Litter and used toilet roll left at beauty spots

Litter and used toilet roll left at beauty spots

5/31/2020 10:43:00 PM

Litter and used toilet roll left at beauty spots

Parts of Yorkshire have been left an 'eyesore' by an influx of visitors

Crowds gathered by the River Wharfe in IlkleyCrowds of visitors have left mounds of litter including used toilet roll and nappies at Yorkshire beauty spots, angry residents have said.Hundreds of people flocked outdoors to enjoy the weather with concerns social distancing guidance was being flouted.

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In Ilkley, West Yorkshire, toilet roll and dirty nappies were left dumped behind bushes and trees.Councillor Anne Hawkesworth said:"What we've seen has been deplorable. It seems people have just run riot."On Saturday, groups gathered on the banks of the town's River Wharfe with people jumping off the bridge into the water.

Image copyrightImage captionBins have been left overflowing in the townResident Andrew Dobson, 46, said the area was left an"eyesore" with barbecues dumped and the grass scorched."There were people jumping off the bridge, toilet paper behind bushes and trees and dirty nappies.

"You want people to come to this area - I am very lucky to live here, but when you go down there and see the state of it, just take your stuff home with you."Image captionResidents in Burnsall said driveways and pavements had been blocked by an influx of cars

Image copyrightImage captionOne police community support officer tweeted her experienceResident Christine Neasham, whose mother recently died in a care home in the town with Covid-19, said she found the crowds extremely distressing. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

Yep...people are assholes!!! They should be ashamed. Children could be touching and no respect for the people who have to clean up after them. Hang your heads in shame £10 says these are the same people who stock piled loo roll before lockdown and now they've got to find some way to dispose of their surplus.

Nice Boris Johnson is reported luthinking about using any written complaints as toilet paper. I think there’s a correlation between people who panic bought toilet roll and people who think it’s OK to leave it as litter covidiots That's no surprise really is it. If I take my dogs out I have to take away their excrements. So why can’t these idiots, and any thing else they brought with them. Leaving a health hazard for someone else to clean up. They need to be back in lock down not fit to be out.

Until we get country side rangers with powers to on the spot fine, this will continue. I am certain that for a change yiu atvthe BBC could finally do something positive, set up a private group to do this ! SueSal41757 We live in Atcham Shrewsbury, can't believe the mess that was left, the majority were not local. Boris has really dropped us in the poop.

Filthy animals.... ok commence with facial recognition systems do they can be named and shamed..... but only at beauty spots..... Why? It’s people like that that are putting us all in danger of having a second wave 😡 Disgusting!!!!! UK public are a total disgrace simple as that, roll on 2nd spike! They can’t even social distance! Bet of these are sitting at home on 80% too scared to work!! Oh but you can do this as say total disgrace. They’ll be first to blame government take responsibility for yourselves.

No respect. People acting like animals. Go home. TOTAL SCUM... It’s the ignorant Stella drinking masses. A result of reality tv and selfish consumerism. You made them you deal with them. Humans disgust me. Steady erosion of basic life standards + manners handed down by some over the last few decades by apathy and arrogance. Appalled person says something and gets standard aggressive fucktard response like What ya gonna do about it

Bin it or bag it please Someone said ‘Open Ibiza!’ To just think UK residents or any other Worldcitizen would leave their rubbish in any Country then they are very awful ignorant humans and need Educating Thatsnothowweroll We are at times a dirty shithouse nation. Pick your litter up, take it home and dispose of it. Seriously it should be made as socially distasteful as drink driving, names published on Social Media and really heavy on the spot fines. We are killing this beautiful planet with crap

That’s what happens when chavs rule! Shamefull everywhere Littering and environmental pollution is disgusting at any time. Open the chain pubs and let the chavs congregate there instead. We're not forced to join them. Give the countryside back to the people who care about it. Not surprised Sounds like Morocco.

The British at their best, I bet the continent of Europe are really missing us. 😡🤬😡 thanx for ruining our beauty spots! Scruffs ......god the English really are a horrific bunch Young people just don't give a shit. But now they leave one. *shudder* Wtf is actually wrong with people!? Have 10 weeks in lockdown led to people forgetting how to function as civilised human beings?

