Magaluf is battered by tornado winds

Tornadoes hit Magaluf and bring severe storms that see holidaymakers make the most of it by surfing in the streets


Tornadoes hit Magaluf and bring severe storms that see holidaymakers make the most of it by surfing in the streets

Severe storms are battering the Spanish holiday resort of Magaluf on the Spanish island of Majorca. While shop keepers close up to protect their goods, tornadoes rage at sea.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Police hunt cyclist who headbutted pedestrian in LondonCity of London police ask public to help identify cyclist who left man with face wound 'He then got off his bike, went back towards the businessman and headbutted him in the face, calmly cycling away as his victim lay sprawled on the pavement.' So actually it was one pedestrian headbutting another pedestrian. Genuinely surprised to see a cyclist using the road. They all see the pavement as theirs by entitlement. You can do better than this, .

Brexiteer winds up saying he voted Leave to give Parliament less powerLBC host James O'Brien has long been the face of Brexit incredulity but recent events under Boris Johnson have tested even his supreme patience. Brendan from Hartlepool had O'Brien sighing with Yawn Well he is an idiot several times over, isn't he? What you have to remember about O'Brian is that he shouts down and berates anyone who disagrees with him trying to trip them into saying what he wants then cuts them off before they can explain what they mean. As an interviewer he is poor, as a bully, brilliant.

Cyclist runs red light and headbutts man to ground after near-miss at crossingThe City worker was left needing stitches in a wound above his eye, and suffered ligament damage to his arm The mans arm goes up and back, probably as an involuntary reaction to protect himself. Surely if he tried to push the man off the bike his arm would continue to go forward once the cyclist passed? 🧐🤔 Always get one tosser No helmet and not stopping at a red light well do I need to day more.

Susan Boyle: ‘No one can get near me there’ BGT legend speaks candidly about life in 2019Susan Boyle says the last ten years have 'gone like the wind.' She discusses her appeal to audiences, describing herself as an 'underdog.' Give that a swerve god bless subo; Oh I remember her!

Devastated couple learn all their gifts were stolen just hours after weddingDevastated Jaime Prince and Paul Kirwan said they had the wind knocked out of the sails the morning after their big day Every wedding I go to, from now on. ‘Well I bought you a car, it was parked right here, somebody must have stolen it!’ Very sad but shouldn’t have got married in a sauna.

Rain and winds for rest of the week as tail end of Hurricane Dorian whips UKBRITAIN is set to be lashed by heavy rain and strong winds for the rest of the week as the tail end of Hurricane Dorian whips the UK. The deadly hurricane is expected to merge with Tropical Storm G…

China declares dogs are companions and should not be eaten

Trump's approval rating tanking as criticism mounts over White House response to coronavirus pandemic

Could coronavirus spell the end for superhero movies?

Arrests after men lick hands and wipe shop food

'Trite and misleading language about Covid-19'

Lockdowns can't end until Covid-19 vaccine found, study says

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson moved out of intensive care but remains in hospital

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