Letters: Britain must get out of the EU – and not be treated like a naughty child

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'Juncker has said that, if Britain leaves the EU without a deal, it will be entirely our fault. He is wrong – it would be our choice' Our readers' letters 📬

SIR – In the Spectator earlier this month, the Irish journalist Fintan O’Toole, commenting on Boris Johnson’s recent visit to Dublin , celebrates the “reverse” of Anglo-Irish relations.


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You are in the hands of a sorcerer's appentice: good luck.

Not mine.

'our choice', no your choice. Don't tell people what they voted for.

Yes of course! The NAZIs were not faulty on their part, that was their choice!

Maybe if our PM started acting like a grown up we would get treated as such. Enough of this WW2 revisionist bullshit, the world has changed, we need a comprehensive and close relationship with the EU if we want to remain a global player. We need to become more European.

Well we'll just have to wait and see whether the leavers start blaming the EU for the mess they create then, won't we.

Brexit will be the worst thing ever for Britain. Our country will be a sinking ship.

The nazi propaganda machine on full power!

Her t*ts were this big Boris said to me.

HouseofCommons sky BBCPolitics .. This cartoon is so factual and IS a sign of our BREXIT times leaders are ignoring BREXIT vote and going out at a limb to destroy democracy ignore the vote it’s simply awful how these leaders have wheeled and dealed for 3+years SICK TIRED ‼️

Who cares what he thinks. Let's go WTO.

Humbug !

TelePolitics and that's why Parliament should decide on no deal...

Says The Daily Tax Haven News, seems strange supporting a liar & Groper, guess you must want to keep your owners tax havens secure.

They still have No Plan!

Then stop acting like a spoilt child. The parent is extremely patient

You know where you can stick your 'our'. If the Brexiters had really wanted Brexit, they wouldn't have repeatedly rejected the only available version of it. What's happening now is about something else: creating as much chaos and doing as much damage to democracy as they can.

Our very last choice because Brexit is undeliverable. Mis sold from the start. If this was a product it would have had multiple episodes on BBC’s ‘Watchdog’ . No deal is the choice of disaster capitalists & speculators who want to see the £ crash.

So you're not blaming the EU anymore?

A cleanbreak is the only option that truly puts us in the driving seat. Keeps control of armed forces and Intelligence services. Allowing an Independent UK to make its own decision in its own time. GetBrexitDone CleanBreak October31st

There is no such thing as 'No Deal'. Just a thousands of new ones which will drag on for a decade. And all worse than what we had. This is the Surrender deal Johnson is too Chicken Yellow to tell us. Selling the NHS 'within 5 years'

No it would not be our choice No one voted for no deal The leave campaign promised an easily obtained deal with EU with economic prosperity for all That bears no resemblance to what we face now If we leave with no deal it will be because it was forced on us by our dictator PM

It would be a very poor choice and our downfall would be our own fault

Not in my name

It would NOT be the choice of the ppl of the UK to leave without a deal. You lie gratuitously &knowingly. You are the mouthpiece of the brextremeists. What was promised in 16 cannot be delivered. What can be delivered is nothing but damage. It MUST go back to the ppl.

Not my choice.

Please hurry up and do it. No ifs no buts, just do it. It’s getting so fucking boring.

Boris touched my backstop

And it'll be your fault for choosing something so stupid, every No Deal consequence was the fault of trying to appease some non-existant Brexit goddess, rather than to embetter or emancipate the lives of the ordinary people.

Not mine and many others

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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