Shooting, Domestic Violence, San Diego Police Department

Shooting, Domestic Violence

Man kills wife and three sons before taking own life after 'domestic dispute'

Man kills wife and three sons before taking own life after 'domestic dispute'


Man kills wife and three sons before taking own life after 'domestic dispute'

The victim obtained a restraining order against her husband the day before the fatal shooting that killed four of five family members in Paradise Hills, San Diego

Both adults and a 3-year-old were pronounced dead at the scene, according to Lt. Matt Dobbs of the San Diego Police Department.

Dobbs said: "It's still very early in an investigation, but it appears to be a tragic case of a domestic violence murder-suicide."

The police ruled the incident as a domestic dispute involving one family.

Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online The shooting happened on Paradise Hills, just a few blocks from an elementary school.

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