Lewis Hamilton's 'activism' is 'dangerous in Formula One' claimed Ralf Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton's 'activism' is 'dangerous in Formula One' claimed Ralf Schumacher

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12/7/2021 12:18:00 AM

Lewis Hamilton 's 'activism' is 'dangerous in Formula One' claimed Ralf Schumacher

LEWIS HAMILTON'S 'political activism' was once deemed 'dangerous' for Formula One by former driver Ralf Schumacher .

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Big words for a guy who can not stand in Lewis Hamilton's shadow. Not as a sportsman and, apparently, not as a human being either. Totally agree with you the lose brother of a Vegetable shut up Muito perigoso Sooo... Shut up and drive? Peace to rihanna ✌🏾 Is this wgy rules were bent Politics? True. ggregga24 may have found a worse take than jos…

WTF is Ralf Schumacher? 🤣 There goes 'Half' Schumacher again Padre

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jjkullen sports and politics have been intermingled since the original Olympics. Everyone has an obligation to stand against oppression especially when they are otherwise bringing positive attention to an oppressive system. Waaaaht ! Who made him the gatekeeper of activism. Tsek!! Ralf Schumacher's 'opinions on activism' is 'dangerous in Formula One' claims everyone

When white people are bothered by black activism, be suspicious. BlackLivesMatter ✊🏾 He's just bitter Hamilton has more wins than he has race finishes... SORRY, Ralf WHO Literally nobody in F1 cares what he has to say so stop asking him. Ask somebody relevant instead, like Lewis, Seb or his nephew Mick.

Anyone who knows Ralf Schumacher knows to ignore anything that comes out of his mouth lol One must ask Ralf, 'Dangerous for who?'

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People are threatened by change, especially if it means equality and transformation 💪 White privilege right there! The aryan is strong with this young padawan. They say “aryan” is obsolete, yet it’s all around us, mostly in those who would dismiss reality and the truth. Hmm but not a word about vettel Says the blond white dude. imnotbeingraciest

Old Ralf would never say something like that to Seb. What a load of bollocks!!!’ White privileged guy says what? The OLD WHITE MAN can't deal with diversity period! he wouldn't say shit if any of the white drivers did the same thing. having a platform and not using it for the greater good is basically condoning what is already going on.

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The only thing that's dangerous in Formula one is track bullies who deliberately puts other drivers lives at unnecessary risks to boost an entitled attitude. OoOooOOooh dangeroussss 😧 Max's driving is dangerous in F1 i dont understand how he is still allowed to comment on sky f1 germany. he has 0 qualifications for the job apart from him being an ex driver.

The thing about activism is that it takes putting your ego aside to do it. You are doing it for the benefit of other people and people like LH will put himself through the suffrage because he can take it. Softies like Ralf could never handle being an activist for anything. Ralf Schumacher needs to understand that he is a irrelevant little crybaby and that he will never archive greatness in his life. His obsession with hating on Lewis isn’t cute lol

Privileged people and their bs🙄🙄 Good stats, the important stats in F1 are wins and Poles when Max overtakes Seb in Poles I will start talking about him, for now he is like Charles Ocon Lando Ric... Who is Ralf Schumacher? Activism should stay out of sports

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Meanwhile…here’s nephew Mick 😳 Isn’t it funny that Ralf Schumacher decided to single out Lewis Hamilton, but didn’t say anything against his fellow German F1 driver Sebastian Vettel! MercedesAMGF1 F1 ESPNF1 stephenasmith Eugene_Robinson jemelehill DrJasonJohnson michaelsmith serenawilliams Looser!

At least he’s making a difference on and off the track. What did you do? Nothing. How exactly is it dangerous? Frankly, LewisHamilton has achieved more out of sport than in sport. You cang not be moved by his championship titles and what hes done to make the world inclusive for all. Speaking out for human rights is a choice. And so is speaking out against human rights. Ralf has made the wrong choice.

