Labour leadership hopeful says she would vote to abolish the monarchy

Labour leadership hopeful says she would vote to abolish the monarchy


Labour leadership hopeful says she would vote to abolish the monarchy

'I'm a democrat, so I would vote to scrap it. But this is not the priority of the country,' Lisa Nandy said during a live debate.

Why you can trust Sky News Lisa Nandy has said she would vote to abolish the monarchy in any future referendum on the Royal Family. The Labour leadership candidate's stance was at odds with the two other candidates who remain in the running to succeed Jeremy Corbyn: Sir Keir Starmer and Rebecca Long-Bailey. However, during a live Channel 4 debate, all three politicians said the issue was not a priority. Image: Labour's Lisa Nandy said: 'I'm a democrat, so I would vote to scrap it' Asked if he would vote to scrap the monarchy in a Channel 4 News TV debate, shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said:"No, I wouldn't. I think I'd downsize it." Rebecca Long-Bailey, the shadow business secretary, replied:"I think we have got more important things to worry about. I wouldn't vote to abolish the monarchy." Advertisement But Ms Nandy responded during the quickfire questions round:"I'm a democrat, so I would vote to scrap it. But this is not the priority of the country." Later on she said"I'd quite like to see Queen Meghan", after the outgoing Duchess of Sussex and partner Prince Harry Read more: Sky News

If this is true she has just lost my vote! Shame she was best of a bad bunch. Crikey Stick with the Monarchy otherwise someone from the Labour Party will no doubt suggest Jeremy Corbyn to be President as they can’t seem to cope without him They are she just following through on Brexit.. May we have a referendum on abolishing the Labour Party?...oh sorry we did the last General Election .

We dont need a monarchy , they live the rich life off the back of us working class people , get rid of them all Another fecking vote loser from a Labour candidate, no matter what you feel certain things need to be kept quiet and not alienate, were after trying to win voters back throughout the country not push them away, when will labour learn to play the game as the Tories always do

Serious question: Labour work for the Conservatives? buckiller007 How dare anyone advocate such a thing? Isn’t that treason? There was a civil war about this. I'd rather vote for an absolute monarchy than the Labour Party at the minute.

Labour leadership contest: Starmer, Nandy and Long-Bailey in TV debate – videoThe three remaining contenders for the Labour party leadership took part in a live televised debate, with candidates tackling various issues including anti-semitism, transgender rights and how to win back voters. Is this the best labour have? 😂 And not a single one has even tried to engage with Scotland. Because they know Labour is dead up here. Which is incredible when you think about the fact that Scotland used to be a Labour stronghold. They don't give a toss about us and neither do the Tories. 🥱

Why has this any relavence the Royals are like any other family up and down the country who experience highs and lows. The suggestion to abolish the Royals is ridiculous. Why? The monarchy generates a fortune for this economy. No one does history, pomp and circumstance like we do and the world travels here to experience it

Once more LAB potential leaders trying desperately to differentiate themselves with nonsensical ideas. They are dreadful. It should have been abolished like.. a hundred years ago!! I don't get why they waste money supporting this family for nothing. All monarchs ever did was cause war & destruction. Putting them on a pedestal is abhorrent.

She’s toast. Have that lot learned nothing? Are they such slow learners? Please tell her to fk right off She might not need to, Johnson's Tories seem to be managing well on that subject themselves She’s oh so “ nice” but oh so “dangerous” . I was one who favoured her prior to these hustings. I thought lisanandy was the only credible candidate not now


Labour Party leadership row: Labour peer issues warning over handing Tories major victoryLABOUR Party peer Lord Charlie Falconer warned voting for Rebecca Long-Bailey in the Labour leadership race could result in a major victory for the Conservative Party. Labour have been in the wilderness for 20 yrs,Corbyn hasn't caused the rot,so why blame him. The Conservatives don’t represent the 100% of people who vote for them , but it’s up to Labour to offer an alternative and at the moment they don’t . Socialism isn’t the answer .

