hoping he survived the fray and hopes to reconnect with Marcella again.Others believe the mystery caller could be someone connected to Frank, who was a shady character.

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