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Man, 28, who slapped Macron is 'medieval role-player', lives with mum

Man who slapped Macron is 28-year-old 'medieval role-playing' fan who lives with his mother, police reveal

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Man who slapped Macron is 28-year-old 'medieval role-playing' fan who lives with his mother, police reveal

Named only as Damien T., the long-haired bespectacled man was bundled to the ground by bodyguards after striking the president who was greeting voters in the town of Tain-l'Hermitage.

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COVID news live: Dominic Cummings revealing Boris Johnson's early coronavirus strategy to MPs

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson's former senior adviser, making explosive claims on coronavirus lockdowns, PPE contracts and herd immunity.

Boy, 15, and man in hospital after eating jelly sweets 'laced with cannabis'A TEENAGER and a man have been taken to hospital after eating jelly sweets believed to be laced with cannabis. The pair now remain in a stable condition as Surrey Police confirmed they have launche… worldcannanews1 If only there was something the government could do 🤔 Something that could provide jobs and tax revenue to HM Treasury while regulating who could purchase such things thus removing the stigma and allure of illegality to the youth. Treat it like alcohol 🤷🏽‍♂️ it's less harmful.

Gun-toting man and girlfriend arrested over Aiden Leos shootingMarcus Anthony Eriz and his girlfriend Wynne Lee, 23, were taken into custody outside their home in Costa Mesa, California, Sunday. He makes Charles Manson look sane

BLM protesters descend on Leeds after black man 'pepper-sprayed' during arrestA crowd gathered in Albion Street, Leeds, this evening after police officers were filmed allegedly pepper spraying a black man sitting on a bench before wrestling him to the ground Don't resist arrest If you resist arrest you should expect force. There have been many forceful arrests lately just for infringing Covid rules. What makes him any different. Double standards yet again by these pseudo terrorists!!! More interested in black on black murders..this is where the outrage needs to be directed... young men have a right to a future, mums have a right to see their sons grow into men, BLM..your fake with a political agenda ,

The Great Mistake by Jonathan Lee review – the man who shaped New YorkBlunders, bad luck and ever-yearning love in a novel about the extraordinary life and death of an unsung hero

Man arrested after London uni student, 24, shot dead in Pakistan wedding murderMayra Zulfiqar, 24, from Feltham in London, was murdered while visiting Pakistan for a friend's wedding in May, with a post mortem indicating she was shot twice Wow 😮 Pakistani girls actually looks pretty without their hijab.

Welsh man who became Chinese TV star after quitting UK and other 'secret celebs'You might not have heard of them, but millions have...