Kent Police asked to investigate Farage pub trip

Nigel Farage pub trip raised with Kent Police

7/4/2020 8:25:00 PM

Nigel Farage pub trip raised with Kent Police

The acting leader of the Liberal Democrats asks whether Nigel Farage has broken quarantine rules.

End of Twitter post 2 by @Nigel_FarageHis spokesman told me he flew straight back to Britain on the same day - and claimed that a negative coronavirus test after he got back meant he could head back out and about again.But the Department of Health has told me getting a test does not get you out of quarantining - self isolating at home - because a test could amount to a false negative; you could be harbouring the virus but not yet symptomatic.

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Writing on Twitter, Alexandra Phillips, a former Brexit Party MEP who once worked as Nigel Farage's media adviser, said:"Dear Ed Davey, The police have better things to do, you sad little man. Getting an officer to go to Nigel's house to tell him he shouldn't have gone to the pub is a total waste of resources and makes you look like a pathetic, attention-seeking twerp."

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BorisJohnson decriminalise the ScumMedia Are you going to Qatar for 2022 world cup with their LGBTQ and human rights modern day slavery etc take the knee or go on a 4 week holiday at our expense is qatar being supported by the bbc please reply thanks Covid jumps from bat to human can it leap into a frog as well

One rule for them and that is how education is now in this ridiculous state. How do we educate our next generation safely? Like we care. At least when the bbc are attacking Nigel,they're leaving Dominic Cummings alone and vice versa. Yawn... Karen's here, Karen's there, Karen's every fucking where! Slow news day then

His eyes are even saying that he’s doing something that he shouldn’t. Please do piss off! BBC FakeNews ScumMedia raised with OFCOM. Quarantine 14 days? 1) It was the bad Neal Ferguson of imperialcollege prediction that Covid19 sick would overload hospitals that started world lunacy over a trivial disease, as of today, 44,198 dead/66 mil UK po x 100 = 0.0669% desths. 2) Quit the stopwatch on a 14 day count.

We see your agenda, commies. I do hope Nigel enjoyed his pint. Supporting his local The Queens Head Embarrassing report, even by your low standards! A nonsense story that you should be embarrassed to publish... But we know you wont be because you are biased and shameless BBC bias, raised with everyone. That's the real story.

Funny how the left love to persecute this man Ed Davey seems Liberal. Complete waste of two lots of public funding The police for having to bother with this and the BBC for reporting it. Let them man have a pint, what’s all the fuss about. He is not breaking any rules even if I think it’s far too early for pubs to be open.

People need to get a life! Nigel_Farage cnni 10DowningStreet Wow Farage attends Trump rally. Blind leading the blind. Bbc is beyond pathetic Shut the bbc down ffs what a shower of shit Ed Daley - what a worm! Smug Pratt gloating at reporting Nigel Farage to the police. BBCPolitics Its complete bollocks. ahould be ashamed for colluding with that miserable, virtue signalling little scroat EdDavey and reporting such an obvious lie on social media.

The powers-that-be should arrest themselves, Not only are they allowing un-vetted migrants in, but UNtested for Covid19 also. Double whammy!! Kent Police won’t have time to investigate this. Too busy taking a knee, learning street party dance moves or knitting rainbow scarves. BBC stirring it as usual, but fail to realise it makes Nigel more popular.

Good old bbc shite news ... slow on the reporting of the trouble in brixton ... any mention of the white city trouble on their bulletins or web site? But Farage having a beer is worth reporting.... get rid of the BBC ASAP ... BBC Dickheads DefundTheBBC Victimisation at every opportunity , Farage is head and shoulders abive most public figures.

Unfortunatly is it not border controll who should be pulling him in🤔 Ed Davey appears intent on leading the Lib Dems into oblivion. Pathetic. Meanwhile more illegal street parties and attacks on Police. Floods in Japan Covid spiralling out of control in S America and USA. Covid Cholera and civil war decimating Yeman. Hottest temperatures ever in Siberia.

