London woman, 36, dies of suspected Covid-19 after being told she is 'not priority'

Coronavirus Outbreak

Kayla Williams, from Peckham, south London, died a day after calling 999

Coronavirus Outbreak


London woman, 36, dies of suspected Covid-19 after being told she is 'not priority'

Kayla Williams, from Peckham, south London, died a day after calling 999

A 36-year-old woman died at her flat in south London of suspected Covid-19 a day after calling 999 and being told to look after herself at home. Kayla Williams, a mother of three, died on Saturday 21 March, a day after paramedics were called to her home in Peckham. Her husband, Fabian Williams, a refuse collector, said his wife was suffering from a cough, high fever and had severe chest and stomach pains when he called 999 on Friday. Documents seen by the Guardian confirm paramedics were treating her as a suspected Covid-19 case. Williams said: “I called 999 because my wife was breathless, she was vomiting and she had pains in her stomach. As I was talking to them she was getting worse and they told me to put her on the floor and to make her body flat.” When the paramedic arrived at 8.32am she carried out some tests, Williams said. “She told me the hospital won’t take her, she is not a priority. She did not stay very long and she went outside to write her report and posted it through the door.” Williams said his wife’s condition deteriorated the next day. He ran her a bath in the morning and helped her to get dressed, before feeding her some soup. After taking a short rest himself, he went into the front room where she had been resting to find his wife slumped head down. “She was already dead,” he said. “I put her on the ground – because that is what they had told me to do before – and I rang 999 again and they told me to put my hand on her chest and pump her chest.” Three cars and an ambulance arrived at his home a short time later, he said. The crews tried to revive his wife, but were not successful. Williams, 49, said the police later visited his home, but would not enter his flat. “They stood on the doorstep and would not come in when I asked them to,” he said. They were followed an hour later by a funeral director. “They put on full forensic suits outside, with full masks, visors and gloves. They covered their feet as well. This is when I thought; ‘What’s going on? This is not right,’” he said. Williams said the undertaker wrapped sheeting around his wife’s face, before wrapping her body tightly and placing her in a body bag – all procedures required in an infectious disease death. “I have heard nothing since,” he said. “They have left me here and said I must isolate. They haven’t told me anything else. I am a diabetic. I take insulin. All I know is I am supposed to isolate. No one has mentioned her body being tested or anything.” Documents seen by the Guardian completed by the London Ambulance Service after their first visit show Kayla Williams was suffering from “?Cov 19”. Symptoms were listed as: “non productive cough … headache … chest pains all over”. The advice given was “self-care, use anti-pyretics, increase food/fluid.”. Fabian Williams was advised to use “999 for emergency, use 111 online for advice. Family also advised to isolate”. A spokesperson for the London Ambulance Service said: “We were called at 8.32am on Friday 20 March to reports of a person unwell at an address in Peckham. Our clinicians treated a patient and advised them to call back if their condition changed. “We were called the following day at 3.24pm and sent a number of resources with our first medics arriving in under seven minutes. Sadly, the patient had died. Our sympathy is with the family at this time. “We are working incredibly hard in these unprecedented times to look after Londoners.” Topics Read more: The Guardian

I'm sorry madam. You don't have enough important friends. It's going too far. She did not die she was murdered . Wtf. Tell me this is fake news!! So sad. ‘Suspected’ coronavirus It's always a risk assessment. Reading the headline, the first thing I assume it that they thought that she, at 36 yo, would be stronger than numerous other patients there were at that moment, e.g. people with underlying health issues. Someone made an assessment and was wrong.

That paramedic from the first hole visit should be fired. She knew she had it but somehow deemed her not a priority? I’d love to know how that fit into her protocols. This is heartbreaking 3 children have lost their mother and the father is also diabetic who’s probably got the virus now and is vulnerable and the poor kids will suffer what is PRIORITY then a person is dying and you’re not taking them and telling them to self medicate. Shame

stopbeingfamous Wrong postcode tariqnasheed you see this? What a shock! May she rest in eternal peace, didn't deserve this disloyalty. And ppl say on here the UK has best healthcare it's they are overcrowded,understaffed+big wait times,my god the poor woman💔,the husband must be in shock but hope he sues! Outrageous bring told not priority and then the worst happened..

