Lord Alan Sugar: Piers Morgan's behaviour during lockdown's been 'irresponsible and disgusting'

Lord Alan Sugar: Piers Morgan's behaviour during lockdown's been 'irresponsible and disgusting'

5/23/2020 5:50:00 AM

Lord Alan Sugar: Piers Morgan's behaviour during lockdown's been 'irresponsible and disgusting'

The Apprentice star accuses the GMB presenter of 'spewing out rubbish unfairly against the government'.

, 55, began in 2007, when the journalist took part in a charity version of The Apprentice, and was swiftly fired by the businessman.They have locked heads many times over the ensuing years, with their public spats frequently playing out on social media.

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Up until now, the bickering has been in relatively good spirits, and to prove the point, just last year Lord Sugar appeared on Piers Morgan's Life Stories.Image:Morgan was not impressed with Lord Sugar's Twitter followers digLast year they even holidayed in the south of France together.

However, their love-hate relationship took a turn for the worse earlier this year, after Morgan spoke out against Boris Johnson's government for its handling of the.And just this month, Lord Sugar riled his ex-pal after asking him if he'd"been buying followers" on

. Morgan has 7.5 million followers, while Lord Sugar has 5.3 million.Morgan has since described Lord Sugar as"a former friend".Assessing the government's management of the global health crisis thus far, Lord Sugar admits:"We've got caught with our trousers down, so to speak.

"I mean no one has ever been through anything like this and we have to learn as we go along what to do and I think it's unreasonable to expect that the government should be fully aware of what they need to do."It's kind of a learning curve. I think they've done the best they possibly can. I don't think they're deliberately going out of their way not to help, but it is a learning curve."

Image:Morgan's been critical of the handling of the crisis on both sides of the AtlanticLord Sugar also praised the resourcefulness of the nation's businesses throughout the lockdown."That's the resourcefulness of the entrepreneur or good business people to realise what they can do rather than sit back and moan, just to get on and do something about it.

"Restaurants have been doing takeaway for example, some people have jumped on the bandwagon of making masks, some people have realised that there is a business to be had in the healthcare industry, so they've adapted very well and good luck to them."

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The full interview with Lord Sugar is included in Mee's In This Together podcast, which aims to celebrate uplifting moments during the coronavirus outbreak.Comedian Katherine Ryan also joins in the podcast chat.#InThisTogether is available on Spotify, Apple Music and wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts.

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poo I agree with Lord Sugar. Piers Morgan shud be ashamed of the way hes attacked our government and all scaremongering hes done throughout this. he has no idea how to connect/communicate with ppl. No manners! suleskerry Is that the LORD Alan Sugar that posted a picture of Senegal international football team and portrayed them as bag and sunglass sellers on Marbella beach complete with illustration of said bags and sunglasses? Denying it was racist Hypocrite

JaydenLugar As if we’re gonna care what this Tory voting midget has to say looooool ffs I agree... Alan Sugar the Zionist hush you sellout media puppet Couldn’t agree more with Lord Sugar! Gefdasmi Totally agree with you on that ! Morgan's lost the plot. It's easy to berate the Gov over their handling of something that's never happened in our lifetime, but what would he have done? He's just been on a personal career crusade.

As is your beard Oh shut up Lord Sugar. Piers is speaking for the people who can’t can’t be heard. What are you doing ? Piers Morgan would seem to have had a breakdown and is once again displaying the same behaviour as just before he was rightly sacked by the Daily Mirror. Totally agree we now turn off TV when he is on

goonerdave123 They've both spent the whole time bickering and sniping at each other they both need to grow up sugar your not exactly whiter than white are you You can all do yourself a huge favour and block Sugar - your mental health improves immediately. No it hasn't! You stupid old man Absolutely spot on switchoffgmb gmb piersmorgan afneil lordsuger arewethereyet clapforcummings

I think he's wrong on this one, I can say piersmorgan is last person I would defend, but it seems, he is the only one holding the government, to account. Lord_Sugar if you was back in the UK, not the USA you will be having your digs as well. I usually agree with Piers Morgan in most things but his hysteria has been off the scale during the pandemic.

Explain yourself piersmorgan as you complain about so many It’s not what he asks...it’s how he asks them RossGibson1992 GMB have been highly irresponsible in allowing Piers Morgan to behave the way he has. His historical and irrational fear mongering will have affected the mental health of 1000s during this period. The right thing would be to sack him.

Annnddd ... entertaining He invites people on, doesn’t let them speak, behaves hysterically then whines when people won’t return on the show. GMB has become a clown show. switchoff piersmorgan ShropshireMan He's just been himself then. Sugar is a LORD after all so no surprise who he is trying to support or deflect attention from.