Clowns. Back 14 days. Was rested. Negative result. Desperate fake news by the BBC. ScumMedia Non-news story Not a Farage fan but after Cummings abuse of the lockdown this surely is going nowhere, waste of police time . BBC should now be defunded, clearly left-wing with own agenda. Sadly we can no longer rely on them to give us worthy news we can trust, Im sure they will dig some new cummings storeys up soon

You call this news? There is no way I am going in a pub this year Get a grip BBC you really are pathetic. Can you even remember what news is? Thousands riot and you see no problem DefundtheBBC Who cares stop giving him publicity. Why is the BBC funded again? ScumMedia GeorgePMakin Jeez. No wonder there's a groundswell of support for the DefundTheBBC when this is regarded as a news story. Haven't you lot got BLM riots to encourage? Those nasty hurty statues won't pull themselves down you know

😆😆😆🖕the bbc defund this Marxist organisation of crooks This is one of the reasons why journalists are so hated, nothing better to report, ridiculous, So will we get an apology from the ScumMedia when the police tell them their wrong Why? Hitler, has only got one ball, while Farage has two, though very small.

coronavirus Nigel should be in quarantine not in the pub Marr ridge You telling me the government don't knows who goes in and out the country Rules are rules! If anyone should be aware of that it’s old Nige! Bit of a naff story but can’t have the brass doing as they please now can we?!! Grow up ffs Sad truth is the less moderate the bbc becomes the less value it has. It’s killing itself and I’m genuinely sad about that. It needs to be raised in parliament - sign that petition.

Really? Whoever called the police is an idiot. ScumMedia DefundTheBBC FakeNewsMedia 😡 BBCPolitics I am sure they have got more important things to be dealing with. BBCPolitics hope he isn't a carrier of COVID19 he's done enough damage to the UK with his rabid politics. FakeNewsMedia fakenews FakeNewsMediaClowns

Violent thugs gathered in thousands to vandalise statues and piss on memorials. Government didn’t even bother breaking them up. So who can seriously expect people to take any rules seriously? He’s an untouchable Pathetic news........ Just another example of someone who thinks they are above everyone else and can just do as they please.

Rediculous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I hope they buy him a pint then! Sad if this is newsworthy, only the left care. Block parties, police being injured, protests and you worry about Nigel Farage. ScumMedia Should you not be reporting news rather than constantly attempting to tip the political scales to the left with similar obsession as the old Soviet newspaper Pravda. Farage has already stated that he has been tested for Covid-19 and the test proved negative.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just... very sad ... and not required. Childish, school yard mentality. Sir! ... Nigel went for a pint! Ffs. Oh do F off BBC biased news 👊💦‘S Sir Dom of Durham Sir Stanley of Greece Sir Nigel de pub all heroes 👍🇬🇧 DefundTheBBC And yet this is ok, total bias.. cry more Man goes for drink

If he's found to have breached quarantine rules will something actually be done or just another warning, spoken to? JeanHair2 Leave Nigel alone. He is a hero! Nigel_Farage AndrewKnight226 FineFarage johnsweeneyroar British common sense. one rule for one, another for the rest of us. unless you're name is Cummings, Johnson or farage.

JaneyGodley Surely it’s the c*nt police ? Asked to investigate by who? Bet it’s some massive interfering hypocrite! DoubleStandards DefundTheBBC defundBBC How about reporting some real news BBC or have we just become tell tale tits now? Defund the waste of space that is the biased BBC So what Loads of hard core Remainers would fit right in with the Stasi.

Well done Nigel. Triggering the Marxists at the BBC again. Defund the BBC Police getting injured trying to stop illegal block parties. No outcry about all these ' peaceful' demonstration's breaking social distancing. Wow you really are becoming scummedia the Bias broadcasting company. Do shut up! Do remember you not shouting about this! Hypocrisy comes to mind!