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Define “priority” lollybubbles have you seen this? It's so painful So, business as usual, eh? Why didn't you write that she was BLACK? If this woman wasn't a priority then who the hell is? With all of those symptoms she should have absolutely been rushed to hospital, i don't want to criticise our nhs they do an incredibly hard job but someone cost this young lady her life with that decision. So very sad.

Whoever said she is not a priority and signed the notes ,is the first responsible for her death hello, if any of you, specifically black women, have stories of how you personally (or if you have a story regarding how a black woman has) suffered at the hands of medical negligence please dm me to be an interviewee for my dissertation. Please and thank you!

It could also be something else. The whole medical departments, NHS etc are not ready in terms of personal and equipment. Govt. out of complacency not sure of what to do and wasn’t listening to experts. If only she was related to the royal family. Poor, poor kids and husband. Can’t imagine how they feel right now.

Sorry but reading through what’s reported here these are medical failings not racism.

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Heart breaking news. Left alone to fend for themselves when in need. Terrible if this is true 😢😢😢 this scare me, I can’t imagine how children feel. This is deep I already know she was black A mother of three. Her children are now motherless because the system failed her. Because the hospitals can't treat everyone who needs it after the NHS has been neglected for a long time. Where is the money Boris promised the NHS will get every week?

That’s why Charles is positive corona We’re all priority Really? You see this is a problem... the rhetoric of we must nanny the over 70’s is delusional they are not the only vulnerable group... if we look at Italy over 50% of those in the icu are under 50’s... the government needs to act fast Statistically women under 40 have very little chances to die. I guess that was the issue.

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Deploring! Feel so sad for the husband ! Timely care would have turned things around ! BW are never taken seriously when it comes to our health. Mfs think we're made out of stone and don't deserve proper medical care like everyone else. That's disregarding people and their illnesses. THAT'S UNCOOL. THAT'S HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION!

Another day, another story about Covid-19 where there is *no confirmation whatsoever* of the patient having Covid-19 before the story is printed. The paramedics did not officially diagnose anything. piersmorgan like I keep saying. We can either play semantics. Or mass test so we know what we’re dealing with so we can save lives. Do you agree?

I really hope there will be an official inquiry into all these cases. I realised there is increased pressure on all medical systems but that should never excuse negligence. But I fear any kind of investigation will just turn into another Grenfell. Sigh Bloody UK .. stop praising queen sad! 36歳か、若いな。。。

London Tubes seen packed with people on first day of UK lockdown to tackle coronavirus‘I love my job, but now I’m risking my health just on the journey in?!’ Damn it! The anxiety. 😷 The English seem unable to comprehend the idea of a lockdown 🙄

But an old Prince is priority Expect serious questions once this is over. Add she was a BLACK mother of 3😠😠😠 Sick while Black Meant the 2011 riot is starting again. This absolutely terrible. My heart is with her family. They can't just rule out a serious case like this. (But wait, she was only 36. Was she immunocompromised? Because she was really young)

You mean a BLACK woman Sad... It's nothing special. It's even happening here in Africa. Only politicians have access to test here in Nigeria.. money is the problem, not her skin color, that's different if this lady is a pop star

LIVE: London exhibition centre to become 500-bed makeshift hospital'We are ramping up testing as fast as we can, including buying millions of tests.' Health Secretary MattHancock says his team are currently buying 'millions' of tests and will make them available as 'quickly as possible'. Coronavirus latest:

Rose11820661 Oxe_Jr_ Oxe_villa Ehidon12 Treasur41603036 Even in the face of calamaity white people are still racist as ever. No wonder God is taking his time with them in Italy. What’s going on? Has this virus mutated to kill younger people more effectively? It’s starting to look more and more like getting COVID-19 is a death sentence, rather than a minor inconvenience, for younger people

Blacks said they were immmune -here in london its God to help us But then supposedly celebrities w NO SYMPTOMS are? Death panels WHO, Governments, Doctors ON TV; Anyone can become sick, this virus knows no borders. Hospitals, Healthcare, REALITY; no sorry you're not in the severe category, you're too young. Bye.

