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Man finds creepy handwritten note and spooky Polaroid when redecorating new home

Man finds creepy handwritten note and spooky Polaroid when redecorating new home

10/30/2020 10:25:00 PM

Man finds creepy handwritten note and spooky Polaroid when redecorating new home

Paul Jones couldn't believe his eyes when he stumbled on a creepy letter and a Polaroid of clown, which he believes belonged to the previous ownersof his house

Paul Jones, from Liverpool, was in the middle of redecorating his house when he came across a memento left behind by what he thinks must be the previous owners.There was a note which read: "Dear Megan, I hate you a lot at the moment but I love you ..." which looked to have been written by a child.

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But this didn't add up as the former tenants didn't have any children.Along with the note, he found a Polaroid of a man dressed in a creepy clown costume with a sad expression on his face.Paul submitted the freakish find in a competition held by Sofa and carpet specialist, ScS in the hopes of being in with a chance of winning a sofa worth £849.99.

But Paul isn't the only one to send in their creepy discoveries, as Sam McCloskey came across the blueprints and food log for an old mental hospital from the 1920s.The black folder, which was inscribed with gold lettering, read: "BRIGHTON COUNTY BOROUGH MENTAL HOSPITAL BLOCK PLANS 1929."

A spooky doll was found by Anita Adams in 2001.The doll, which had been dressed in an old-fashioned dress and bonnet supposedly had three faces.As Anita explained: "When you turned the head you would get happy, asleep and crying faces!"On the theme of freaky dolls, Ghulam Arif almost "screamed the house down" after finding a bag full of dolls' heads.

He said: "There must have been about 50 of them in one bin liner."They were the Annabelle-type dolls too, so I threw it away immediately as we almost screamed the house down. Needless to say, no-one slept that night!"Pet remains were discovered by 12 competition entrants, including Tom Pickering, who found 17 boxes of cat ashes.

But that’s not as spooky as Julie Dore’s discovery.She revealed: "When I was little, we moved into a pub and found a dead shrivelled-up cat in the fireplace chimney, which was apparently to ward off spirits."It freaked us out! The other pub in the village had one as well!”

Gemma Larkins was looking through a cleaning cupboard when she spotted a scary doll-type mannequin saluting at her.It was stood leaning against a hoover dressed in a stripy white and pink long-sleeved t-shirt and denim dungarees decorated with appliqué flowers.

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It was definitely the last thing she expected to find as she went in search for the cleaning supplies.A 'Virol Bone Marrow' jar was found by Linda Spevick.This vitamin-packed concoction would be taken by children to give them strong bones in the 20th Century.

Three people also found voodoo dolls left behind by previous owners.Beverley Kerry said: "I went into the loft to store some boxes and found a photograph of a young man with his eyes scratched out and a red 'X' over his heart."I have no idea what he'd done to someone, but I hope the attempt at voodoo didn't work!"

While Catherine Long's find feels like the start of a horror movie.She said: "When we moved in, we had to rip the old floorboards out and change the joists as they were rotten."We found an old-fashioned polaroid photo of a family, but the faces were scratched out or worn down. You could see right through, so creepy!”

And Leah Finch found an E.T doll in the loft to the surprise of her family.Leah joked: "Sadly, he was not able to phone home from there - this was one alien who did not get to go home!”Other freaky finds entered so far include Ouija boards, human teeth, satanic markings and a glass eye.

Dale Gillespie, Head of Acquisition at ScS, said: “With the property market up and running again, many people will be moving into new homes, but who knows what they might find when they do?“Amongst the entries sent in so far, there have been old pants, wooden legs and how to get away with murder books, as well as some things that really should be left in the bathroom!

“We have been shocked at some of the strange things people have discovered and others have given us a good laugh!”The competition will close on Monday 2nd November, when a lucky winner will be picked to receive a brand new Lucy corner sofa from ScS worth £849.99.

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To enter the competition for a chance to win an £850 sofa, share your unusual new house discoveries here: https://www.scs.co.uk/lifestyle/Freaky+Finds.html Read more: Daily Mirror »

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