This is where we’re at I guess, even if you hate him, this is truly pathetic, this country is bonkers. Happily support illegal gatherings by political organisations, attacking the police, bringing down statues, inconsiderate idiots gathering on the beach, but Nigel pops to the pub 1 day out of quarantine period and you are gonna waste police resources as he isn't left wing 🙄

Honestly? stoptheboats pritipatel BorisJohnson Ok BBC shal we now report you on all the law's you have broken ohhh I only have a few characters left 🤦 Just tell them that you where testing your eyes. What is good for one is good for all Do you actually consider this to be news? DefundTheBBC So all those thousands of protestors (rioters) not maintaining distance, not self isolating for two weeks but man who isolates AND tests negative is 'news'? Get over yourselves DefundTheBBC DefundBBC

What a waste of time. You have labour mps attending illegal protests, not social distancing which is met with silence, right wing brexit supporting man goes to the pub a day too soon and they are triggered. In my view its Visiting place for Enjoying People He’ll get let off because of who he is if he gets fined he’ll just claim it back on expenses I don’t know why it’s news and being brought up. One rule for them one rule for everyone else.

Why not raise this with all the disgusting BLM protests? He's arrived from the most infected country on the planet. This is reckless and needs consequences Should have gone to the EU_Commission ScumMedia DefundTheBBC Fuk me! Call in the armed forces! another liberal useless council tat remainer upset about brexit trying to stir up trouble and waste police time .

DefundTheBBC BoycottChina Charge him, prosecute him Who cares bbc Shouldn't break the law then I thought he got a test that came back negative? And the pubs are open in england now are they not? Or did he break some face mask rule or something? Seems a bit witch hunty if its just him in the pub with a pint.

I just noticed both the Labour and Lib Dem leaders are sirs 😁 commonpeople Click bate! DefundTheBBC Surely they have enough on their plate without wasting time on this nonsense. Well done libdems 🙄 I didn't even know he was in the US. I didn't know he was back. I didn't know he went to a pub. Now I'm armed with all this knowledge my life........hasn't changed in the slightest.

Shows the level there Lib Dems are operating at now. Trying a smear campaign on the Brexit party. That'll close the gap to Labour and Tories in the next election. Reason for the outrage is because elected politicians and leaders of party’s are meant to set an example. Same story as Dominic Cummings, appears the boot lickers are out in force to defend those who are above the rules. I hope Farage gets a milkshake launched his way soon.

And this includes you too The BBC is definitely finished at this rate... We shall ignore the facts that he's been back 2 weeks and tested negative because Farage is on the attack list along with Boris, Cummings and Laurence Fox. Good he should be in quarantine Why do you call yourself BBC News (UK) when you have seperate 'news services' for the Celtic Colonies? Should you not be BBC News (England), especially as this story concerns a person living in England going to a pub, but breaking English government quarantine regulations?

With every biased report the BBC come out with, the more people will cancel their licences. BBC, you’re shooting yourselves in the foot and i couldn’t be happier. 🤣🤣😂 all the left wing nuts having a brake down , absolutely classic Man goes for a pint and the lefties get all angry. It's so daft now that it's funny 🤣 no wonder DefundTheBBC is gathering pace when the BBC deem this newsworthy!🤣

Report on the child grooming gangs. Go on ... do some actual proper journalism! DefundTheBBC Dom and Stan rule. Elite. Pathetic,police are pathetic,hes done nothing wrong,all the raves protests London now a shit hole a d the best the got is nigel having a legal pint,cowards scared of criminals. Cough cough!! BLM riots?

After our rave, let's all go on a demonstration and pull down some statues, because that's ok👍 The Brexit Brigade: Shit like this and the “peaceful protests” the other week are why people are cancelling their licenses in droves. Lol. Fanny. BBCPolitics Kent police: Jesus christ just shows the leftie scum hating anyone on the right. Have youu seen the state of london the police are wasting their time get controlled over the capital

ScumMedia JaneyGodley Like anything will come of this. Just casually forget about the protests and the thousands of people who turned up but never socially distanced themselves but because a man went to the pub I better call the old bill This isn't news.. the cycle just becomes so transparent milkshakeman

mediascum All the people below, comparing this to what other people are doing...are just to dumb...too damn dumb. It’s about public figures setting examples you premium morons. It affects the entire culture. Lockdown is only being rushed to play down Cummings. If guilty please prosecute! “Raised” 🙄 More barrel scraping.