I'm currently stuck in Australia and I called the British embassy just to get some advice. Asked 'how old are you' 31, and 'do you have any underlying medical conditions' nope. 'ok just check our website' 😂😂😂😂 Don’t sick. Cause the doctor literally have no idea what their facing. PeakyOswald That's terrible, but what happened to 'balanced reporting'? which I was under the impression is the cornerstone of journalism?

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🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Wait, I thought she just called...she was visited by a paramedic in person? That's quite shocking. She was failed. Surely parents should be more priority as their death would have a higher impact on more lives? I dont understand what they're basing this 'priority' on but it certainly isnt logic.

I don't even wanna hear nothing about it's not racism low it please , the funny thing is God sees everything Idc what this will spark...but if Samantha walked in they'd have breakfast and tea waiting for her in her bed smh RIP ❤️❤️ Why do people assume that she was said to not be a priority because she’s black?

If she was white, would this be about race? Does it say there are no others dying there for lack of medical care? Not one other person? say 'black woman' put that in your headline We all know what skin colour she is without clicking the link... That's all I'm saying. Of course she was black. Disgrace

This is so sad and to think there are probably many cases like what happened to this woman and her family all over the world 😔 If she was 83 years old with multi illnesses. This is some Daily Mail worthy headline. The paramedics would have been referring to her vital signs at the time. Had they attended when she later became septic they would have transported. Not every positive pt can attend ED just in case they later deteriorate. It’s a crisis.

LaminMa09935871 she was BLACK and and 3 kids and she was still young . Hope you understand now. DWB My mum has been in agony for two years! Doc told her she is not a priority for operation she cant even go on the waiting list bse she doesnt tick all the boxes Those doctors need to be dealt with Here we go


Very sad news. Our condolences to the family & prayers to this young woman🙏🏼 R I P Kayla Williams Heartbreaking! I HOPE HE SUES Am assuming her colour is the reason she was not a priority😒 My sister went to a hospital SEVERAL times November-December and was told she was “mentally ill” and that there “was nothing wrong with her”. , she died January 9th from a blood clot that traveled from her leg to her lung, these doctors dgaf about us . US.

In the midst of a pandemic, racism finds a way. My goodness, praying for her loved ones ❤️✨ Oh god this is horrifying We dont need any racism and discrimination around this people who are ill,regardless of their race,religion or colour. This behaviour is even more deadly and annoying than the virus

STAY AT HOME EVERYONE, IT’S NOT JUST A FLU.... Honestly surprised there's not that guy in the comments saying this happened in a nationalized health system as if it would never happen here

anointingose 💔 Condolences to the family 🙏🏾 I think she was killed, we all know what these fellows are capable of In the US most ppl are being sent home and denied testing. They say call 911 when you start having trouble breathing or if you have a high fever then drive to the nearest ER. Tests are limited as are hospital beds. It’s a mess and I wonder how history will portray this..

Tragic doesn’t even sum it up... Damn shame 😠!!!! But I thought they had universal healthcare...? This is so disgusting can’t even believe what I’m reading

England is too racist America would never This is shocking news, it demonstrate that paramedics are not trained to deal with Covid-19; not terribly re-assuring when the pandemic has not even reached its peak. Jetzt bloß weiter ganz, ganz feste die Augen zuhalten, RenateKuenast & Volker_Beck! Dann geht das bestimmt weg!

I'm so sorry for your loss, the system clearly has failed you 😔 As a RN, I can't believe London allowed a woman to die because they refused to have her seen by a doctor when her husband first called for help. Yes, she tested positive for COVID-19, it's possible she would still be here if someone helped when called, rather than ignoring her.😡

How do we cancel all the rich people(and that includes every effing celeb on the earth)? :( Because this shit is getting too much. Given how quickly the onset of pneumonia can kill a person, ANYONE experiencing severe chest pain should be taken to hospital. There needs to be an investigation into this.