Seriously beginning to think piersmorgan is unwell. I’ve watched his mental state deteriorate on the lead up to the covid crisis and he’s got worse throughout. His exposure & rants on national TV is bordering dangerous. GMB need to take a long hard look at themselves & him! I blame the audience. Stop buying your tickets and they'll both stop crowing....

Whether or not you love or hate Mr Morgan, his behaviour towards many interviewees is nothing other than bully boy tactics, any one think he was looking to run for office in the future Rebel_Rock_On Like all the world wide media , Imagine living and breeding with these people . who lie and mislead people for money as role models for family life.

Don't care what Al thinks. Lord Sugar is right the media in this country are becoming the problem I pride myself on understanding world current affairs but I find the reporting one sided toxic and self gratifying to the individual reporters you are loosing the public witherjay Piers Morgan blew a gasket, when is Philip Schofield came out before him. Frustrated old queen needs six weeks in the Priory!

piersmorgan is doing a great job, keeping the Government on there toes. The Government are afraid of his straight up, no bullshit approach. 👏👏👏👏 Totally agree, Morgan is arrogant, abusive and a bully. Get rid of him GMB and people might switch back from Sky and BBC! HonestCitizen62 The man is a clown. Self first, self last and self in between.

Which 1 of 5 faces of piersmorgan does Lord_Sugar mean ? Completely agree, Morgan should be required to go on a long holiday. 'the government isn't perfect' I think that is the understatement of the year. Did Lord Sugar not say he was going to leave the country after Brexit? Like we give a toss what that idiot says... hes more right wing than the klu klux klan

One of the finest examples of projection you’ll ever see. Completely insulated, Sugar has repeatedly demonstrated a failure to grasp the magnitude of this crisis from the outset. Whereas piersmorgan totally got it & used his platform to ask difficult but necessary questions. Imagine my supprise! I have to agree...

He is probably has something wrong in his brain ... he needs to check this out He’s right marshmellowowls Captain Hindsight has a short memory It’s his own ego he’s trying to save not our NHS Lord Alan Sugar, spokesman for the Tories, is not representative of my views or, I believe, many others, unlike Piers Morgan who is! Get back in your Tory box Sugar. It's not surprising that you are cast in the same role as Trump was some years ago - You're fired!

Piers Morgan speaks the truth stevemfaulkner He’s right , I’m fully behind Mr sugar Morgan’s gone completely on the rails . na but yrs is debatable 👀🤷‍♂️😷 He’s the only one holding government to account, BBC and Sky aren’t During lockdown? How about all the time? On the plus side Jeremy Kyle viewers now have a new home GMB

Go away Alan Sugar, wtf have you done for the people of Britain during the pandemic? Sat in your mansion abroad with your feet up, well stay there you absolute tool. totally agree, he just randomly decides he is correct about things and then shouts at the top of his voice over any expert about how he is correct

Using CoronavirusCrisis and lockdown for his ‘work’ at GMB? Lord_Sugar piersmorgan Your opinion I guess Both a couple of tarts... Says the guy that I had to block cause he spouted so much shit Spot on. Majority who agree with him are either labour or snp supporters ! Public menace in my opinion. And Johnson’s?........

Suse_Susie He’s absolutely right. I believe his behaviour has been shocking. These photos taken after WHO called a ‘Public Health Emergency’ but what he calls a ‘Global Health Emergency” to bash Gov and deliberately confuse with the later called ‘Global Pandemic’ He's not Lord Alan Sugar he's just Lord Sugar.

People r quick to blame the government yet take no responsibility themselves. How many of us saw the deaths in Italy but still went out, to work, to see ur family, some even still travelled even knowing what was happening. The government have made mistakes but so have the people! Drama queen proven liar sacked from the daily mirror implicit in the phone hacking inquiry I rest my case

Was a fan of Alan Sugar but he needs to grow up. He’s been so far up Piers Morgan’s arse for years and now that they are no longer friends due to Morgan’s disagreement with Sugars interpretation of lockdown he is constantly retweeting him and commenting diatribe , so childish Not just during the lockdown. He’s been a bastard for a long time.

HandlinSimon Piers Morgan YOUR FIRED 👈🏻 now it wouldn’t be the first time would it, for being a disgusting ,lying ,fake fraud. Lord_Sugar would love to see you stick it on piersmorgan. 👊🏻. EddieHearn get it on your next promotion 🥊👍🏻sellout Alan Sugar is correct. Someone has got to stand up to that Pillock Morgan so it’s good to have Alan on our side because ITV are not Listening that Morgan has Ruined our Breakfast TV he’s like a Big Child .