'Marginalized people don't belong in Formula One' is what I heard. How can Lewis' activism be bad for the sport when he's getting positive recognition left and right for it. F1 has their own 'we race as one' campaign. Projection of your own bigotry is 'dangerous' for the sport. LMAO who even the fuck is ralf. The loser brothers are always loud

Who's Ralf Schumacher?

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It’s always the same type of people that always have a problem with activism. The. Same. Type. Sheesh, it’s getting to the point that point that whenever you see a headline like “Ralf Schumacher says.....” you 100% know it’s going to be a bad take on something. *pukes* Who? Patrão deve está muito preocupado com a opinião de um fracassado, ele tá como...

Because Ralf Schumacher has done sooo much for the world… He’s looking a come back.. Irrelevant and mediocre former F1 driver speaks out when no one asked him to. 🤨

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Why are the unsuccessful ones the loudest? Whom? This guy only achievement is life was he’s brother. Imagine that live under that pressure…… Wa hlanya Ralf sounds like a coward. The failed brother of a legend says what Meanwhile his nephew advocates alongside Lewis. You are the weakest link, goodbye Ralf.

Imagine being Ralph Schumacher and thinking that anyone cares what you think. I think honourable is a better description of Lewis’s activism everyone seething when he speaks the truth

Is it that dude Juan Montoya destroy his f1 career in the same Williams BMW f1 team? Being like Ralf is dangerous! Luckily his nephew is way smarter Standing up for the rights of minority groups is not politics. This is not left and right, this is right or wrong They are damn desperate!!👉🏿🗣️💬 Anything for Lewis' head.

My guess is Mercedes have no issues with Lewis’ activism. Maybe we should be questioning by Ralf does… Who is ralf schumacher 🤣🤣🤣 WHO? No it's not. Everybody has the right to express their individual opinion. It's the dangerous tactics of opponents that should be under scrutiny, and anything that brings the sport into disrepute, should be dealt with accordingly!

ralf schumacher is an embarassement he can do 1 Low-budget Schumacher at it again

Dangerous is Max driving The only thing it'll hurt is racists, misogynists and homophobes... and I'm all for that. Wonder why he would be so against it 🤔 If only your brother could hear you saying these things... I wonder if he told Mick that his activism was dangerous too... Cc: skysportformel1 SkySportsF1 comcast

What is his problem? Why is he always complaining? Ralf who? Giving Ralf Schumacher a platform for his opinions is dangerous to Formula One. I wonder if he has the same energy for his nephew who advocates for it too?

For a broken down ol' has been, he's got a lot to say hasn't he. What does he think about Vettel's activism I wonder. Shut up Ralf 🤡 Just jealous because he's not even in top 3 drivers in his own family 😂😂 Who Schumacher? Not a fan of Hamilton winning but as a human being he's certainly making a positive difference in the world. It's not difficult to appreciate elements of a person while not cheering for their career.

He forgets that his Father was the worst levelheaded guy on track... He caused more accidents just for vengeance than any in the history of F1... Utter rubbish as usual from the Express Like his politics or not LH is at least voicing his opinion instead of sat in silence like the rest of them being too scared to damage their fans,sponsors or income. They are just frightened snowflakes let’s face it

Entitled white man tells black man to keep quiet and stay in his lane... News? Hamilton activism’ is for human rights, there is nowhere in the planet, either nacked or on a Mercedes suit that to do this is wrong, so thank you Hamilton

Im sure he did not even understand what he said... No one cares what budget Schumacher thinks Yet his nephew is here rocking this “political”shirt while being interviewed. Lewis Hamilton might be a fantastic F1 driver, he's a lousy sportsman Never mix up sports and politics If Ralph Schumacher was the one being oppressed by this countries rules,he would have been all over Lewis’s actions.!!He doesn’t do it for himself,he does it selflessly for everyone else.!!!Such a Champion.!!!