Lauren Smith-Fields died after a Bumble date in the US, here’s why everyone is talking about it

Why the death of Lauren Smith-Fields after a Bumble date has made headlines worldwide

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1/27/2022 7:02:00 PM

Why the death of Lauren Smith-Fields after a Bumble date has made headlines worldwide

The 23-year-old Black college student died on December 12 after being found unresponsive in her apartment.

– especially when compared to the disappearance of white travel blogger Gabby Petito.“Gabby Petito went missing and the whole world stopped breathing. Lauren Smith-Fields hasn’t even gotten a quarter of that kind of attention. Black women deserve better,” read one response.

Another said: “All week, I’ve been reading everything I could about Lauren Smith-Fields and nothing about it is sitting right with me.“I’m glad folks are leaning on Bridgeport PD and calling for answers. Her story needs to be amplified everywhere.”The

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