Morgan should be knighted, lord knows how many lives he's saved lighting a fire under this shambles government Spot on, Morgan is an arrogant bigheaded bully, Boris wouldn’t appear on GMB so Morgan made it a vile vendetta against him, He did the same with Meghan Markle when she blanked him after she met Harry. Morgan isn’t fit to be a tv presenter,

Both excellent men, leading from the heart and standing up for the common good, I liked the biography of both, but I agree sometimes waring, love to all! Кто виноват в этом? I know which one I would say “You’re Fired” to. The one who sits in the House of Lords and gets paid a lot of money for doing Sweet F All!

Because he is a PAID PUPPET Who gives a fuck what Lord Sugar thinks? 🤔 Lord Sugar, You’re fired! Now piss off as you are a drain on society. Bang on the money Lord Sugar He's the only one that hasn't been irresponsible..it's the rest of the media that have been disgusting.. And nobody in the UK should be listening to someone that's been hiding away in Florida through all this...

Pussy Worse than a pair of kids with that Twitter spat between them trickyadz I agree with Lord_Sugar Compared to piersmorgan has been a paragon of journalistic integrity. Who cares 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ But has been a beacon of virtue and goodness. Not He wants to try being more positive No need to give Lord Sugar publicity. Piers Morgan asking right questions about poor Government handling of virus situation.

Lord_Sugar How can you say piersmorgan has been 'spewing rubbish'? He has criticised the Government for telling lies, failing to honour promises, being evasive and misleading the public. He actually praised them when they did something decent albeit in fear of a Commons defeat We need a celebrity boxing match with these two

Totally agree.. Piers Morgan should be ashamed of himself.. but he won’t.. He's turned Good Morning Britian into a farce with his constant bullish interview tactics too and doesnt allow people to speak. Maybe thats why i read government ministers no longer appear on the show. He's a joke and he's dragged Reid down with him. No longer watch when hes on

Sugar is a bigger idiot! Doesn't deserve peerage. Must have bought it! Morgan1-0 Sugar. 100% agree As much as I am not a great fan of his,Morgan has held politicians to account on GMB and hasn't let them bullshit their way out of a difficult situation hence the apparent ban on ministers appearing on the show.....its what needs to happen

Just during lockdown? True I agree Alan, most of the time I like and support Morgan’s stance but this has been exactly as you described Spot on piersmorgan any reply Piers Morgan has been a responsible journalist who has done nothing wrong. He has done his best to hold this government to account to the extent they now boycott him! Well done Piers Morgan you represent the public and are the voice of them!

Yep! atticrahman Correct, he needs sending to Coventry, I’d St Helena won’t have him The “banter” between these two is utterly pathetic! 2 twats 🥊🥊 Don’t take any notice of the rich whatever you do. Alan Sugar is a Scumbag !! piersmorgan did what every responsible journalist should have done ✅ This Hypocritical piersmorgan who calls himself journalist constantly broke rule by going to Cheltenham festival&Arsenal football game without social distancing & makes up number of deaths through constant negative tweets to suit his agenda!

He's just been the controlled opposition. I would rather eat cold sick than watch Piers Morgan. Chumps To be quite honest I don't like piersmorgan at àll but I have been more on his wavelength than I thought I'd be! In others words, I don't think he is disgusting, I actually to be honest am on his side! Which I am shocked at! The Govt have been a joke GMB Keir_Starmer

Asking ministers questions and holding them accountable is it irresponsible and disgusting Alan sugar.... if this is you mean then you need to retire from whatever the hell you do. Sugar is best ignored it’s very bad for you He's that Narcassistic, he even claimed recently, in one of his Ranting Tweets. If he didn't hold the government to account, people would die.... Who the F*ck does he think he is? He's an Ex News Rag Editor, shameful one too, who's still got an Axe to grind, with many people.

At least it’s a ray of support for us in the NHS. I’m a doctor and Alan sugar would leave us all screwed for another pound in his pocket so he can just pipe down Not wrong No it has not he is trying to hold someone to account for the irresponsible way the UK government handled/handling the crisis. I wish Sugar would say the same about the Government whose incompetence has led to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Sugar has had too many people laughing at his shit jokes. Funny really, you'd think there would be an international TV News platform that was consistently holding government to task for their appalling failures during the pandemic that have resulted in unnecessary death, NOT piling on the one guy that is showing them how it is done?

