Labour’s main union backer says it will cut political funding

Labour’s main union backer says it will cut political funding

Unite, Trade Unions

12/2/2021 11:09:00 PM

Labour ’s main union backer says it will cut political funding

Exclusive: Sharon Graham, Unite ’s boss, believes union’s money would be better spent on ‘leftwing causes’

Last modified on Thu 2 Dec 2021 20.04 GMTLabour’s biggest funder, Unite, will cut political donations to the party and divert the money to other leftwing causes, the union’s new general secretary, Sharon Graham, has warned.In a move that could blow a hole in Keir Starmer’s general election war chest, Graham said that while Unite would still pay £1m in affiliation fees to Labour, “there’s a lot of other money that we use from our political fund where, actually, I’m not sure we’re getting the best value for it”.

Graham, speaking to the Guardian to mark her first 100 days as leader of Britain’s biggest private sector union, said: “The fact that I am being quite robust is because Labour needs to talk about workers, needs to defend workers and needs to defend communities.”

She described this week’sLabour reshuffle, regarded by many at Westminster as a shift to the right, as “white noise” and lamented the lack of a shadow secretary of state for employment rights and protections, saying it was “not a good signal” for the party to send.

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McCluskey was a vehement supporter of Jeremy Corbyn and had already reduced Unite’s financial commitment to Labour since Starmer took over as leader in spring 2020 but Graham made clear she wantsUniteto focus less on courting Labour.Graham said she would instead put money into campaigns that would “set the pace” for Labour to follow. She pointed to the Scottish government’s proposal for a

, reforming social care, as an example of a cause Unite would campaign for in the hope of influencing UK-wide policy.“If we can get in a national care service inScotland, if we can drive that through, then let’s put the resource in Scotland, let’s get some campaigning going on there properly,” she said.

Graham said Unite would want to make sure it was a “national care service that was national, and about care, and not run for private business”. She viewed devolution as an opportunity for the union. “Westminster isn’t the font of everything, you know, and actually, there’s other ways to try and get things in by pacesetting [policies].”

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You reap what you sow Keir_Starmer I'm sure the Labour rightwing faction running the party will find a way to take this on the Chinn. Mr Starmer picks up piggy bank. Shakes it. Looks sad. ❤️ A political party with serious money troubles has just lost a huge amount of their financial backing. I assume The Guardian will be covering this aspect of the story, right?

Cheers This is obviously bad for Labour but look at the Starmer fans celebrating it 😂 All labour had to do was be left wing Fucked it

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Good. Let's bring this hideous, vindictive fool Starmer to his knees. If LabourParty think the last decade of losses were bad, you just wait until the May elections: Starmer is really going to learn about loss. This is very good news. Ppl DontVoteLabour either. Time to make the 3 main Parties extinct, get rid of corruption & start afresh with Parties that will work on behalf of all of us. StarmerOut

excellent news Forensically shedding members and union funding Yeah, perhaps they can spend my subs on backing Trident or something else similarly left wing. Then it won't be complaining when their 'demands' from Labour are ignored ! an advantage of Unite putting this line out every five minutes is that it seems Labour's polling goes up as a result. I just feel sorry for the staff who will lose their jobs now

defund the labour hard right FoREmSic

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