Yeah and wants Scots independence supports treated like Catalonia types. She seems all up for kicking the shit out of anyone that want self-determination. She didn't say that. She said she was a democrat who didn't think that getting rid of the royal family would be a priority for her. Lucky if Lisa Nandy could get a job at Nando’s let alone refloat a sinking ship. Has she any idea how much the Royal family and palaces in particular add to our economy obviously not clearly not too smart so probably a good fit for Labour

Surely this is a good idea. Give the UK something to latch onto since Brexit and Megxit now resolved Send her to the tower.... only joking. Downsize exactly what Charles is doing, abolish never... If we can get rid of EU Membership, public schools, nurse bursaries, Sure Start Centres, Citizens Advice Bureaus, free school meals, Walk-in centres, mental health services, police, police centres, immigrants, and welfare, then why not the Monarchy?

Labour will not get back in, so why worry what that silly cow would vote for... this country needs the monarchy, its the only bit of culture we have left... God save our gracious Queen! Long live our noble Queen! God save the Queen! Greatest Monarchy in the World 👑🇬🇧 Silly cow she sounds as bad as Corbyn, long live Our Queen and the Monarchy.

Perhaps a visit to the tower 😀

Labour MP who chairs Kashmir committee 'treated like criminal and deported' upon arrival at India airportDebbie Abrahams has been a vocal critic of Modi administration's human rights record in Muslim-majority Kashmir This is shocking. Hope you’re ok Debbie. India. Misogyny. When you read it first you felt this was very wrong. But hey why should a few little mis truths get in the way of a story. She had been informed before she left that the documents were wrong but she travelled anyway. So was she thick or devious. I suggest the latter

Bye LisaNandy 👋 in saying that” I said the same when she confirmed her initial challenge. Bye nandy good. This is probably the one thing I agree with Nandy on That is exactly why she won't be elected leader. There are still huge swathes of Labour voters love the monarchy 👍 And labour will never get in power

Abolish lisa nandy. England UK Good luck with that. HRH has seen a lot better than her come and go. Godsavethequeen Can we just abolish labour? Lisa. Just shot yourself in the foot. God save our queen

Jonny Gould feared Jewish friends could leave Britain over Labour anti-SemitismRADIO PRESENTER Jonny Gould of his relief, as a British Jew, that Labour was defeated in December's General Election adding some of his friends were considering leaving Britain over anti-Semitism fears had Corbyn won. who da fuck is jonny gould?

You guys report this crap Good save the Queen lisanandy Just when you think the UKLabour can't be out of touch more with the ordinary people of the country up Pops another example of their stupidity. Lisa can jog on! So? So would a lot of people lisanandy also said I believe, she would welcome Queen Megan? So she only wants to abolish the white monarchy? If she thinks this would be widely supported in the North she’s delusional. The Brexit vote is largely patriotic, 5 million labour supporters voted leave.

Trans shite yesterday, now this, she's got no idea the affection the working class have for the monarchy, gone right down in my estimation. fuckedup Think she might get a few votes in Britain. Good luck with that

'Out of touch and divided' - next Labour leader faces chasm between public and party faithful*THREAD* As the Labour leadership election enters its final phase, the divide between the party and the general public is laid bare. The next leader will have to align the party more closely to the pulse of the nation | DominicGilbert Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner appear to have the backing of the party faithful After 630 constituency Labour parties nominated candidates, Starmer had the backing of 371, and 355 for Rayner. DominicGilbert The good news for Love's Labour Lost is who wants to get laid..fully clothed; as long as Labour realizes that Corbyn-19 is..radioactive - As the Labour leadership election enters its final phase, the divide between party & the general public is laid bare

Great idea but to be fair the royals are doing grand job of screwing things up 🤣🤣🤣 So bad from her after an excellent start. Adios_yuckTeeth Actually I can see why Especially after the way Harry and Meghan have been treated by the royal family. I have always felt that the Queen was responsible for Princess Diana's death because of who she was dating at the time. Princess Diana will always be the peoples princess

CORONAVIRUS TRACED TO THE BRITISH CROWN The Pirbright Institute (UK) has been awarded 11 U.S. Patents, including Coronavirus U.S. Pat. No. 10,130,701 The Pirbright Institute is controlled by the Queen's Golden Share along with SERCO and QinetiQ. Treason They all slowly disqualifing themselves from getting my vote

Be nice to not have to see them anymore Left wing extremism Who .

