Man arrested after 'police catch him speeding at 48mph on electric skateboard'

Man arrested after 'police catch him speeding at 48mph on electric skateboard'

Speeding, Devon And Cornwall Police Federation

10/20/2021 1:00:00 AM

Man arrested after 'police catch him speeding at 48mph on electric skateboard'

The man who was allegedly swerving around Exeter, Devon, on an electric skateboard up to 48mph was also allegedly found to be in possession of Class A and Class B drugs

He stopped by police who feared he was endangering pedestrians as he zoomed around the city of Exeter, Devon.The man was also allegedly found to be in possession of quantity of Class A and B drugs.Electric skateboard are currently illegal to use on the road or footpaths in England, Scotland and Wales, despite campaigns to bring in legislations and trials.

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Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team tweeted a picture of the electric skateboard board it had seized sitting on top of one of its vehicles.A spokesperson added: "We seized this electric skate board from a male who was swerving around pedestrians on the pavement in Exeter last night.

"It has a top speed of 48mph!!! To top it off he had a quantity of Class A & B in his possession." Former road traffic Sgt Harry Tangye was among those to praise the police officers.He wrote: "Nice pull. The law takes into account the power of the skateboard/bike etc to see if it comes in the bracket of a 'toy' or a method of transport.

"This was a simple one! 48mph!"In 2019, a man died after a collision while on his electric skateboard.Bradley Visser, 38, was taken to hospital with serious injuries following the crash in the village of Stoke Row in Oxfordshire on July 17.He tragically died 10 days later from his injuries.

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