JaneyGodley So it should be,it’s not his first time either, he’s been out since the day he got back from the worst affected country & flaunting the lockdown all along Totally fed up with the oneruleforthem what makes him so special? We’ve all had to make sacrifices to keep communities safe. barrystantonGBP baz? What's going on over there?

And? johnsweeneyroar The World does not make any sense.... Please have a look at people drinking currently on the streets of Soho. That's a real COVID problem. Way to go BBC; another 10,000 TV licences lost. Oh piss off Your time is up, take the money & run. Do some proper reporting about virus rule breakers....clue: they're in Soho.

JaneyGodley He just popped out for a pint to test his eyesight So that's fine JaneyGodley Look forward to seeing it in bbc tv. Main news. No? Oh get a life This has to be a joke, the police are so pathetic. IstandWithNigel Oh dear. Is this really a thing. So what. Why do the police need to be involved. There are real crimes going on

And the sad thing is Kent Police will probably comply given the level of corruption within that force. The BBC is acting as if it wants to be seen as Politically biased so with that in mind DefundTheBBC now let me think🤔 i wonder who asked the police to investigate? Ed Davey should understand the police have enough to deal with without his pettiness

The law doesn’t apply to him or Johnson’s dad or Cummings. You should be showing everyone’s face in central London breaking social distancing rules- show up landlords who purposefully serve all the idiots there 4 profit, They’re to blame not the clown above. BorisJohnson is the problem here, ill thought through as usual PubsOpening

Waste of police time i hate racists and cant understand why anyone voted brexit its completely stupid, farage is a cringeworthy politician and i dont like him - BUT - i do defend his right to go for a pint Shut up Cutting edge news thanks to the unique way the BBC exploits the poor Kent police need to do some real police work, this is pathetic.

johnreppion For the first time ever, I'm entirely with Nigel Farage. Nanny state Ok I am not a fan of Nigel Farage. But what the fuck does the police have to do with him going to the pub? And why is this a BBC headline Apart from the monster raving liberal party and the normal europhiles who can’t stand the guy, no-one cares! I hope you enjoyed your pint Nigel_Farage - glad to see you’re out spending money to do your bit to start the economy!

Ed Davey could not even get the right Police force, the Queens head pub is in Downe is under the Mets. Another libdim fail. Haha so pathetic BBCPolitics Waste of time he wont even be questioned. Fake news, dont trust the BBC one bit with it's past history. DefundTheBBC GrangePhil_ throw away the key Next you need to kerp track of Stsnley Johndon when he returns from Greece as he has 14 days self isolation to carry out by law. Having seen his attitude to rules and laws, he won't follow lock down just as Farage hasn't.

BBC we don’t want to pay for you anymore Hilarious that you are trying to report this as if it is a major scandal. Meanwhile, Nigel Farage, 99% of the British people and (probably) Kent Police couldn't give a shit! I’m sure the bbc are quite ready to spend tax payers money down the pub Most publicity the Lib Dem leader (whoever he or she is?) has had for ages

I'll raise a drink the day he answers for his actions How did u report the BLM debacle Why is this news ? He has been back for two weeks you sad little individuals! DefundTheBBC ScumMedia mediascum BBC your soo on your last legs soo blind and soo biased. God you make me sick. Nigel_Farage is soo way ahead of you and Has stuck by the rules. I can't wait until you are soooo Defunded and on your knees. Every bad dog has its day, the BBC's day is up. Stop your bias NOW.

Pathetic Thousands of BLM rioters have been out and about for weeks now, they should all be arrested scummedia have nothing else to do? Why, he’s been tested camcamdamn Farage and Cummings both clearly breached the rules. Another blind eye about 5o be turned? 🤔🙄😠 Another investigation? Which number? (I stopped counting.)