Keir Starmer has what it takes to be Labour leader, but some are unconvinced | Polly ToynbeeAfter a day on the frontrunner’s phonebank talking to members, it is clear how much is at stake in this contest, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee Just decide already. This takes too long. We all know what we think of them by now. I will never vote Labour if the undemocratic Keir Starmer or any of the frontrunners become leader. He has what it takes to take Labour into obscurity.

Lisa who? And they wonder why they got trounced........ Ant the monarchy abolish Lisa Nandy? There will never be one, ever, no point talking about it. Doubtless an issue which came up time and time again on the doorsteps at the last GE. Good, we don’t need them! Why would this Lisa Nandy come out with such a statement now seeing that such a referendum is not at all in the horizon? And would she vote as such there are thousands that would vote in favor of the monarchy.

I signed to serve my country and my Queen.... Short of this country getting a king my oath of aliegence will still stand...... Labour party are pathetic and need wiping out... Does she not realise that a lot of the Labour heartlands are very patriotic and royalists. Yet for some bizarre reason they think this is a vote winner... muppets

Oh dear Lisa Nandy, take a look at this: Treason: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government. Guilty as charged, call the cops or you could make a run for it....

The Labour LabourLeadershipElection should just simply be renamed to the TheBiggestLoser 🤣🤣 Well, that's the end of Nandy's Career Have her beheaded at once. Ya acaben con esa webada Lets hope she doesn’t win. lisanandy Labour Look at her, the lift doesn’t go all the way to the top, does it? Really had high hopes for lisanandy yesterday and today have put and end to that labour so out of touch

Abolish Lisa Nandy! I used to think she was the best option, not anymore! lisanandy Labour are fucked. Who does lisa Mandy think she’s appealing too? A bunch of left wing republican trannys. That’ll get her 50 votes. Way to go!

And I would vote to abolish the Looney, Leftist Labour Party! She would no doubt prefer a One-party state like China but headed by Comrade Nandy. UKLabour don't have a particularly good track record on referendums. They always seem to support the Few rather than the Many. Totally out of touch with reality & the people. JuliaHB1

Labour have learned absolutely nothing...they lost for many reasons, one being lack of patriotism & nothing is more patriotic than the Queen. She is a buffoon Nandy showing her true colours Just like Corbyn Labour not going to change I’ll never vote UKLabour again then RosesAirsGraces Jeez labour are just *ucked

Another great policy with which the Labour Party will win the next GE. Off with her head! Cheerio Lisa Labour really don't want to be elected do they? There's this, babies born sexless, wanting to give trans women access to protected women's spaces. Get woke go broke.

can we abolish lisa nandy instead? Has Nandy learned NOTHING about referendums? The Labour Party just keep giving. Tory for the foreseeable future Abolish the monarchy!!! This Labour lo start at full on mental then run with it from there Another labour wannabe leader too far removed from reality. Do they just think of the worst things they can when they want to become leader of the 3rd political party in the uk?

tackling the important matters again i see The gift that keeps on giving Not sure that would be that beneficial really. They bring a lot of revenue through tourism and provide very interesting “ human interest stories “ which is likely to continue 😉 Having watched the debate last night on C4 ,the only applicable thing to say is “rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic!”

She's a liar & right wing. Her grandfather is part of the establishment. Lord Byers. Anyway we socialist have no problem with the monarchy, but they should now pay their own way. *THE wealthiest family on the planet.

OJ WINDSOR CHARLES THE HOAX CLIMATE PEDDLER WINS THIS MONTHS SAVILLE CUP FOR ALL HIS HARD WORK FOR PAEDOPHILES Wouldn't worry too much about this non-news she's entitled to her view but it's not a vote that's going to happen & she's not going to be leader of the Labour party. The support to keep the Monarchy is about 70%, so why does LisaNandy and the Labour Party even bother to waste everyone's time with a divisive referendum. They really are a party unfit for government and deserve to lose the next general election.

