Manchester United: Who might buy the club?

11/23/2022 9:25:00 PM

Who might buy Manchester United?

Who might buy Manchester United?

One of the world's biggest football clubs is up for sale, but who are the runners and riders to buy it?

It is thought they could sell it for £4bn-£4.Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United have finally parted company.The Saudi Arabia PIF financed takeover of Newcastle United eventually happened on 7 October 2021.Watch all the World Cup action across the BBC Sport website and on demand on.

5bn, though some have suggested higher sums.The move has been , who have protested for years against the American family's ownership.Manchester United now on Tuesday releasing a brief but to the point official statement / announcement.So who might be interested in buying the club? Sir Jim Ratcliffe Image source, Getty Images One of the UK's richest men, Sir Jim Ratcliffe is one of a few names to regularly be mentioned when it comes to a potential takeover of Manchester United.What they were totally missing was that the Saudi Arabia PIF had landed an absolute bargain.He first declared his interest in buying the club in August, with a spokesman for him saying: "If the club is for sale, Jim is definitely a potential buyer.The club thanks him for his immense contribution across two spells at Old Trafford, scoring 145 goals in 346 appearances, and wishes him and his family well for the future." Sir Jim is a fan of the Red Devils, which will appeal to supporters disenfranchised by the current owners' perceived lack of investment in the club's facilities and team.

He made his fortune through buying up and turning around cast-off parts of other businesses.’ I have seen many debates / articles in the media about the identity of which club Ronaldo will go to next, with Newcastle United regularly getting mentioned.Then even if in reality it turned out they have funded the Amanda Staveley stake in the club (in return for her work helping the takeover happen) as well, you are still only bumping up the Saudi Arabia PIF contribution to nothing beyond £350m, in terms of buying Newcastle United.From operations once owned by the likes of oil giant BP, Sir Jim created a company - Ineos - whose chemicals and raw materials go into nearly everything we touch every day.Who is Jim Ratcliffe? The Sunday Times Rich List lists him as the 27th wealthiest person in the UK, with a total wealth of £6bn, though Forbes puts it at just under £11bn.After careful consideration of around a millionth of a second, I can say absolutely for sure, don’t let him anywhere near Newcastle United.The Lancashire-born businessman would be the fans' choice, according to football finance expert and author Kieran Maguire.Wood was always a short-term fix, whilst Pope must be worth at least three times the £10m he spent and likes of Burn, Trippier and Targett all proving quality signings as well."He has openly said he had discussions with the Glazers earlier this summer," he says.Yes, he WAS one of the two greatest players in the World for a lot of years, BUT he isn’t now (he turns 38 in February).

But Sir Jim has not commented or signalled his intentions following the Glazers' announcement on Tuesday and Mr Maguire says the Ineos founder is "less likely" to pay over the odds for the club.Jim O'Neill and the Red Knights Image source, Getty Images Lord O'Neill led the so-called Red Knights group of investors that tried to buy the club back in 2010.If you had any doubts, then this Piers Morgan interview surely answered them, the motivation only his selfish reason and deliberately trying to sabotage the fans and club paying his wages.The buying price for Abramovich’s shares reported as £2.A United fan like Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Lord O'Neill told the BBC that whoever owns the club "needs to understand what they're taking on" and have "some proper purpose and culture behind what they're trying to do".Asked on the BBC's Today programme whether he just needed to raise £4bn to buy the club, Lord O'Neill didn't rule out tabling a bid.Yes he scored a decent amount of goals last season BUT overall it was at the expense of the rest of the team."I'm not sure if it will necessarily be that much (£4bn) but let's see," he said.’ Yes Roman Abramovich has bought them a series of trophies these past near two decades and built the club to where it is now.

Lord O'Neill was a boss at investment bank Goldman Sachs from 1995 to 2013, spending most of his time there as chief economist.Just standing up front waiting for the ball is a massive negative for the side as a whole.US private equity investors Getty Images Image caption, United fans have been against their current American owners for years so may not welcome another buyer from the US US owners and companies buying stakes in Premier League clubs has been a big talking point in the game and what the future holds for it.According to research by consultancy Deloitte, the US has been the source of more than two-thirds of investments in Europe's biggest leagues over the past five years, with an "influx of private equity interest".I think a massive factor at Newcastle United after getting rid of Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce, is to see everybody pulling together, working for each other.In contrast, the Saudi Arabia PIF bought a club with a stadium fit for purpose, in the best location of any Premier League stadium in the country, a stadium where the only problem is that apart from updating it superficially due to Ashley refusing to even clean it properly, is finding ways to expand the current 52,000 capacity.Steve Gans, a sports lawyer and partner at the Boston firm Prince Lobel, who also previously worked with Liverpool's owners Fenway Sports Group, says a lot of American private equity firms want to invest in international football because "if they own other American sports that are uniquely American, they feel like they have saturated the market"."They see an unlimited market worldwide [with football].Interested of course to see which really desperate club does take on, I’m just grateful it won’t be Newcastle United.

The Premier League sells its TV [rights], it's 205 territories and countries around the world, that's an astounding market and these owners believe they can reach something that they can't reach with traditional American sports," he adds.Are those two clubs worth more than Newcastle United at this present moment? Yes.Mr Gans also says firms believe they have the marketing techniques to "make those clubs grow digitally and otherwise to a stratosphere that they are not at now".But more American investment might not be welcomed at Old Trafford, with club legend and commentator Gary Neville, saying in the summer that rumours of a part sale to.Buyers from the Middle East There have been a few high-profile takeovers of European clubs from investors linked to sovereign nations.Liverpool are being talked about as potentially having a value of £6bn+, whilst Man Utd even as high as £8bn.Manchester United's rivals Manchester City are owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group, while Newcastle United have recently been taken over by a consortium led by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund.

Paris Saint-Germain are owned by Qatar Sports Investments and there may be other Gulf nations interested in Manchester United.Football finance expert Mr Maguire told the BBC there were countries in the region that have "access to funds that could be used" to meet the Glazers' high price.Absolutely no reason why Newcastle United can’t do similar, or even far beyond what has happened at Chelsea and Man City, Newcastle United with a far bigger natural fanbase than that pair.However, as widely reported, such deals can lead to moral and ethical dilemmas for supporters.A wildcard? Elon Musk, a man rarely out of the headlines at the moment, sent the football world into a frenzy in August However, the thought of Mr Musk branching out from Tesla and now Twitter into football was short-lived.Also, I’m buying Manchester United ur welcome — Elon Musk (@elonmusk).Share.

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