Man accused of murdering partner says he stabbed her in the eye 'by accident'

The couple rowed over their evening meal, resulting in a fatal stabbing.

1/27/2022 2:20:00 AM

The couple rowed over their evening meal, resulting in a fatal stabbing.

Former air stewardess Michaela Hall had become upset over her partner's refusal to eat his meal.

A man accused of killing his partner in an argument over a sweet and sour dinner claims he accidentally stabbed her in the eye during a scuffle.But Truro Crown Court heard she broke professional boundaries as his support worker and began an intimate relationship before he moved into her home in Mount Hawke, Cornwall.

He said: ‘As we were struggling my hand is jerked away from her at the same time she is coming towards me and it ended up going in her eye.’Michaela was found dead in bed by her father the next day.Michaela Hall was stabbed to death in her eye on May 31st last year (Picture: Cornwall Police / SWNS)

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