Lisa Nandy generally presents well & is articulate, but this was a telling comment. “Im a democrat so Id scrap it”. The Queen has zero political powers & doesnt threaten any democracy. Nandy clearly meant to say , “Im a republican...” Faux pas or intentional mis-direction? And there goes any chance you had 🙈of being the new leader

Never before has the Labour Party been so out of touch with the great British public on so many subjects as they are right now. Scary kop out... had she said she would call a referendum on it, it may have had more kudos. They do need abolished. Abolish Monarchy. Lisa Nandy's grand strategy to win back the Labour heartlands. That will play well in the patriotic North who voted to protect their identity and patriotism from Corbyn's Islington metropolitan elite mafia LabourLeadership


Not what she said. She said the monarchy was not a priority, though as a democrat she was against. Bye Lisa 👋 100% behind this. Ohhh let’s think here, how much money does the Royal family bring into the country? A lot more than it costs to have them! Think you would need every penny to pay for all the freebies you keep offering. Vote to abolish Labour. Save a lot more money not paying thier expenses.

Labour Party are finished ! The election results have them completely decimated and at a guess I’d say unelectable for a decade 😎 I dont see labour winning anything for years now. Far too marxist and far too left to win anything from the British public. People need to realise that socialism doesnt work, and most of the time, it dangerously doesnt work.

Wow and she wants leadership, treacherous cow, Oh look, another vote winner 😂😂😂 You can tell how desperate Nandy is to attract votes that she’s now trying to appeal to the far flung fringes. She her sunk then !

That's her gone then. Not sure you can 'abolish' a family...but you can refuse to fund it it and let them stand on their own feet? Anyone know if any cost benefit has been done on the cost to the exchequer and the revenue generated by royalty related activity / tourism etc? Get this message to Philip lol

The royal family is blessed forever....God bless the queen🙏🙏🙏 I’m no fan of the Royal Family but Ms Nandy is totally delusional if she thinks this decision will gain votes. Cool 😎 What an excellent way to ensure conservative rule! Ms Nandy I took oath of Allegiance in 1971 and this will stay with me until the day I depart Mother Earth, I will defend that oath regardless of what you say, just a warning ⚠️

She is absolutely deluded to think that, following the celebrations of Brexit & the scenes of (questionable) jubilation of 'Getting our country back', those same lost voters who wanted Brexit would then suddenly want to remove one of the main things that makes them feel British.. Any monarch that's content to invite Saudi royals for tea and arms deals while her soldiers commit suicide on the streets outside her Palace - is a psychopath.

Of course they would. You can't have a dictatorship if you're a democracy Boris openly lies to the Queen, Andrew's a nonce, and Harry's walked away from the whole shit-show. The royals are just a tacky tourist attraction. That’s a bold statement Lisa? Don’t know why you would get involved in this sort of rubbish, you know the big issues facing the Labour Party and I wouldn’t have thought this was one of them.

Bad call.😠 That’s her chances gone then...see ya Referendum? What if it finished 52/48%, rendering it as unfinished business for ever more? Even if you don't like the monarchy,coming out with nonsense like this when you're effectively trying to win votes is plain STUPID!!,I was behind her up to that point,get a grip nandy.

And if that's the case, I will NEVER return to labour, as would I'm sure many people. Lisa who? Ask country like UK Nation and actions speaking louder than words

lisanandy doesn't deserve to leader of the opposition. The monarchy does so much for our country&overseas territories Problem with the monarchy is not the Monarch but the clown and freak show called 'nobility' that comes with it - all those people with inherited entitlements and privileges is so not 1500s and not 2020s.

I wish people would take a step back and look at what they are asking for ... “lets leave the EU... we want to abolish the Monarchy... we want our Britain back ...” What exactly is this vision of Britain without the head of state ...out on a limb on its own ... 🤷🏼‍♂️ This is the same woman who thinks that a child rapist who now identifies as a woman should be in a women’s prison and have the crime classified as committed by a woman. What an absolute 🤡

Bye How to lose many thousands of potential votes before you actually begin your campaign. Arise Lisa 🙂👍 congratulations to the new program i am so happy and Excited about Incerdible moment this is a new step we going true right hands ahead Can we have a referendum on whether to abolish Labour? As a democrat ... I would be more impressed if it were the Lords she would reform. The Royals are mostly a massive tourist attraction rather than a political issue. See how BoJo pushed everything through despite her