Then who IS?! Shiringul So sad. Condolences to her family. Appalling. Absolutely tragic. 😢

Utterly disgraceful! 😮😮 Been through this many times. Once resulting in sepsis and a long stay on HDU. They tend not to listen to black women when we need medical attention. Was once told there was no treatment for gallstones by an EMT. He left me in agony. deray oh shit KMT. That’s what I’m scared of .... the people that die - first symptom - 8 days later dead . 8 days.

And she won’t even be counted as ‘dead from coronavirus’ because she wasn’t really tested positive and died in the hospital!!! So sad 😭 pppppppppply นั้นไง ว่าแล้ว จะต้องอยู่ท้ายแถวแน่ๆ Natural consequence of socialized medicine BooiTheMaster I really feel for the husband and their kids, what a horrific thing for them all. Hope someone wealthy sees this and lends a hand, the mans going to have to deal with all this on top of losing his wife and having 3 kids to bring up. Really sad story.

NaiyaTheDoll Bruh, I hate this place 💔 I hope her family finds peace😞 deray Havin lots of this Can we highlight that she is BLACKK put that on the article front I hope idriselba covers her funeral expenses... Why was she not a priority? 🤔 Lots of rich people are getting tested though.🤔😠 I am so sorry this happen to your family. I am praying for all of you family, Love ones, friends and those of us who have just heard of the horrorable word said to her. May Allah be with you all.

may she rest in peace BLACK OR A CHINESE?

chunkymark It begins. So sad to hear and read this, it’s also very frightening God bless her 🌹 She was likely deemed not a priority due to lack of co-morbidities. People commenting about testing - even if tested positive then it wouldn't necessarily mean a hospital admission. A life lost too far soon and my condolences to anyone who cared for her

🙏🏽ABBA 😪 PoetsCornerE17 Shocking 😢 I guess being royal is 'priority'. This is 2020 and still no fairness at all! who is the priority then? I really want to know AndyBurnhamGM sad You can’t get sick while being BLACK, cause you’ll die no cap

Please write another article that illustrates how black people can advocate for themselves in these situations. This unconscious racist bias is going to kill more black women and black men. We're often seen as 'difficult', 'stubborn', or 'savage' when we speak up. What can we do? Oh she's black. Now it makes sense.

meanwhile your praising idris elbas wife for not staying away then getting and getting tested early. Queen_Asadoya . you have a lot of followers, please tweet sensibly in the future No mention from you piersmorgan re: this mother of three who died!!!!!! This is goddamn awful. My heart goes out to her family. What's also goddamn awful is that this is not a surprise if you know your history.

lucyprebblish Then who really is?! This is Painful. The dear Husband. Being black in the world. Not priority!? It's okay guys Gal Gadot is coming to sing Imagine And people will say the uk ain’t racist piss off

What the Ku Klux is this bullskitt?!! I see the UK is trying to take the White Supremacy crown from the U.S! They are running a good race but you need to more brutal. Not to give them ideas of course. If we can accept that education and the police etc. is all systemically racist and we’re working to change that, then we need to accept the same with the medical system. I’ve watched the news every day this weeks and last. Not once was this Queen mentioned R.I.P Kayla Williams 🙏🏾

But racism doesn’t exist in Europe 🤷🏽‍♂️ FahimaIsaq She died of Institutional racism! Shame on the NHS NHSuk NHS24 Heads should roll! Heartbreakingly sad 😓 This just made me think about Cardi B’s rant 😞 NOTE: If you or your loved ones have these symptoms and it’s life threatening, please land yourselves at the hospital and request immediate admission. Don’t stay home and die.

fabiosje_ you changed the picture? from her face to a picture of an ambulance? clearly remember seeing a beautiful smiling black woman just a few minutes ago This is english-speaking countries' health-care system. Is welfare-state so bad? what the fuck..

Sadly when push comes to shove. The most powerful people gets attended to first. ALWAYS. Wtf Why show a random picture of an ambulance and not a picture of the woman? Oh my goodness Just tragic :-( This is simply not right. Ambulance service statement is disgusting. Horrific Why was she not a priority? Prince Charles has mild symptoms and gets tested the next day? DHSCgovuk

xinwenxiaojie m_vanstone this is very sad. just as you said... general public not a priority... Disgrace!

