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King of Thailand self-isolates with 20 concubines at German hotel

King of Thailand self-isolates with 20 concubines at luxury German hotel

3/29/2020 12:45:00 PM

King of Thailand self-isolates with 20 concubines at luxury German hotel

King Maha Vajiralongkorn has booked out an entire Bavarian resort to self-isolate with a harem of up to 20 concubines. It's not known if Rama X's wife is present at the hotel.

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Even if a day for a woman to 20 days! 'It's good to be the King' Bill Clinton is punching walls. He's holed up with Hillary 😆😆😆😅🤣😂 Damn , now That's how I want too qaurintine, but 3or4 would do me , Elle, and you choose the other lovely ladies 👍 I think that hotel is a level in Hitman's reboot. Self-isolatory orgy.

Bastard What do you have up your sleeve DanBilzerian? Fake News ! How can some people be this Lucky Finally a genuine concubine court take on social distancing. It’s good to be the king? This is the 67 year old king of Thailand wearing a half shirt. BTW, if you post this pix in Thailand- they were arrest you.

Please make me your concubine. Where do I apply? I'll bet he does! rosekamau_ 😂😂king of Thailand rosekamau_ Haha its self isolation. he has 118 concubines. he took only a tenth 😅😅😅😅 Stockpiling! I never knew Thailand have a king 😂 The only man with a plan for this lockdown. leadership goals 😁😂🤣 Nice life problems huh

Big balling high roller !! It is Orgy party not self isolation Hahahaha Just another sinner. King of Thailand exploring 20 thighlands 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I hope he checked to make sure all his laptops had USB slots and no dongles, if you know what I mean. Whaatttt? 20 Hard life... Where's Prince Andrew? He's winning lockdown

king Rufus Mavhure of Thighland Yet he’s not in Thailand to lead and comfort his own people. King of Thailand would have to isolate in ‘Hotel Bangkok’ ! Hii ndio Self contain ulikua unanishow iko pale Racecourse Shemjoseph72 ValentineShow What’s that old saying? “It’s good to be King!” This is really getting serious

osoroKE Watu walizaliwa sisi tuliokotwa This has been a particularly bad king for Thailand and there are signs that this monarchy has limited time left. Weird flex but ok. Ha! What fun he's going to have! The best way to face Chinesevirus. shabbirghewalla well at least ,,,,,it is less boring than with one wife

💀😹😹😹 Lmao. Such self isolation That is not self isolation, that's living sticky.... Code: sex slaves. -tho at least I hope they’re pampered too. Masque of the red death but with sex This must make Trump drool... Now that’s what I call self isolation.😷 KingOfThailand concubines German luxury hotel selfisolation COVID19 coronavirus

He's gonna be busy for the next few weeks. 🐇🐇🐇 Poor girls probably forced ...dirty old git Uhhh... I'm self isolating with my wife, daughter, step daughter, and three girl dogs.... Good luck with that! Naughty King just looking for chance to have fun. Wow it’s tough at the top 😳 FORGIVE ME FOR MY IGNORANCE IN ASKING THIS, BUT ARE KING AND HIS 20 WOMEN HAREM ISOLATING THEMSELVES IN ONE ROOM?

That has got to be a joke! RealOlaudah DON BABA KING. RealOlaudah Goals Soooo funny RealOlaudah thetunjiadeleke A real chad Idiot Perhaps your reporter meant 20 ventilators? We can never rely on the truth from the you at the best of times. What a noble figurehead for a country that’s in peril right now. How will they live without him🙄

Based. KevinLa32176991 Nice headline. King of Thailand self isolates in German hotel. Street view. King quickly fucks off to a safe country leaving the people to their fate. real news? He has style! Baddest 😎😎😎 God help him!!! 😂😂😂 Poori duniya se log Thailand jaate hain yehi karne aur yeh hai ki Thailand chodd ke Germany aa gaye. Isse kehte ghar ki murgi dal barabar

Gone get his kok banged so nice ! Why to rise AIDS in an attempt to reduce Covid 19 ? Keeping in view the covid19 infection timeline and 28 days of it's recession into recede 20 concubines shall suffice...if God forbid the trajectory doesn't erect further. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's what I'd do if I was the King of Thailand.

. bondBeirut ... That's a lot of people 'self-isolating'. Some people get lockdown with pastas and toilet papers. He took 20 concubines... Priority is not the same for everyone. starknightz 🤣 it vewy good to be king🤣🤣 A whole new meaning to the phrase “self-isolate” Dude’s a playa Any Charlie.? Self isolating....

I think it was actually 20 Woodbines pagan When a handful of men have all of the adult women, the remaining men molest children. Bet he wanted to go to Bangkok 😂😂😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣this is not self isolation, it is group isolation. Self Isolating with 20 girls? Can we get the true definition of self isolation🧐 Mad flex

I can’t even get one and he has 20 🤣🤣🤣 Lucky bastard King of thighland How can I grow Concubines? The Great Tosser of Thailand is at it again. Why don't the wonderful Thai people rid themselves of this absolute parasite and charlatan? ThaiEmbLondon Lucky him Ambedkarcarvan Punnajiaka Fussy_Ca BesuraTaansane

A fkyy Not a bad way to do it, but I'm not sure that's technically self-isolating.

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