That’s ironic, in the last election the people voted to abolish the Labour Party

Who does she think she is? Oliver Cromwell? I would vote to abolish this pathetic excuse for a Labour Party ‘opposition’ lol I vote to abolish the labour party Oh it's up to her, who ever she is, never heard of the bimbo. The Labour women leadership hopefuls are currently saying men who choose to identify as women can be sent to a female only prison, as well as saying babies are born without a sex. This is exactly what they need to do to win back those lost working class votes. GetWokeGoBroke

Something I could actually get behind. king William will be great. Got my vote. She’s toast then. Just when she had started to look a little bit sensible she comes out with that trans bollocoks yesterday and now this. The Labour Party is screwed

She was leading then she had to go say this 🤣🤣 lisanandy also said 'If I don't get the result I want, I will make you vote again, until I do'... Bout time Well she won't get very far . Labour are dead. Monarchy should die when Queen does Labour are effectively finished. Nobody of sane mind would consider voting for them. Such a shame, the likes of harold wilson would be deverstated to see what its become.

She can say what she likes, she won’t ever win power Who? 🥴 We've already had that episode of The Crown

That’s another reason she won’t get in and more importantly they fucked up the last election A never civil war on the way then Male rapists assigned to womens prisons because they identify as female.....abolish the Monarchy.....cant wait to see what is next out of Labours compendium of vote winning ideas.

Only if Labour wins Why? Out of spite or jealousy? This is how it is and this is how it's going to be like so deal with it and grow up they get worse Nothing like a bold sensational headline which basically means nothing whilst trying to win a contest. Surely the best thing would be to focus on fixing labour

Can the Labour party finally admit, they are the party of the middle class, as they haven't got a clue what the working class wants? She deserves to lose alistairpge Well she’s an out of touch mupoet

It’s what would fill the vacuum that worries me.... Celebrity? President? Dictator? Self ID Queen? Gets my vote YES!!!!!! Parasites, one and all. Why should some be born into privilege like the Royals and the rest work and pay and struggle to keep them there... Breaking news... Torys secure. 5 more years 🤓

Disgraceful Yeah because it worked brilliantly before with Cromwell. Only read first paragraph and I was done. Its not a priority at the moment as there are other subjects of more importance she says.....such as transgender rights and putting a male rapist who now says he is a woman into a womens prison. Labour is finished

If Labour wants to abolish the monarchy, then I ain’t voting for them iromg I think Nandy has just become a no-hoper! Then I’d vote to abolish Labour

And she started off so well only to crash and burn when she opens her mouth without thinking it through. Labour what a load of nonsense Let’ have a democratic vote on scraping the Labour Party 👏👏👏👏WHY because they always talk horse 💩 👏👏👏 Oooo dear , another own goal from labour . There was a time , during the early Blair years and way back when they were a credible opposition. Alas those days are long gone . They’ve now become a party of extremists fronted by the London champagne socialist elite and ...

Labour is never going to win then. How about we just abolish the Labour Party instead. Another ‘money spinner’ from a vile Labour Party that wants to annihilate British culture and traditions, backed by ultra Wokie BBC, with Sky not far behind! What a stupid comment The indepebdance of the monarchy is more relevant than the Labour Party and that would lose the referendum

I'd vote for that. The monarchy are useless privileged oddballs

Mandy please defect Can the queen abolish the labour party? Excellent, a plus point for her then. And then Labour wonders why it is unelectable. Just try it Labour, and you will have a civil war on your hands. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 Bloody disgraceful that’s our history we have always had a Royal family 😡😡😡 Yet more misrepresentation from Murdoch's empire! Just be honest for once.

Probably the same one who hates Jews And replace the Monarchy with what a President like Stalin, Putin, Kim Jong-un & Trump? Genius

Humbug! Decimated I thought she was the best of the bunch so disappointed with this. Disgusted with Lisa Nandy. Another reason that I would never vote Labour! Typical Labour. Always on the wrong side of public opinion. 🙄 Im not a labour voter but could be turned if they actually did abolish the monarchy. Out dated antiquated snd totally out of touch with reality the duchies need to be removed from them as well

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, SCREW LABOUR. Is this her priority? So disappointed in the Labour Party. Just when you thought that they couldn’t come up with anymore stupid policies just shows that the party has become unelectable to govern the country with the stupidity they come out with. Rules Nandy out then. You only have to look at her communist family members. Watch out.