Tramps Go and visit this Nigel_Farage and clean it up LBC No respect. but they dont complain about all the money thats gets spent ... Have you ever looked at the grass verges on our roads? Litter bins for the scum that chuck their rubbish out their car windows Isn't a caring and beautiful heart born even if you go to beauty spots?

What did they expect, councils treat ppl like animals, so that’s what they get. Time the council applied a bit of common sense in every part of the country. These are the people who are ultimately the reason 70,000 a week are still becoming newly infected. Thick brits. Animals is all I can say. Absolute dregs of society

Next time they turn up, key the fuck out of all the motors. 🤮🤢😷😷😠 Might be a stupid question but what else have they left behind.... Usual comments from the idiots is 'it keeps them in a job'. Pathetic. I’m surprised some people have survived this long. We're using taxpayers money to pay ppl to do this. If you're happy to be 2m away from ppl on a beach/beauty spot or a London protest, then you'll be fine at work.

Dartmouth today still pretty deserted ..people just being sensible Wonder who left all that? Wouldn’t be hundreds of people who would rather die than go back to work IF they ever had a job in the first place!! Dickheads! brainless norespect wasteofhumanlife 🤬 Animals!!! Disgusting!! Watched a family today in the Peaks leave a pile of litter up by the riverside.Moved on about 5 metres to distance themselves !😫😢,no respect or shame, just their finished dinner and empty bottles strewn across the river edgeso little care didn’t even ‘leg it’ just moved on 5M!!

The greasy thunburger generation at its finest. All be on the streets next month complaining about plastic. And these are the self same people that government are hoping are going to self isolate, if or when they get the call from track and trace. Good luck with that one Plenty more faeces in the sea..

The sooner holiday destinations like Spain open we can get rid of the dirty scum Many people are so ignorant and so selfish and lazy! Litter makes me sooo cross! No need for it!!! Dirty little toe rags , bring back lockdown. Leave the toilets and car parks closed Stockpile off loo roll came in handy then Wont be long till they are at it again stockpiling stuff when the second wave hits

People are pigs! What a disgrace..general rubbish and loo roll scuse the pun really pisses me off....but dirty nappies...for goodness sakes Same Twats will be clapping on Thursday tho. arh the great British public . ' in this together ' Scumbags Are you honestly Shocked? shame covid did'nt take more out....wait hopefully it will,any person with a little respect for the countryside/nature would take their sh.t with them

Complete and utter stupidity and trough behaviour Disgusting. If you need the toilet you’ve either been there too long or you’ve travelled too far....get a grip! We are disgusting creatures, fouling wherever we go What?! That’s shocking - wonder how that happened! 🤔 its going to happen tho isn't it, if you let people go out and dont open the toilets.. Women can't pee up a tree, shake and forget it you know. Just open the toilets, considering there isn't much social distancing going on, it will make no difference anyway.

Who would do this?! Simon_Pegg We really are determined to destroy our planet through our selfish and reckless behaviour! Pick the toilet roll up then there is a shortage apparently.. Why do people have to be such arseholes 😡 Can you help me out by signing this petition? We can end racism if we join hands together Please sign and share the Petition

Open the pubs, cafes, sports events then! Unfortunately just shows the people we've become, yet we think we are the best in the world at everything I despair... Everywhere I've been public loos shut and bins overflowing? Council not working on full pay may be 🤔 Could do with grass verges cut as high with so many out cycling with kids dangerous.

Feral scum Disgusting Who can STOP this? Police don't dealing with that, consul..... don't .... Who? When? Now respect for anyone or anything- new 'trend' of 'cool' chavs. Used toilet rolls ?! Jeepers, I can remember a time when I'd give my third eye for some of that... ...about two months ago. Lock it back down. Over 40 Asians at Needham Market lake this evening at 7pm all within inches of each other leaving rubbish everywhere. These are meant to be a vulnerable BAME group BBCLookEast MidSuffolk PoliceStow shocking behaviour irresponsible dangerous disgraceful

Is this news?.. this kind of rubbish should be in my towns paper not the bbc! Soft on law and order, because if the government get too tough, the Lefties will start defending ! Hell....that’s just another day on Ealing Common! 😪😪😪 Some people literally don't give a shit only care about their own scummy lives, they are a disgrace and don't deserve nothing. It's not bloody hard to pick your rubbish up as you leave.

