Labour renationalisation plans would cost 'eye-watering' £196bn, says CBI

Labour renationalisation plans would cost 'eye-watering' £196bn, says CBI


Labour renationalisation plans would cost 'eye-watering' £196bn, says CBI

The CBI also estimates there could be a 10.7% increase in debt as a result of the plans.

Labour's plans to renationalise water and energy utilities, train companies and the Royal Mail would cost at least £196bn, according to the Confederation of British Industry.

As would the National Grid, the electricity transmission networks, the gas distribution networks in England, Scotland and Wales, the rail rolling stock, and the Royal Mail.

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These idiots can't even balance their own books why the hell would anyone vote for the labour party to run the uk That would run our country dry, and why in any world would any sane person agree to such a 'stupid' thing. Corbyn should get his head out of his ass and back to reality. Coming from tax evader money

We couldn't while we are in the eu.... 🤔 Whoopee sounds like a plan Abbot got the maths wrong again !!

Jess Phillips mulling run for Labour leadership if Corbyn loses next electionThe outspoken MP thinks Corbyn is unlikely to win the next election outright. “Coming for you Jez, ready or not” A joke On behalf of the Tory party, I thank you and wish you the best of luck

Labour party pledges to ban sale of non-electric cars by 2030Outlawing the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles will help tackle the climate emergency, says shadow business secretary Go away Labor... As things stand and given the timescale that could require a massive subsidy on electric vehicles. I'm not against more electric cars and see them as the future but how do you make them affordable for the average punter? That's ok. After Brexit, everything will run on wood and coal, anyway

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to say he'll stand-down if Labour lose electionEarlier this weekend Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell told GQ Magazine he ‘can’t see’ how the opposition leader will stay on if the party is not voted in this time.

Jon Trickett comes out in support of a 'Labour Brexit'Shadow cabinet member argues party’s leave voters have to be provided with a ‘credible’ option in second referendum How will any Brexit be an improvement on our current arrangement as a member of the EU? So a 'Labour Brexit' must be when you've overspent and bankrupted the Country, when the Unions have more control than employers (aka 'wealth creators'), when inflation has rocketed and the welfare state is out of control? I'd prefer to give it a miss if it's all the same to you. no form of Brexit is 'credible', any Brexit will make us poorer, hitting the most vulnerable hardest. RejectBrexit RevokeA50

Labour remainers warn leave MPs: don’t help Johnson win his Brexit dealCrucial group hold key to success of PM’s plans – and could wreck Corbyn party’s election chances Loving this X Factor celebrity over 45’s group They look great in their finest interview clobber! They should have no trouble gaining useful employment after their constituents get rid of them. id be more worried about labour leave voters if I were them 🤔

Migrant labour has saved Britain from a post-referendum recessionIn the fog of Brexit uncertainty, UK GDP growth has been undermined by lack of business investment Spin for remainers. Kept the wages lower than the cost of living here through competition, reduced British people’s negotiating power in employment terms because they accept longer hours, harder labour for less money, no contract & why? - still an improvement on what they could get ‘at home’ is why Great spin but not really true is it.

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