After the queen I think they should stop this nonsense seem so old fashion in these times Why don't Labour people know what to say to at least win an election once? That’s easy The Queen would never ask her to be PM......god save the Queen Votewinner She has no say! She’s blowing hot air! And there is one reason why Labour will continue to be where they are: nowhere.

Labour not doing themselves any favours again Good idea Good idea if they can.. Can you imagine still having a monarch?

The Queen is a money maker to the economy why get rid of her and the Royal Family? The woman who says this, is really not a leadership candidate. If she becomes Labour leader, then Labour is doomed for another 10 years into political wilderness. And the King of liars and his team will have their ways.

So millions of pounds are pumped into the economy through tourism yet you want to abolish the monarchy. Ha... good luck on your plan B georgegalloway That'll be the Queen who's helping her sex slave abusing son get away with child molestation? Yeah, reckon we should abolish 'em. How very bizarre - haven’t they learned this is not the way to get voted in. Our monarchy is extremely good for our country & most people love them. Just another bonus for the conservatives🇬🇧

The best part for me was only 1 in 3 of them could name their favourite Labour leader over the past 50 years. Goes to show just how divided they are as a Party. British Monarchy is part of our cultural and historical heritage that we can trace back to 800’s . What would be achieved from destroying this ? Or is that what labour seek to destroy British identity?

Not on my watch The consequences of doing so may not be the desired effect on the economy or indeed patriosm. ...being leadership ‘hopeful’ can be a considerable wait!

Well, well, that’s lost her a majority of the voting public’s support! Labour are truly idiotic I would only reduce it myself. To many royal spongers Lol...yea right🤣🤣🤣 Does that mean we pay less tax? 😂😂 I love that you've used a picture of the Queen with a face that says to Lisa Nandy: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 There’s no way I’d vote for then.

That's so not going to go down well,labour leadership hopefull will flop with that statement,better off saying something like that when you're actually in power,these constant labour screw up statements still not learning any lessons. I would never vote Labour.. Nothing that any of them say, do agree with, and just when you think they couldn't get any worse.. they do

Agree, they do absolutely nothing other then rob the country and protect child molesters and traffickers

I agree with lisa on this 👏 Get rid of royals we don’t need em all homelessness food banks why don’t they do something for them Unbelievable labour would consider this Labour still out of touch with the majority of Labour voters, seems they've learnt nothing from the last election. Not one of the leader hopefuls are worthy of being a leader.

Leave the monarchy alone... One reason why the Labour party will stay in opposition. They seem not to get their priorities right. They should understand what the electorate wants. They don't. The working class are the most patriotic people in the country. Nice one Nandy Pandy! Lisa Nandy are you a complete Muppet she's done more for this Country then you have with Labour (My Party) she also has served in the War have you ever served for your Country and have run this country in the way she has for decades you need to step down you really need to go

Wont be voting labour then Spot on. Apart from embarrassment and controversy, what does the monarchy bring? They’re paid vast amounts of taxpayers money while food banks continue to blossom. That’s not a country I’m happy to live in.

Lol and cost the country how many billions in the process ? Not a smart one Another attempt from sky to persuade the public against Labour. Look at sky’s owners & their real motives. Don’t be fooled! Out of touch death wish party... Quickest way to lose the public vote? It could happen as Brits feel betrayed by their Queen. I am sorry but people whose ancestors fought for the Monarchy since there was an Monarchy feel abandoned by you. Please talk to David on Diamond Princess and help them. We are your subjects and love you. I forgive you.

She wants to leave asap. But cannot Monarchie is out! nobody wants to pay for this circus That's the sort of thing you would say if you don't want to become PM. So does Emperor Johnson, but I don't see you reporting on it After that,why not demolish The Tower,Wesminster Cathedral,Parliament and Buckingham Palace?


