Le Pen feud deepens as French far-right leader’s niece withdraws support

1/28/2022 10:17:00 PM

Le Pen feud deepens as French far-right leader’s niece withdraws support

Marine Le Pen, France

Le Pen feud deepens as French far-right leader’s niece withdraws support

Marine Le Pen calls Marion Maréchal’s decision not to back presidential bid ‘brutal, violent and painful’

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Good for evil ppl to at least not be united.

PM personally ordered evacuation of Pen Farthing's animals from Kabul, email claimsThe Foreign Office's top civil servant has said he was 'not aware' of support for the decision to evacuate Nowzad either in No10 or from the Prime Minister Yeah yeah but I want a liar as PM now. I support Putin.

Boris Johnson DID intervene to help Pen Farthing escape the TalibanThe Prime Minister has previously claimed on camera that it was 'nonsense' that he intervened to allow Paul 'Pen' Farthing and members of his Nawzad charity flee Kabul. He does tell em

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Éric Zemmour , who is even further to the right.Russia 'emboldened' by Trump, Brexit and Afghanistan evacuation, says ex-GCHQ boss The animals' evacuation was controversial because vulnerable people who were connected to foreign forces that fought the Taliban were left behind as the militants took control and launched reprisals.PM said in December it was 'nonsense' that he intervened to help Pen Farthing.Fuming residents determined to stop parents parking on their residential street during the school run have set up a barricade of deck chairs.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Maréchal, who at 22 became the youngest MP in the Assemblée Nationale in 2012, before stepping down in 2017, said her aunt’s “incessant ideological and programme changes” showed a “lack of logic and vision”. On potentially backing Zemmour, she said: “I’m thinking about it. An email released by the committee showed a Foreign Office employee email another person in that department to speak about Nowzad and another animal charity. I haven’t decided. If I support Éric, [it] would not just be a question of passing by and saying hello.uk An email sent from a Foreign Office employee in Lord Zac Goldsmith's office to an official in the same department, who worked in a "Special Cases team", said another animal charity was looking to get out of Afghanistan. It would mean returning to politics. One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "For the past two days there has been a police presence at school collection time.

It’s a real life choice, a heavy decision. It went on to say that "Equivalent charity Nowzad, run by an ex-Royal Marine, has received a lot of publicity and the PM has just authorised their staff and animals to be evacuated, [animal charity – name redacted] are hoping to be treated in the same capacity".” On Friday Marine Le Pen, who has spearheaded efforts to “de-demonise” her party, now called National Rally (RN – Rassemblement National), appeared shocked by Maréchal’s decision, describing it as a personal as well as a political blow. “I have a special relationship with Marion because I raised her with my sister during the first few years of her life, so obviously it’s brutal and violent … it’s difficult for me,” she told CNEWS television. The ex-Foreign Office employee said in a statement: "There was no reason to believe the Taliban would target animal rights charities. She also expressed her “incomprehension” of the politics behind the decision. “I didn’t really expect it. "By contrast many others would inevitably be left behind who were at risk of murder. The nearby car park for Coleg Cymunedol Y Dderwen has also been withdrawn as an option.

She [Maréchal] indicated she would support the candidate that is best placed to reach the second round. Undoubtedly, I am better placed than Éric Zemmour is today. Downing Street distanced Mr Johnson from involvement in the decision to take Nowzad's animals out.” A rift within the family has been widening for more than a decade. After Marine Le Pen took control of what was then the Front National in 2011, she fell out with her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the party founder, ." A Downing Street statement said: "The Prime Minister had no role in authorising individual evacuations from Afghanistan during Op Pitting, including Nowzad staff and animals. In recent weeks she has lost two former close allies to Zemmour. People have been parking on our driveways, all the grass has been turned up, they’ve damaged cars, fences, drains have all been lifted.

In 2017 Maréchal said she was leaving politics to set up a private university teaching conservative political studies in Lyon." Mr Wallace said in a statement: "At no point were he [the British military's Chief of Joint Operations] or I directed by the Prime Minister to evacuate Pen Farthing, his workforce or his pets. Opinion polls suggest Emmanuel Macron, who has not yet declared he will stand but is expected to seek re-election, will win through to the second round to face either Le Pen or the mainstream-right Les Républicains candidate, Valérie Pécresse. Last week Le Pen described Zemmour’s anti-migration programme as “extremely brutal”." John Healey MP, Labour's shadow defence secretary, said: "Once again, the Prime Minister has been caught out lying about what he has been doing and deciding. “Does he want to be in the second round – I don’t believe so – or is he in fact a stepping stone to allow Valérie Pécresse to be in the second round in place of Marine Le Pen?” she said. Topics . "Boris Johnson is unable to make the serious decisions that are needed, at home and for our allies abroad. “My daughter came out yesterday and if it weren’t for me shouting come away from the road she probably would have been hit by a car.