Loose Women's Stacey Solomon tones down bright red hair with new shade

1/29/2022 1:48:00 AM

That didn't last very long.

Loose Women's Stacey Solomon tones down bright red hair with new shade: LooseWomen

That didn't last very long.

behind-the-scenes rift reports have been categorically denied by the daytime talkshow's rotating cast.She brazenly added:"And I'm not talking about Loose Women.‘You are cordially invited to the launch of Sue Gray’s report.A woman has been left humiliated after two of her former friends viciously shared a video and images of her having sex in a Facebook group chat – which was seen by strangers as well as her own mum and younger brother.

At the centre of it all, Coleen Nolan hit back:"Oh it really hurt.The girls have been so supportive – besides, none of us on Loose Women have ever said we wouldn't work with anyone else..It was just so upsetting! "I get on with all of them..I would never refuse to work with anybody.Moving the conversation away from Loose Women, she added:"So apparently it's estate agents and those working in the car industry who seem to hate their jobs the most.I could never be 'high and mighty' because my mother would jump up from her grave and batter me." The victim said in a personal statement: "I feel embarrassed, humiliated and angry.

I can't stand divas of any kind." Channel 4: Steph McGovern hosts her show on weekdays (Image: CHANNEL 4) Loose Women: The stars of the ITV show have denied claims of any recent feuds (Image: ITV) Loose Women star Frankie Bridge recently addressed the rumours regarding feuds within the ITV studio involving Coleen Nolan.’ ‘Sue Gray should just release her report onto everyone’s phones like that U2 album.I've had enough drama in my life, I don't need any more! "This is my time to enjoy myself, and I'm not going to let anyone spoil it.I just want a quiet life with [her partner] Michael, feeding my goats and doing Loose Women.However, Coleen has firmly denied the allegations, as have the other stars involved, and ITV.

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