Ahahahahahahahaha And that's my vote lost georgegalloway Another vote winner lisanandy if the first you don't quite succeed with male rapists in women's prison try promoting getting rid of the queen. Country flooding; homelessness;economy down the Sewanee because of Brexit. Lisa has her priorities for sure.

georgegalloway Its OK she also said this week she would allow male rapist to go to womens prisons & have their previous crimes recorded as female …. She`s as mad as the rest of em…. georgegalloway If there was a hypothetical referendum on whether to abolish the monarchy, she said, as a democrat, she'd vote to abolish. She did not say she would campaign for abolition. Not the most politic thing to say but at least she was honest. I still won't be voting for her though.

The UK would totally be on board with that. Who comes up with this BS? Brilliant, good to see this making its way into politics. Don’t go to Paris!!!!!

Wed vote to abolish labour, get rid of them all,start again. georgegalloway the first time ive ever agreed with a labour mp ! Love the millionaire marxist. The gift that keeps on giving Your royal loving tweeters can take the two back that Justin immigrated to Canada.Actually can you take our cute PM as well waste of space and skin just like your Windsors and co.

There's far more important issues on the table Over the years the monarchy has saved us in bad time economic diplomatic, just getting Drunk with the russian president stopped a lot of trouble as long as the Queen is alive I’m a cavalier xxxx Berk ! Well half at most are labour and half the country are let’s work out the numbers to win an election. I’m good with more than 25percent. Wow. Yes im generalising but you get the idea. Plus the queen would have James Bond sort her out if she got in.

Well she’s lost my vote xxxx So there is another reason to vote for Boris in 2024

She's out next Is a bot at the helm of the Labour Party or is that how I'm getting all my news about their antics?. I guess she'd replace it with ISIS to keep the minority voter happy. She started off reasonably well but has descended to the pits of hell with her 'progressive' diatribes. Although, a great idea, hardly one that's going to win you many votes during these pressing and crucial times. It really amazes me how disparate and disconnected Labour, as a party, is from reality. I thought Blair was crazy, New Labour suddenly makes the man look sane.

Used to be a party people could vote for , now they are just activists, hence the demolition in december . Malawi 🇲🇼 in total support nobody owns somebody and no talk of the world You people are crazy and clearly have no idea about z rest of the world and what the UK is. Whatever it is its because of the monarchy if you don’t understand the value of the monarchy then don’t give any opinions about it. Do your homework and research then have a say

What a shame to lose the monarchy. It's a national treasure and the Queen is a beautiful soul.

No way Nandy dealt with Andrew Neil amazingly well in that interview. In my opinion. Depressingly she nor, it would seem, any other Labour politician has an idea about Scotland. So out of touch it's astonishing. Clearly not understanding the economic and social importance of a non-political Head of State. The candidate still has much to learn about the real world. David

That's why I like her. Mousehole1 Another winning ticket from Fine and Dandy! Hope they Abolish VAR as well ! Gone down in my estimations has lisa nandy. Pretty sure abolition of the monarchy would not help regain northern seats. It an out dated institution that we can live without Another 🤡 aiming to be labour leader then The 👑 is still relevant and important to the British people

But she’d refuse a second Scottish Independence referendum and treat any request for the same like Spain did Catalonia NNNNOOooooooooooooooooo! Fuckwit Here here about time an end to class division throw in house of lords. Poor growing while monarchy falls apart in decadence instead of offering direction wage increases the fat get fatter

Good. Long overdue. Good Queen’s the only member of RF every piece of SkyNews: some random person says random shit. I am journalism. imagine wanting to get rid of the queen, who is the biggest icon in history

Their power is borderline ceremonial these days. It’s like they’re not even trying to sway voters from the tories is it Would the tourists still come?

Stacey Solomon 'can't remember' the last time she washed her privates as she treats herself to a 'thrush bath'

Hate speech towards Chinese people has increase 900% on Twitter

Hate speech towards Chinese people has increase 900% on Twitter

Coronavirus: UK coronavirus deaths rise by 259 - at least 13 were healthy adults

The Body Coach Joe Wicks donates all profits from live PE lessons to NHS

Coronavirus: UK will do well to keep deaths below 20,000 - NHS official - BBC News

How will the UK function with a sick prime minister?

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