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Lindsey Graham attacks Trump for ‘shamelessly abandoning’ Kurdish allies

Lindsey Graham attacks Trump for ‘shamelessly abandoning’ Kurdish allies

10/9/2019 6:02:00 PM

Lindsey Graham attacks Trump for ‘shamelessly abandoning’ Kurdish allies

'Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration'

’s decision to pull US troops out of parts of Syria, saying the move “ensures the reemergence of ISIS” in the region. “Pray for our Kurdish allies who have been shamelessly abandoned by the Trump Administration,” Mr Graham, a close ally of the president in the US Senate,

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tweeted in a rare rebuke on Tuesday. Mr Graham came out in swift opposition to the administration’s plan to remove US troops from northeast Syria, saying it would leave a vacuum that would allow the Islamic State to possibly restore its caliphate while allowing Turkish troops to begin a massive assault on the Kurds, who the US have considered a strategic ally in its fight against terrorism. 

We’ll tell you what’s true. You can form your own view. Read more: The Independent »

All the diplomatic skills of a bag of manure. Even brown noser Graham has turned against Donny Ah, so Graham is not a spineless, groveling,shameless, immoral, complete waste of space after all? News indeed! Breaking News, LindseyGrahamSC's cowardness for the last 2 years is at the core of this! RESIGN realDonaldTrump gop SenateMajLdr SenateGOP GOPLeader HouseGOP VP POTUS PressSec WhiteHouse GOPChairwoman KellyannePolls FoxNews foxandfriends Jim_Jordan SecPompeo

game of golf will bring him to heel Trump is a coward and a back stabber. the kurds have taken the brunt of the fighting with isis we should be supporting them not throwing them in front of a lion Too late now. The Turkish military operation has begun. I imagine Lindsey knows a lot about shame It was terrible enough with the Syrian regime, is Erdogan starting his own !?

SHAME ALERT. GUESS, WHO IS USING THE “SHAMELESSLY”? The one who most deserves himself... LindseyGrahamSC I bet Lindsey is a bottom. is Donald Trump going to be impeached.or are you mad at him for not killing people in the name of democracy? aysar_ibrahim KurdsBetrayedByTrump LindseyGrahamSC is a corrupt coward.

You can not leave your friends in lurch! Kurds Genocide authorized by Trump. Now he is a hero. Is he! Graham now the hero? TrumpKillsKurds Who will depend upon USA tomorrow? yashar He doesn’t actually condem the president here, but the administration. As per usual, he’s equivocating so as not to piss off his sugar daddy.

Stop it Ms. Lindsey Wondering if Turkey got Senator Graham’s tweets? Based on the number of dying Kurds, I’m wondering if Lindsey’s protestations amounted to more or less than farts in the wind. KurdsBetrayedByTrump impeachment Rats leaving a sinking shit, er ship If republicans actually make a move on him, they will use this as their basis for supporting impeachment so as not to have to acknowledge the blatant corruption from this admin and try to save face all the while citing 'national security'.

yashar Trump told our allies to stand down, and we'd protect them. Then he let Turkey invade and slaughter them. And I want to know: What did Trump get from Erdogan in exchange for selling out our Kurdish allies? Trump grabbed LindseyGrahamSC pussy too hard. Instead of launching investigation into why Trump is getting kurds massacred, he releases a statement. Thats how courageous he is! Whatever happened to the threat to Turkey. Fake redlines. Finger pointing was easy?gtconway3d

yashar Hey LindseyGrahamSC There's an impeachment inquiry under way. How about you support it? Stop being a hypocrite. ImpeachmentNow yashar He will tuck his tail between his legs and back down after his next golf game. Sycophants should never forget their place, and Lindsey nothing more than a cowardly yes man.

With your support of trump, you are also responsible for this slaughter... LindseyGrahamSC I would say look at yourself in the mirror, but those with no souls cast no reflection... yashar He can drink a nice, tall glass of shut up juice. He made his bed. yashar You enabled this monster!! yashar He found his testicles!!!!

yashar Graham must be bi-polar, he seems to have two extreme moods. yashar Warhawks work both sides of the aisle. Don't be fooled. Watch their hips, not their lips. They don't give a flip about the civilians. It's about the billions. yashar But doesn’t tag realDonaldTrump in his tweet . yashar I’m sure our Kurdish allies are relieved at Graham’s impotent indignation.

We seem to do a grand job in the west abandoning the kurds once they've stopped being useful. Oh look who suddenly found a spine. yashar He helped get us here yashar

Trump left isolated as Republican allies revolt over US withdrawal from SyriaMitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham lead condemnation of foreign policy move that could prove ‘disaster in the making’ Republicans feign horror (to save face) BUT then saddles up and aligns with Trump. Gotta ask why are they so scared? This maybe his undoing, and Republicans who dont really like him will cross the floor to impeach.

Trump threatens Turkey not to go 'off limits' in Syria – videoUS president warns Nato ally he will destroy its economy if government goes too far with military action in Syria – after he effectively cleared the way for Turkey to invade by announcing a withdrawal of US troops “Just a small slaughter please.” Shouldn't that be 'hollow threat of reprisal found somewhere in tacit agreement to allow genocide' US has gone off limits well before. Turkey won’t allow to form terrorits state financed and supported by US next by its borders.

Can Mitt Romney really bring Trump down through impeachment?Republican strategists say it will take a 'seismic shift in the political landscape' to remove the president from office MittRomney is partisan poison, and he cannot be trusted. Let’s hope so. Then he can come over her and deal with Johnson Lesser of the Many Evils? Mormon Ken Doll or Orange Idiot?

Stephen Colbert on Trump: 'He's gone full god-emperor'Late-night hosts assess Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria and the emergence of a second whistleblower ‘Bless the Maker and all His Water. Bless the coming and going of Him, May His passing cleanse the world. May He keep the world for his people.’ Nobody takes notice of this nutcase anyway and his show is absolutely shit and unwatchable... StephenAtHome you are a star.

Turkey ready to send troops into Syria after Trump abandons the KurdsTanks have arrived at the Syrian border 24 hours after President Trump revealed that US forces would pull out of the area. Read more on this story here: realDonaldTrump the blood is on your hands FakeNewsMedia

Trump insists White House will not help the 'illegitimate' impeachment probeFURIOUS Donald Trump last night insisted the White House will not take part in the “illegitimate’ impeachment probe into his dealings with Ukraine. An administration letter blasted Hous… The house hasn't voted on it, there's no impeachment lol 😂 CNN has you all fooled 😂😂❄️ Well now, President Nixon did the same. I think it was Goldwater, who persuaded Nixon to consider the country first and resign. It’s joke politics. The Democrats are like the Remainaics here. They’ll do and say anything to overturn the democratic ballot