LBC buys deadly 21-inch blade to expose loophole in 'pointless' zombie knife law

This is the terrifying 21-inch knife available to buy perfectly legally - thanks to a legal loophole LBC has exposed

1/11/2022 11:46:00 AM

This is the terrifying 21-inch knife available to buy perfectly legally - thanks to a legal loophole LBC has exposed

This is the terrifying 21-inch knife that LBC was able to buy legally on the internet for just £23.49 due to a bizarre loophole in the law.

Police would even have to leave it alone if they discovered it on a raid.Police officers have revealed that laws introduced last year to tackle lethal blades are “pointless” and frustration is growing that officers are unable to take these dangerous weapons off the streets.

The Offensive Weapons Act 2019 came into force in July last year, and sought to ban the possession of dangerous weapons such as zombie knives, flick knives and others, even in private.But the law has been so narrowly written that killer knives have been able to slip through the net and remain on the streets.

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I don't think the zombie knife law was ever intended to be a catch-all for all types of machete. The law was intended to ban the sale and possession of a specific type of bladed item which was being used as a status symbol by gangs at the time.

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