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Labour’s victories show importance of localism and positive vision

Labour’s victories show importance of localism and positive vision

5/8/2021 5:37:00 PM

Labour ’s victories show importance of localism and positive vision

Analysis: on a poor night for party, lesson from areas where it did well is that it cannot win on negativity alone

Last modified on Sat 8 May 2021 15.31 BSTA memewas doing the rounds on Saturday morning which offered a theory of why Labour had done so badly in the local elections.It read: “Labour: a bunch of rich people convincing poor people to vote for rich people by telling poor people that ‘other’ rich people are the reason they are poor.”

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It may be true that any attacks Labour launched on expensive Tory tastes in interior design did not seem to put voters off. Asone voter in Teesside told the FTlast week: “Boris deserves nice curtains given what he’s been through with Covid.”But look at where Labour did well – Wales, Greater Manchester, the Liverpool city region, Preston – and you can see that where the party led with conviction, promoting a positive vision for their locality, it was rewarded at the ballot box.

In Preston, where the Labour administration has pioneered a form of localismknown as the Preston Model, it retained all 10 seats it was defending. The idea is simple: the council keeps money as close to home as possible so that the amount spent locally goes up. Where other authorities privatised, Preston has grown its own businesses and created worker-owned co-operatives. headtopics.com

In the Liverpool city region, where Steve Rotheram has led a skills and digital-based agenda,he was rewarded with an only slightly reduced vote share– a minor miracle given the corruption investigation which engulfed Liverpool city council in recent months.

He can justifiably claim a strong personal vote. According to his team, his final result of 58.2% of the vote, just one percentage point down on 2017, was 12% up on Labour’s overall vote share in the local council elections across the city region on Thursday.

Labour’s strong performance in Wales also shows “the importance of being in power and doing stuff”, who lost her Don Valley seat in 2019. “Their success is a reflection on how the pandemic has been handled, focus on matters people care about and still deep ties with communities,” she added.

In Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham is set to win a huge majority andthe “sensible socialist” mayor of Salford, Paul Dennett, increased his vote share to 59%, a 10% increase on his first preference performance in 2016.In his victory speech, Dennett said he had bucked the national trend with a “message of hope and optimism”. He said he had tried to influence Salford’s growth “to ensure it benefits the residents who live here”, insourcing services back to the council and building social housing once more – “something many people told us was impossible”. headtopics.com

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He criticised Labour nationally for lacking an industrial strategy for the red wall. “Instead, we embraced the new global economy of finance and services – bleeding yet more life out of the towns where our voters traditionally came from.” Read more: The Guardian »

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Hartlepool fell victim to the Labour leader’s lack of vision | Owen JonesHaving lost a seat that Corbyn outperformed him in twice, it’s Starmer who looks like the less than competent politician now, says Guardian columnist Owen Jones Keep calling the White working class racist and facists,that is working out just great. Owen Jones is the least insightful, least informed, 'commentator' in this country. On his social media accounts he blocks anyone who even politely challenges him & dismisses anyone with a different POV as a 'bigot'. You want to know why Labour lost? Read Owen's articles & SM.

It’s not just in Britain – across Europe, social democracy is losing its way | Tarik Abou-Chadi & Jane Gingrich Labour ’s election defeat illustrates a failure by the left to communicate a clear economic vision rather than a loss of working-class votes We need more intersectionalism press that spend a decade supporting corruption wonders what happened to democracy Try telling more voters that they’re uneducated racists.

Government to change English voting system after Labour mayoral victoriesSwitch to first past the post could make it easier for Conservatives to win future mayoral contests This is corruption in action. UKLabour, you MUST start calling it out otherwise we are f%cked from bow until kingdom come. Good. Khan is only in that position because of the Muslim block vote Example of another 'idea' imported from the US.

Conservatives buoyed by Hartlepool victory vow to march on other Labour heartlandsArrival of a gurning, 30ft-tall inflatable Boris Johnson marks the fall of a once impregnable Red Wall stronghold Anybody else watching the Scottish and Welsh elections today? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Colombia: The police and army are murdering civilians. SOSColombiaNosEstanMatando ParoNacional Cali SOSColombiaDDHH DictaduraEnColombia ColombiaSOS ColombiaEnAlertaRoja duquestopthekilling Cali EsmadAsesino Not new or strange to me, UK since 2010 became a right - far right country so what did people expect? Weak and divided opposition. Under Jeremy Corbin, Labour was even better than what is is now. Congratulations to the Tories but thank god UK left the EU.