Making history: US Navy welcomes first black female tactical aircraft pilot

Making history: US Navy welcomes first black female tactical aircraft pilot

7/12/2020 7:49:00 AM

Making history: US Navy welcomes first black female tactical aircraft pilot

Madeline Swegle, from Virginia, will be awarded her flight officer insignia later this month.

The US Navy has welcomed its first black female tactical aircraft pilot.Lieutenant JG (junior grade) Madeline Swegle has completed naval flight school and will be awarded her flight officer insignia, known as Wings Of Gold, later this month.The Naval Air Training Command said on Twitter that Lt JG Swegle is the Navy's first known black female TACAIR (Tactical Aircraft) pilot.

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Image:Lt JG Swegle graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2017. Pic: US NavyShe is from Burke, Virginia, and graduated from the US Naval Academy in 2017, according to US military publication Stars And Stripes.She is assigned to the Redhawks of Training Squadron 21 in Kingsville, Texas.

AdvertisementSwegle's sister Sophie shared the navy's post on Twitter, writing:"Just my older sister being a boss every day of her life. Proud of her doesn't even cover it".Naval aviation is dominated by white men - according to a investigation in 2018, there were only 26 black pilots out of the 1,404 who flew the F/A-18 and less than 2% of all pilots on jet platforms were black.

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Just wondering ? Why this didn't happen before ? artemis1954 Put your mind, heart and soul into anything and you can achieve. Hard work, an education eventually pays off. Thought black people never get the opportunity for promotion!!!!! Well according to BLM. So making a deal out of it surely makes the report racist. Its just another female surely.

And this is news ? Heck ... Well done to this woman but how am I reading ' Last month the navy announced a task force to look at racism, sexism and other discrimination within its ranks. ' That's not something that should even need looking at. Can you see the problem yet? there were none till now Shameful !!!!!!!

Yawn ... Fair play to her. To the people who have no understanding how difficult it is to become a tactical pilot have a look nothing to do with colour its to do with being a hard son of a bitch. Well done to the USNavy Let’s hope she is also lesbian or trans in some way.. she tuck all the boxes then Alls that matters is that she can fly the plane

Congrats girl I'm hoping this is a position based solely on suitability and not in any way influenced by ethnicity quotas. I'm not being synical am I So are we saying she is the first one good enough to make it or is she just a 'token' gesture? It must be that really racist America again letting non whites be pilots . Shame on you sky

That took them long enough A positive news story. Great. It's a shame though that a black person is celebrated in this way and not a white person. The media highlighting colour instead of the individual. Its not helpful really. Sky must have been spitting feathers having to report this, Trumps pro black American and pro military policies are paying off, BLM ALM

So they 'can' get high ranking positions in society, who'd of thought it, seems to me she has white blood in her. we’re so desperate to get this story out that she hasn’t actually got her wings yet! No that’s motivation to the cause. You go girl👊🏾....YEAH!!✊🏾👏🏾 who the f cares. non news Who cares👎 That's fake news as Trump is such a racist monster he would never let that happen oh wait minute ..... 👏🖖👏

First why only first? If the article said 'first female tactical aircraft pilot' then there wouldn't be such an outrage. The monent the word 'black' pops up white people started foaming at the sides 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This shows that black people have just as much opportunity to achieve success in a role through hard work & training and it does not matter on the colour of your skin. It should always be the best person suited for the job. No need for Sky to report on this unless they are bias!

that is wonderful so happy for her a lot of work If your good enough for the job then so be it. STOP making something out of nothing Sky God Bless and Good Luck 🙏🏾 Yawnnnnn Well done to her..a very good example that not all blacks or BLM supporters that claim all blacks are under privileged hard done by or not given same chances as whites. If you want to be a success work for it don't moan you can't do it.

This has becoming a norm ... every morning they have to start the day with at least a “race” headlines ... but well anyway “Congrats “to her ... Only now in 2020 does she join the ranks of a regime that has slaughtered thousands of innocent civilians. Well done 👍 Just wait until the first Gay Vegan Tank Commander, the Press are going to melt down over that one.

So is she a good pilot first then a black woman second? These types of posts are always confusing on the point they are trying to make! 🤣🤣🤣 This is so cool! Lmao at the racists in the comments though 😂 Fantastic news 👏 Today’s colour crap story. As long as she can do the job, keep it in the air,dodge bullets, drop bombs and reverse it into a parking bay it’s all good to me. She could be purple. It bloody doesn’t matter. She’s a professional. Unlike twats

Marvellous Hold on you were telling us last week how black people have no opportunity.. Must be a fake story eh? Stop making a big point about skin colour ffs it's doing my nut in. sure there was one in Avatar 🤔 That’s good but surely they should not go and give a women a vehicle, shouldn’t she start off in the kitchen?

Isn't it awful that in this day and age we have to mention the colour of our skin and gender to highlight achievement. Good on this lovely lady and I hope she shows everyone it's about skill and hard work. Just another example of what people of any colour or gender can achieve if they choose to apply themselves instead of sitting on the sidelines and playing the victim card.

So awesome Congrats!!! She’ll probably never fly again, she be turned into some kind of advertising campaigner, end up doing endless talks and Q & A’s. Why is this a cause for celebration. Surely this should have happened 80 yrs ago. Black people we believe in our ancestors we're suffering yet British soldiers they take our ancestors bones 1897 to display in their museums in London why?

Don’t let her reverse into the garage... AUBrissy The US, though they think of themselves as a superior nation is miles behind South Africa when it comes to racial and human rights issues. Black this and black that..... The biggest surprise in 2020 is America still didn’t have femal tactical pilots. I hope she doesn’t go near Trump, he is tactile with long hands.

Oh she's black, good to know. Thank you for pointing out. Why couldn't the title be: US Navy welcomes another woman pilot to the tactical aircraft team. To stop racism, you must stop talking about it. There is nothing wrong with the world beside the FAKE MEDIA! Something for all the angry racists. I think you’ll find Angela Ali was the first

Why make it about race? Why does it have to be racial. If we continue to add racial terms to any news then racism will never end. It doesn’t matter that she is black, what matters is, she is good enough for the job, this Racial point scoring should stop. I think BBCNews like stirring Racial Hatred for their own ends.

If she supports BLM & their principles then this is a big problem for the west. If you make it about race only you ultimately lose Amazing timing eh........ After Independence it took more than a century for first black woman to achieve this success. This just shows how racism has oppressed non white people in US. USA Navy BlackLivesMatter Woman

Why does her race or gender matter Well that's solved everything Not good enough what about a one legged black trans. When are we ever going to kick prejudice Wow. Another first Black... So many fields for rascism to end... BlackLivesMatter This is a big part of the problem. The media make a big deal of this, when in reality this is just another pilot.

Too little too late Black people....get a list of EVERYTHING white people have done...and get someone on it ASAP....then all this bullshit will end....🙄 Shhhhhh. It doesn’t go well with the racist, sexist, ageist agenda on the news cycle... Or does it? Here’s some news So? ..... Why is everything about race to you Sky? Her race shouldn't even matter. Isn't Trump supposed to be a 'racist' as well?

Christ, it’s not even 6am, and you have started with more crap it’s all about race and gender at Sky.. 'Welcomes'

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