Don’t worry about him we want Cummings and his get out of council tax ways This is why defundBBC is gaining so much traction. Not renewing my license in August. Sod you BBC, you have well and truly lost your way. Oh seriously give it a rest, what a joke how about bbc you explain how this was put on your website dated 11 july so in a week she will escape and its now deleted

F*cking pathetic!!! DefundTheBBc 🙄😂😂 Kent police : 0 fucks given BBCPolitics British Leisure Matters! Defund the bbc. We get the society we deserve. If people believe police questioning Farage rather than solving serious crimes is a priority, then we cannot complain the next time our homes are burgled and police fail to arrive.

Dear BBC - I notice that throughout lockdown none of your presenters have appeared tonsorialky unkempt: yet hairdressers only reopened today. Please explain. yes great reporting, important info for our country that we must know to keep safe and get rid of this virus DefundTheBBC This ain't it chief. Man you don't like goes for a pint. Man you do like complains to police = BBC headlines.

I don’t think he is worth wasting anybody’s time Let the man enjoy a pint BBC showed only part of his tweet missing out where he said he'd been back two weeks and tested. Shameful bias. BBCPolitics I’m trying to find any of the same outrage on the Left at all the BLM-related breaches a few weeks ago? Is it any wonder why the Lib Dems don't get many votes? What a complete waste of money and police resource. Pathetic

Why? Not a rhetorical question. Why is this deemed newsworthy by the BBC? I thought I saw Prince William having a pint. Now we will never know if Police are going to the palace for him or Andrew. The witch hunt continues by the biggest (propaganda) broadcasting company see your own story for number of prosecutions and if anyone is actually following rules since Cummings didn't etc etc. I don't like Farage but maybe focus on things like the PMs dad doing what the hell he likes.

National ? Fck off ScumMedia Pathetic Haven’t you arse h.... got anything decent to report What a cowardly little snake Davey is ! He was probably Chief Snide at school.. DefundTheBBC Brexit Privilege Get your facts right BBC , As ever inaccurately reported. ScumMedia DefundtheBBC Grow up!!!! The BBC is seriously scrapping the bottom of the barrel here DEFUNDTheBBC

Tl:dr farage is a ct Tax money being spent wisely once again. Cummings, Jenrick, Johnson's father, Farage. These people operate outside the rules the rest of us follow. For years I have spent much of the summer in Greece and this year locked out. When I get back I shall be a foreigner rather than a citizen because of these people. Shameful!

omg! this is sooooooooooooooooo exciting , did he break the quarantine by seconds or minutes, maybe a few hours..gosh what news..can't contain my excitement , must rush off and tell everyone on fb..oh what was the news about again...🙄🥱 Stop making this clown relevant. amedeo_felix “Racist c*nt goes out on the p*ss” would be a better headline 🤗

UKDemockery That’s rather unfortunate since Downe is in the metpoliceuk area... simonrug Nothing will happen Boris mate Any comments ? mediascum DefundTheBBC Defund these rats. Oh Fuck Off🙄 He should be jailed for putting his selfish needs before public safety.he broke the quarantine rules cause he thinks they don't apply to him.

Get a grip BBC getting a grip. They must be sick of knocking on his door Pathetic, the sooner you get defunded the better, everyone can surely see the BBC for what they are now. London is burning, the streets are no-go party zones where the police are chased out and you think this is a good use of police time fuckingidiots

Is this the best you can do BBC fkin pathetic, try and report some real news He is not! You a people are ignorant that's what you are! ScumMedia - DefundTheBBC ScumMedia Pathetic. DefundTheBBC Wankers 👍 Davey's a grass. Massive political point scoring by the Lib Dems who can't even elect a leader. Stone me!!