Please tell me piersmorgan didn't say anything negative about Nigel_Farage because he is the best president the UK has had. Shame on U Piers. Have to check foxnews for confirmation Pull piers pig tails and tell the teacher bored of this Piers Organ, is nothing but a news reporter. His job is to report the news. He is NOT supposed to be holding, any government to account. How quickly people are willing to forget, his appalling history. Fake Pics, Phone Hacking, Friends with Pedophiles. All because he's Anti Tory

LMFAO agreed, but I think deep down they love each other really. One man goes to work on tv and argues against the government for the way the people have been treated... The other sits in another country sipping wine and belittling people. Boring! So what Lord Sugar smoking now? Sugar, you're fired! You hafra laugh at Lord_Sugar HYPOCRITE that he is! While i have no love for PiersMorgan who has'nt shirked from getting stuck into Tory GOVUK ministers over the farcical way they have dealt with this Covid crisis but Sugar does'nt like it as he's an out & out ToryPrick!!

What Sugar really means isPiers is calling out the Gov all the Mps Msp etc the corruption,the breaking of Isolation rules etc and Sugar doesnae like it,so he is throwing his sugar cubes out of his pram. Piers is holding them all to account! ~ piersmorgan piers morgan is a toxic man so i can’t say i’m surprised

These two are the best of pals and bicker like old married couples Beavis and Butthead Waiting for Lord Sugar to cite some 'rubbish' that Piers is spewing out and show it to be false. If you're going to personally attack people (even those I'm not a fan of) at least have the decency to do it coherently.

Killing old people in care homes is more than unfair. Privileged c*** wants his workers back, f**k their health. Lord sugar sucks! Alan sugar can go do one. Pompous dwarf that he is. piersmorgan is the only one who’s holding this government to account, the rest of you are just part of the problem. I hope Alan is paying his tax.

well both look happily in wed lock to me . Completely wrong, much as Morgan isn’t perfect at all he’s been spot on during the whole lockdown. He’s perfectly right and in his rights to hold the government to account for the shambles it has been🤷‍♂️ Piers Morgan has been doing a better job at holding this irresponsible and disgusting government to account than most.

Alan sugar is a weirdo who has been tweeting nonsense conspiracy theories They’ve holidayed together in the past to the south of France. Wow. Lol. It’s not all bad blood between these two. Dont water it down, Morgan aint a plant........or is he? Lord Sugar is just pissed cos his business lost ££. Here we go ‼️‼️‼️

He simply goes which ever the way he thinks the wind is blowing. Painfully transparent. Why do so many people give him the time of day? I’m no great fan of Mr. Morgan himself but fuck Lord Sugar, absolute fud 👍🏼 Says Lord sugar who has no vested interests but benefits massively from a tory government.. Have a day off ye plum

Sugar is a moron Lord_Sugar is absolutely right too *IMHO Fuck Boris Johnson Piers the biggest fearmonger of all-time Just Morgan

Piers Morgan: Lord Sugar slams Good Morning Britain host as a ‘deluded pillock’ on TwitterPIERS MORGAN - who presents Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid - has been slammed as a 'deluded pillock' who doesn't 'give a s***' about the NHS by Lord Alan Sugar. Lord_Sugar is right. Since December piersmorgan has been on a personal attack crusade against the Government & esp borisjohnson. In Jan/Feb, it was still abt the fridge & not alot about covid except for the couple on the ship, he took umbrage w/, from March its been full on.

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Coronavirus: Lord Fox promises to repay taxpayers' money after furloughing himselfLib Dem Lord Christopher Fox was accused by one senior Tory of trying to 'milk the taxpayer at both ends', but has now apologised. I'd rather he was prosecuted and then slung out of the House of Lords forever. Disgusting behavior. What are you going to do about it LibDems ? Fraud? Theft? Stupidity? If he is paying the money back, then clearly he claimed it while not being entitled to it. That means fraudulently claimed

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Piers Morgan: Lord Sugar slams Good Morning Britain host as a ‘deluded pillock’ on TwitterPIERS MORGAN - who presents Good Morning Britain alongside Susanna Reid - has been slammed as a 'deluded pillock' who doesn't 'give a s***' about the NHS by Lord Alan Sugar. Lord_Sugar is right. Since December piersmorgan has been on a personal attack crusade against the Government & esp borisjohnson. In Jan/Feb, it was still abt the fridge & not alot about covid except for the couple on the ship, he took umbrage w/, from March its been full on.

Piers Morgan demands Cummings RESIGN over alleged lockdown breachPOLICE spoke to Dominic Cummings about breaching coronavirus lockdown restrictions after he and his wife travelled to the former's parents' house to self-isolate according to reports. Piers Morgan has spoken omg! Piers I agree with you but it will never happen. If they let this man go now, it's all over. Morgans a cheesey bellend.