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Kids' toys 'blown out of windows' in house explosion as hero nurses rush to help

Kids' toys 'blown out of windows' in house explosion as hero nurses rush to help

10/19/2021 8:57:00 AM

Kids' toys 'blown out of windows' in house explosion as hero nurses rush to help

An eyewitness says nurses living near Gorse Park leapt into action after hearing a massive bang, while a neighbour has told how 'kids' toys and clothes blew out of the windows'

An eyewitness told how healthcare workers living near Gorse Park, Ayr, leapt into action after hearing a massive bang shortly after 7pm on Monday.Officers have confirmed that two adults and two children were rushed to hospital and four houses were affected after the explosion.

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A neighbour, who works in the gas industry, told how he saw hero nurses and a first aider running to the scene, Daily Record reports.He said: “I was standing at the back door, getting ready to take my dog out when I heard this massive explosion.“There were big white flashes which is what happens when there’s a large concentration of gas.

“The back door flew open so I ran round to see what had happened and the place was just covered in debris.“It’s quite a confined square where the properties are so an explosion like that just channelled the power all down into different streets.“I was telling people to stay away. Someone was trying to get a water hose but you can’t do that.

“There’s quite a few nurses that live in this area because the hospital is close by so I saw them all come running to help. There’s also a first aider who ran across to try and help.“There was just so much noise and commotion. You couldn’t really hear or tell if anyone was in there.

“I know one of the people who lives in one of the attached houses and looking at it, it’s going to be condemned. “I could see flames coming from where the boiler would’ve been. They’re normally in the centre of these properties and they’re surrounded by brick.

“Gas is heavier than air so it would’ve built up within the house. It’s actually blown the top of the house off and totally shredded it.“It’s a row of terraced houses so they’re all attached internally from wall to wall. So the stress ripped through the neighbouring houses too.

“The sides have come off and the inside has all fallen down.“Some of the other properties within that square have PVC front doors and windows. “They’ve just blown right in because of the force of the blast. It’s really quite scary.” The cause of the explosion is not currently known but engineers from gas distribution company SGN were at the scene with the supply switched off.

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At least nine appliances from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service were also called to attend alongside Police Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service.The conditions of the people taken to hospital are not currently known.Meanwhile, one neighbour described the horror she witnessed as the house next to her exploded before the blast shook her own home and smashed her windows.

A 23-year-old described being terrified as her floor shook and she saw toys and clothing being blown from her neighbour's home as it blew up. As the tremors passed through her flat, the windows were smashed and she was left dazed until police arrived to evacuate the area.

She told the Daily Record : “I stay in the flats right next to where it happened. I just felt the floor shake and the windows smashed.“I was inside and the police had to come and get us all out. I saw the house blow up and kids' toys and clothes blew out of the windows.

“Then I just ran. I’m just really shaken.”She heard screaming before emergency services arrived to help those injured.The woman said she went with family to nearby Queen Margaret’s Academy school where goods and clothing has been donated to help those affected.

A spokesperson for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said: "We were alerted at 7.11pm on Monday, October 18 to reports of a dwelling fire in Gorse Park Ayr."Operations Control Mobilised nine appliances and specialist resources to the scene.”

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