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Malka Leifer's case is shaking the Australian Jewish community's faith in Israel | Michael Visontay

The message has been clear: politicians don’t treat allegations of sexual child abuse seriously


Malka Leifer's case is shaking the Australian Jewish community's faith in Israel | Michael Visontay

The message has been clear: politicians don’t treat allegations of sexual child abuse seriously

Over the years the community leadership has been unwavering in its support of Israel, regardless of its government’s actions. While the Palestinian occupation has increasingly stirred feelings of doubt, there has been an implicit acceptance by the heartland of Australian Jewry that the conflict is intractable, everyone’s hands are dirty and that Israeli governments should not be judged any more harshly than others around the world.

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Leifer’s lawyers claim she suffers from paralysing anxiety and is mentally unfit to face court; yet despite clear-cut video evidence that she is going about her life as normal, judge after judge has been unable to rule that she is fit to be extradited, and face Australian justice. Her case has dragged on for five years, involved 57 hearings and more than 30 psychiatrists.

The images of Malka Leifer, looking dull and downcast to avert the media’s gaze, Dassi Erlich speaking defiantly, and now the white-bearded Litzman, still the heath minister, have become commonplace in Jewish social discourse.

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Among a welter of protests from Australian politicians, Dave Sharma, the former ambassador to Israel who is now the Liberal member for the eastern Sydney seat of Wentworth, said the decision “defies explanation”. Sharma was strongly supported by Jewish community leaders in this year’s federal election, and his comment echoed the depth of disappointment in Jewish circles.

The longer Malka Leifer remains in Israel, the louder the misgivings will become.

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