Local heard 'desperate' screams for 7 minutes the night Libby disappeared

Libby Squire murder trial: Horrified resident heard ‘desperate’ screams for seven minutes from park the night she vanished

1/22/2021 8:40:00 AM

Libby Squire murder trial: Horrified resident heard ‘desperate’ screams for seven minutes from park the night she vanished

LIBBY Squire’s bruised body was found with “squeeze marks” on her neck, a court heard today. And CCTV has shown her suspected killer, Pawel Relowicz, 26 “going to McDonald&#…

Invalid Date,LIBBY Squire's bruised body was found with "squeeze marks" on her neck, a court heard today.And CCTV has shown her suspected killer, Pawel Relowicz, 26 "going to McDonald's" after the murder of the 21-year-old student.

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5Libby Squire, 21, was raped, murdered then dumped in a riverCredit: PA:Press AssociationLibby was allegedly driven to a remote playing field by the butcher, where she was raped, murdered then dumped in a river.The Polish-born father of-two, from Hull, denies murdering and raping philosophy student Libby, who went missing following a night out in February 2019.

She was discovered six weeks later on March 20 in the Humber estuary by a fishing boat - a gold necklace bearing the letter 'L' still hanging around her neck.Today Dr Matthew Lyall, Home Office pathologist gave evidence from a remote site.Dr Lyall conducted a post-mortem examination on Libby’s body on March 21, 2019 at Hull Royal Infirmary. headtopics.com

He told the court that Libby's bruised body had been found with "neck marks."He said he has found evidence of small hemorrhages around her mouth which could be evidence of asphyxia.5Libby was discovered six weeks later on March 20, 2019, in the Humber estuary by a fishing boat

Credit: PA:Press AssociationPolish butcher Pawel Relowicz, 26, allegedly drove her to the remote playing fieldCredit: FacebookHe explained the hemorrhages could represent squeezing or compression of the neck or covering of the mouth.He said: “It’s not conclusive but is something we look out for.

"It is like a little bruise but you tend to see lots of them at once around the lips or the eyes."“They are a useful marker of it.”Dr Lyall also noticed that there was possible bruising on the right upper arm, close to the chest.He said: “It could represent gripping but I couldn’t say it was a genuine bruise.”

MCDONALD'S 'VISIT'It was also revealed that police believe a car caught on CCTV at a nearby McDonald’s belongs to Relowicz.The suspect vistied the fast food gaint before and after Libby’s disapperance.Detective Constable James Grandidge, the police officer tasked with recovering and analysing the CCTV footage for the case, said Relowicz, 26, had first been picked up on CCTV at the McDonald’s restaurant in Cottingham Road at 9.45pm on January 30. headtopics.com

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The clip from McDonald’s, taken the day before Libby’s disappearance, showed Relowicz arriving and leaving the fast food outlet.Relowicz was spotted on camera again on February 3.'DESPERATE' SCREAMSAnd earlier today the court heard a resident heard “desperate” screams for seven minutes the night tragic Libby Squire vanished, a court heard today.

Sam Alfred, a resident whose home backed on to the Oak Road playing fields has revealed he heard “screams” on February 1 when Libby disappeared and saw a man running away.He told Sheffield Crown Court: “I woke up, looked at my phone to check a text. It was 12.14am and around a minute or two after that’s when I heard the first scream.

“The screams were far away but they were loud enough to reach my bedroom, around roughly 150 metres. Not loud to me, but loud enough to reach my bedroom.”He says the “desperate screams” lasted from “four to seven minutes”.He continued: “Initially, some screams were intermittent with 30 seconds or a minute between them.

“At first I sort of ignored them then the second one was a pattern to them and then that’s what sort of made me think - it’s hard because where I live is near the uni accommodation is teenagers on the park, girls screaming, people out having parties on the park so you tend to ignore it. It happens all the time. headtopics.com

“Then I heard the screams again and when I looked I couldn’t see anyone on the park.“The screams were enough to make me think, ‘what could that be?’ but it was the pattern - they weren’t constant and that’s what sort of stood out for me.“They sounded like desperation.”

Mr Alford believes the screams carried on for “four to seven minutes”.He said: “I was just looking out of the window, wondering if it was a group of people or if I could see anyone coming off the park.”He said he was watching for “three or four minutes” before he saw a “male walking off the park”.

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