What a surprise this lady does not appear to be Caucasian or Middle Class - so she was told to just get on with it. Will Prince Charles be treated any better? Hmmmm oceanclub Dreadful. Her poor family. Yet they're testing celebrities who arent even displaying symptoms, and royals🙂 How come PrinceCharles can be treated as a priority having mild symptoms and get a test while a mother of 3 who was obviously very ill is not tested ends up dying ......shocking !!!😡

deray This is wrong on so many damn levels! Sad. Commiserations to the husband and family in these difficult times. Why are the ambulance crews not testing patients? I have a friend battling cancer and is under treatment, who I demanded to go to the ER because she is displaying symptoms along with a friend who visited her from Vegas two weeks ago. She went to the ER and they told her she probably has it but wont test her, and sent her home.

😔💔 They should of taken him and his children for testing. His wife had it and they let her die They need to be sued for what they did. Is it bc she was a black woman! This is pissing me off! Awful!!!!

Ohhh, I need to wake up now! 😭 Awful. Simply awful. Each case like this and there will be many, must be recorded, reported and used at the right time to ensue we have an NHS fit for purpose in the future. My heartfelt condolences to this family. Ed_7991 Stay at home pleaseeee , Keep isolating ok. And Stay safe too and yoir family .

Yet Prince Charles with mild symptoms was tested. Wow. Unbelievable. My thoughts go out to this family. geographyjazz Heartbreaking story. Royal Family: Slight sniffle, tested for C19. Ordinary Family: 'Piss off, you're not a priority'. RepublicNow Wow. God. This is so sad it makes be wonder if no help was given because she was Black as the systems in the UK do not priorities Black people. The only priority Black people get is in Immigration and Criminal Justice very unfair

Somehow he was deemed a priority Very sad and socking

This is pure evil 😭 ☹️☹️😞 awful. and so so sad. WHO TF IS A PRIORITY THEN?!! she had all the symptoms. God rest her soul and help her family 😔 So what they supposed to do? Under massive pressure arnt they and don't want to catch it themselves. Probably this will happen to many people. RIP. Heartbreaking

I'm afraid that such is the future for many waiting to be tested, my family included. And f-ing Prince Charles gets a test! Bet the royal carriage sounds pretty great to the recent off-loaded! I was told this last week 😭 denied coronavirus testing If that happens in a developed country,..

With no coroner reports anymore I suppose it will be put down as a Coronavirus death rather than suspected. chunkymark I fear there will be an awful lot more stories like this in the coming weeks as the scale of Tory vandalism to the NHS comes horrifically to light. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 The young healthy fit people cant even get close to a test or hospital so really what do they expect

All these healthy ppl dying just because they are or were the time young healthy ppl have this there will be no room no medication no priority Our brilliant NHS ignores an obviously desperately ill woman and then sends 3 vehicles immediately she's dead. Seems like local NHS managers need to revisit prioritisation methods.

Terrible. This would never happen in Korea where I am. Everyone is a priority here. cstross Dying while black Probably not white, or not english. horrendous

piersmorgan DrHilaryJones SkyNews BBCNews DailyMirror Kevin_Maguire Horrific R.i.p oh my god.... :((( Shocker it’s a woman of color 🤦‍♀️💔 I can’t get my head around this. Wasn’t a priority so left to die. Who is a priority then? She’s 36, a mother, shes in a serious state, can’t breathe, can’t stand up but just told to self medicate and dies the next day.

She must not have been white This is ridiculous. Rich and famous are tested whenever the fuck they like and normal people are left to die. Who's the priority?!? Official numbers are still low and already talking about priorities. JFC, the woman was obviously in great distress, how is that not a priority Now there is a family destroyed. Three children motherless. 💔

Not royal enough I guess the governments of the world have been lying to us.. I suspect that a lot of people that downplay the coronavirus don't understand what 'triage' means.

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