Calling Greta! Calling Greta! Apparently the kids don’t give a toss. The British have been let out again The great British public ? Animals behave better with the exception of cockroaches for they eat and sh*t in the same space. Look people it’s not hard to put your bloody rubbish in the bin you put your rubbish in the bin at home so do it when you have finished your Picnic when your out!!

Well that’s down to many things . Early loosing lockdown restrictions. No toilets open . People not working . And people being idiots !!! The great British public It is the same everywhere.... disgusting how much litter is left in parks. No consequences for doing it! Offenders should be made to pick up litter for a week to see how it feels for others cleaning up after them 😡

I heard it was left like the beach in Liberia, idiotic English men women and children shitting everywhere. One fat woman crapping while eating sandwiches, classy! The country was such a better place during lockdown Gaia theory in action This was Cardiff today. When the message is consistent, coherent, logical and not undermined, people of this country do follow the rules

Well, that explains why I saw a stream of young men coming out of Tesco with crates of lager last week...😠 People can be blind idiots. I hope more are charged with littering. Same all over, there is no control, this is state sanctioned madness Just when you think human behaviour couldn't get worse. Disgusting what people are doing to this planet and to society.

Good to see everything’s getting back to “normal”, like we’ve all been clamouring for these past few months. Revolting. I would love to know the age group of this lot of louts! The Government have got a lot to answer to! What do people expect with the Lord of Misrule ensconced in Downing Street? Stay classy Britain🙄

These are all people who will be without jobs when there needs to be a second lockdown and there’s no longer a furlough scheme for their employers to fund their brainless activities. Time for massive fines and community service and make them clean it up! It is everywhere. Groups of people showing no regard for others is the norm. This is what pandemics and wars bank on. The general population not giving two hoots. I find recent climate change etc a laugh when this is what we are capable of.

I’m happy not to take a holiday for a year or two. I just miss my old relatives. Not a beauty spot. 😡😡😡 open the bogs then The French wouldn’t do this to their countryside. Jimmy Saville abused hundreds over decades, bbc covered it up, basically supported it. ScumMedia BorisJohnson Thanks Cummings, for giving the people freedom they deserve

Lock them down Gross gross gross. Scum bags This is what happens when the public are given freedom to make choices. Disgusting Stay the fuck at home! Unless your Americans then wear protective gear and carry hand sanitizer! We really do need an extinction level event Gross. People are such scum 🤮 This isn't news!!! If it wasn't for the current situation you wouldn't be reporting in this! All beauty spots are affected, people are irresponsible!

This the best you got to report on bbc... 🤣 but first the haters.. no I don’t agree, pick your shit up I hate people. My perception of the prim and proper British has been dashed. Oh well. What the fuck is wrong with people? Weeks at home, you'd hope people would appreciate these areas. Sorry nature, the humans have been released.

Dirty bastards! Disgusting. Powerful sermon. Learn why the earth is this way. Welcome to the broadcast. We get it BBC, people have been enjoying themselves this weekend and ignoring your scare mongering you are not happy And Boris says that the public will use common sense!!! Brighton after Gay Pride!👇...after anti Trump rally👇 & Climate Extinction yobs👇

Stop the travelling again except for essential stuff/work this is total nonsense!!! I don’t go out when visitors come to our village at weekends. These Prophets striked the earth with COVID19. What message could they be having for us? Open the fu.... toilets then Animals Supprised I thought all the shit was at BBC

Idiots at the top & more idiots at the bottom. What did anyone expect?! To all the “must go outs” “let’s get pissed’s” “lockdown is done’s” “it’s fine in my area’s” please take 20 seconds to read this about new infections and take heed please People in this country make me absolutely fucking sick 😠😠😠 We are the disease not Coronavirus

Limit travel distance to 20 miles from home Shocking behaviour. I'm sure we can fix that, infected with a disease with no known cure might be a tad worse, don't you think? Liit here, the expo 🔥🔥 Disgusting. Scruffs Rubbish all over the beaches in Dorset, scumbags shitting in our front gardens. What has happened to Britain in 2020?

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