To every mere pleb currently working at the beeb, when it all goes belly up and you're out of a job, the Liberals in your organisation will just swan off with big fat pensions. Usual waste of police time I s there no real crime Vendetta The bloke is an idiot do you know how many police officers have been injured over the last month, owing to protests/riots? BLM BrainwashedLivesMob

BBC covers up for jimmy saville is a better story And you wonder why ScumMedia keeps trending !!..There should be a public holiday once the tv licence tax is abolished!! Raised with the police by a useless supposed politician surely with his party in such a mess he has better things to do... Strange , not a bottle thrown , police officer assaulted , not a monument damaged and this gets more coverage from the BBC than the BLM thugs in London . You lefties are so bloody predictable . I am embarrassed for you ...

A pity they didn’t go & visit Tory Elitist SackDominicCummings after his 600 mile jaunt. Pathetic! DefundTheBBC ScumMedia Didn't hear you complain about the ACTUAL rule breaking of the far left blm thugs. 'Mostly peaceful' riots. 'Mostly socially distancing' in their thousands in ILLEGAL gatherings. Hypocritical fools!

Limp Dim shills Mediascum He is an ideal fall guy. Will the police take a knee or start running away if a crowd comes running at them🤦🏻‍♂️ Miserable bastards everywhere So people can take to the streets on mass, but a bloke can't go for a pint? Witch hunt pure and simple, it's pathetic! Some people love to waste the time of the police

Lock him up Oh you just had to have your say. Move the fuk why dont ya!!!! Once again Ed Davies is only wishing he had half the personality of Nigel 😏😂😂😂👍🍺 Well what about you’re reporting then at this blm bull shit travelling loads and not social distancing then let’s get metpoliceuk to investigate You then as well as fake news

🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑👺🤑 Man goes to the pub for a pint! Seriously is this what we pay our tv tax for, really? DefundTheBBC Oh grow up!! He’s served his quarantine time and is having a well deserved pint. Pathetic BBC. PATHETIC. The fact these idiots report this sums up the BBC. DefundTheBBC Geezer goes for a pint in village pub Big story. Can't wait to see BBC defunded

OMG....Is this true! Call the pol... Oh hang on! No political motivations at all. Imagine that. Tens of thousands were breaking the law on mass gatherings and were escorted by police. I’m not surprised that the looney left were ok with that. There should be a legal limit on being a hypocrite. Why have we not seen this for all the racist labour MPs who broke lockdown for a bunk up or treason? Oh right. Its the bbc

Fancy reporting real news instead of political attacks that show your bias? £157 well spent, and they wonder why people are leaving in droves! Seriously GoFuckYourselves AxeTheTax BBCPolitics EdwardJDavey ... have you written to the police about this...what a tosser! if they investigate him and charge him when they didn't do cummings then the police are not doing their job and they are not fit to hold the queens weren't and we live in a police state cant ave 1 rule of law for some and a different rule of law for others

It's different for the elite, the law is not for them it's for the rest of us He’s explained is travel info. Has the bbcnews lost the capability to Fact find? The rights conundrum, Boris has done a great job with Covid, bit his father broke the rules, no he can do that, but his advisor broke the rules, no that was fine, but Garage broke quarantune, oh get a life, meanwhile UK worst in Europe. Well done PM, couldn't make it up.

OMG BBC stop the fucking news - you have the headline of the century... Well done... Fake news by ScumMedia DefundTheBBC BBCPolitics Don't forget that Farage is one of the elite.. rules do not apply to him! The WOKE are after Farage now. The police carpet is about to get a little more bumpy. Let's face it, a carpet will only cover so much.

Already refuted - catch up. They still can’t cope with losing! You are pathetic BBC, get back to being the impartial news service you once were...... No wonder people are cancelling their licenses. Pathetic . Any reporting on the attacks on the police last night ?. Thought not . He's allowed to go to the pub. Everyone is. It's why they're open.

