London faces pollution public health crisis, Sadiq Khan says

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The city's mayor says more needs to be done to prevent a crisis of 'filthy air and gridlocked roads'.

London faces a crisis of "filthy air and gridlocked roads" unless car use is reduced, the city's mayor has warned., which claimed London was the world's most congested city last year.

This was based on an estimate of the earnings drivers could be making, or the leisure time they could be enjoying, if they were not stuck in traffic. "If we do not double down on our efforts to deliver a greener, more sustainable future, we will replace one public health crisis with another - caused by filthy air and gridlocked roads."He added: "The cost to both Londoners and the capital [should not] be underestimated, with days wasted stuck in traffic, billions lost to the economy and increased road danger and health impacts.

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Stop closing all the streets and creating congestion which you then have to 'crack down' on. We can see you doing it.

Stop the cars and lorries going in and out. London has good public transport. Invest in public transport. No cars. Stop,the hideous road building within M25.

Ban cars

Smart road pricing, city-wide LTNs and scrap Silvertown

Ban burning wood and charcoal, including ovens at restaurants and barbecues

About time the clean air act actually does what it says

Road pricing More greenery instead of car parking on residents st

Phase out the sale of wood stoves and run a public health campaign to raise awareness that wood smoke is as harmful to health as tobacco smoke. One eco-design wood stove poisons a whole neighbourhoods’ air supply

Ban private car use between 7.30 and 19.30. Ban all domestic solid fuel use. Ban bonfires. Simple.

Allow cars a reduced rota/timetable/quota when they can be used, as I think was done in other cities eg Paris. Even that is not going to solve it but it WD at least reduce pollution a bit and *help change driving everywhere mindset*

Sack Sadiq khan simples

As EdDavie says: 'Restore 24/7 c zone, use Silvertown Tunnel £s to electrify bus fleet, build comprehensive cycle network, have London boundary charge, citywide ULEZ/CPZ with sliding scale for polluting vehicles, default cargo bike deliveries, pedestrianisation...'

Scrap Cycle lanes and LTN’s, they both cause amazing levels of pollution and gridlock roads

Domestic combustion at 43%,woodburning acc's for 38%. Triple that of all traffic.

Rip out all roads that cars use. Make all roads one way. Introduce more cycle lanes.

Make public transport free, and make cycle lanes safe

Ban vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Make at least 1 in 4 non A roads one way so some cars have to go around the block and use the freed up lane so kids can cycle to school in safety. If it becomes safe enough for kids to cycle it's safe then for everyone.

allpartycycling ban private motor vehicles? improve public transport? both, simultaneously, 20 years ago would have been great but today will do as a next-best option.

Ban SUVs, for a start.

allpartycycling Cancelling the road closures brought in during Covid. These “LTNs” have failed as they made London pollution worse even though vehicle traffic is down, by creating traffic outside schools where idling never used to be a problem. Does BBCNews still not know this?

allpartycycling Ban cars

North east London. North of Leyton it seems. What is polluting like that?

Get rid of all of the London taxis.

Look at the smoking chimneys in the photo. Ban domestic wood burning which causes as much pollution as traffic.

About to worsen the problem with 'instant' delivery firms - gorillas, zapp, wheezy (Well named), etc. Suppose these could only be licensed if zero carbon - eg ebike only?

Public health crisis is complete nonsense, I lived in LDN all my life and on Jamaica rd for 15 years (my lungs are remarkably clear) cars contribute 2% globally to emissions, government create a crisis so they can create a tax, then use some poor person as their PR stunt.

For starters reverse all the barmy road planning that they have done over the past 10 years, e.g bottle necking roads, no entry ⛔️ for no reason roads, covid plant pot roads, huge unnecessary cycle lanes, which surprise surprise has in turn created more pollution 🤦‍♂️

There are far too many diesel delivery vehicles. Companies operating those vehicles need to be incentivised to switch to cargo-bike delivery.

StopWoodBurning, largest single source of PM2.5 AirPollution in the UK, the most harmful pollutant to Health(WHO). Any benefits from action on traffic would effectively be offset if WoodBurning is ignored, totally unnecessary AirPollution when alternatives exist.

Make it difficult to drive - reduce parking opportunities, road user pricing, ULEZ extended to M25. Stop 'out-of-town shopping development & preserve local shopping parades. Urgently change TfL buses to electric. Invest in walking/cycling infrastructure. Plant 250k street trees.

* Stop the Silvertown Tunnel and the new Edmonton Incinerator. * Lower traffic speed to 20mph on all London Roads. * Roll out a massive home insulation program. * Really roll out a secure cycling infrastructure. * Free public transport. For starters.

Road pricing. Charge drivers based on congestion levels/times of day/put lower charges on A roads to encourage them to be used rather than neighbourhood streets. After you buy a car people have little incentive to really think about each journey and if they need to do it.

How about not putting in pointless bus lanes

Scrap silvertown, remove car parking spaces, allow residents to hire bays for uses other than car storage, more safe cycle parking, more seating in the public space, more punkic toilets

Smart road pricing.

Scrap SadiqKhan's Silvertown Tunnel, which will lead to a massive increase in traffic and pollution in some of London's poorest, most diverse, and already most polluted communities?

Scrap LTNs and sack Khan immediately.

Ban all cars in Central London, you have an amazing transport system, invest and promote it and get people using it!

Make fewer car journeys. Make alternative transport easier. And if you think that’s not possible because people need to transport fridges or their kids to judo, or the local newsagent will go bust, then it’ll never happen. 🤷‍♀️

Scrap the new incinerator in Edmonton

Guess his road closures (that causes more traffic than before), unnecessary lengthy road works, very very very expensive charges (ULEZ + Congestion Charge) to even travel into Central London is not working! Stop this madness!

A few thoughts: - Extend ULEZ to the M25 - Extend CC to North and South Circular and make it 24hrs a day 7 days a week. - Increase enforcement and fines on traffic violations Use funds raised to: - Increase cycle infrastructure as per Milan - Create safer pedestrian crossings

Increase not decrease ccharge hours, as he bizarrely plans. End tax exemption for elite 1% blackcabusers to fund cycle lane/ltn programme. Restore ccharge western extension. StopKillingCycl

Ban cars.

Court of Appeal to hear case against lambeth_council on Thurs 13th Jan re failure to adequately consider the needs of disabled people when implementing LTNs which have also pushed extra traffic (and ensuing congestion) onto residential boundary roads.

But it was great during lockdown 🤣🤣🤣

Stop issuing new parking permits

* Cancel Silvertown Tunnel * Give more than lip service to improving walking/cycling rather than schizophrenically undermining it (see below) * Bring in road charging (electric cars produce loads of particulate pollution) * Ban solid fuel-burning

1. Rip up the cycle lanes and get cyclists using bus lanes again to ease congestion. 2. Actually enforce mask wearing on public transport to encourage people back onto it.

Got rid of the aristocracy

UULEZ tax all the way to Dover coast

☄️Cut down maturing trees & build on as many green spaces as you can. Cut new roads through housing estates, after demolishing them or their trees. This is lb_southwark's brilliant plan, part funded by MayorofLondon's Housing Grants👏 KingstonEstate ElimEstate NoOptionNotTo

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