DefundTheBBC ScumMedia DefundTheBBC what a lot of BS 'raised' by a Lib Dem .. doesn't count Weird how the left are now moaning about Farage after they had nothing to say about the PrOtEsTs 😂 crazy hypocrites Wow, no biased there then...Nigel has a pint but every protest lately has been perfectly fine. The BBC have truly become the enemy of the people bbcscum

By idiot EdwardJDavey who couldn’t count. Hopefully charged with wasting police time. Why didn’t you report the error of his ways? Why suggest there was some case to answer? And what about Johnson senior, or are they now above the law and investigation They’re trying to get rid of him like they did with tommy Robinson.

quite right to, afterball we are only taking back control of our laws, you reap what you sow. Go straight to JAIL, do not pass GO! Pretty sure Kent police have more important things to do!! He can't even count to 14 If you can’t follow our rules ....... BBC, you have become a laughing stock. Sort it out or you're doomed.

Raised with them? And dropped by them? This is news? ScumMedia Give it a rest! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you....the BBC He was tested Utterly pathetic and also utterly pathetic this is deemed news Another brexiter who thinks rules are for other people Get a life ppl and deal with real matters Good job it's not DurhamPolice DurhamPCC investigating. He could confess live on TV to not only breaking lockdown regulations but driving with impaired eyesight with an infant in the vehicle and get away with it.

BBCPolitics Raised by the acting leader of the acting Liberal Democrat’s whose name I can’t remember. Really BBC Really? How pathetic are you! You’re unbelievable. You have news to report on that is happening right now not someone going for a pint 🍺 after coming back from the USA and cleared of CV after being tested.

BBC you are getting worse every day. Stop for goodness sake,why aren't you mentioning all the people demonstrating in London packed together like sardines! Well done Just ignore the bellend BBCPolitics Doesn't this mean he's an illegal migrant? Every pisspot agrees with farage ScumMedia DefundTheBBC BBCPolitics How is this news? Get a life ffs

BBCPolitics kentpolicedart which makes them almost as sad as the BBC and the reason the public despise both of you.. ScumMedia think this is ok Antifa and Marxist BLM in their thousands on the streets rioting every week DefundTheBBC Wouldn't it be cheaper to drink at home then make the pub owners richer

Oh for Christ’s sake when will the bbc ever grow up and return to its Charter rather than spewing infantile spite. Jeez!! BBCPolitics Another Cummings type witch hunt. Less effective this time though. Sheer arrogance. Pass the sick bucket please. That’s it. We’ve reached an optimum point in our country. The most important issue we face today, is that farage skipped 12 hours of quarantine. Congratulations. This is an important day.

BBCPolitics I’m more concerned at the risk of virus spreading during BLM protests/riots and all the illegal raves going on in London. As these events are popular amongst the BAME, I’m doubly concerned as we are more susceptible to Covid due to some stranger undefined biological defect!!!!!! 14 days in quarantine, negative test, entitled to go to the pub. Who reported him because we need to know and will happily instigate legal action against this vindictive nasty troll person who probably is an activist for one of the woke parties.

Publicity seeking again! Grow up people Cheers What a load of crap! Why do you value this a news worthy? DefundTheBBC you are a joke and ScumMedia The bloke who’s reported this is clearly a pathetic tosser, bringing NOTHING to the table of life. Clearly seeking affirmation and approval. Absolutely pathetic 😂

To be quite honest I don’t care waste of police time If Nig doesn't mess up today, there is always tomorrow or the next day, and we all know Nig will fook himself up Sad people who reported him. BBCPolitics Little 💩Ed Davey reported him.. Nigel was back well before any restrictions were in place. Davey is looking a Twit.. Again..

BBCPolitics What they going to do? Reverse Brexit? Last time he was here in Dublin it was a pint of Guinness he was photographed with in his hand strange that? And what about the owners of the pub? They must share some of the liability. Lock him up BBCPolitics 'Lefties outraged' is hardly news. BBCPolitics If EdwardJDavey is wondering why he didn’t have any friends at school, I can give him a few pointers.

Happy Caturday I can remember when Britain was a great nation and not a bunch of hectoring busybodies. So what? Why isn't the BBC propaganda machine reporting on all the trafficked children that have recently been saved? Try investigating real crime. Sounds like soar lefties have a moan yet again. He needs to be locked up and in the event of him having covid-19, he should not be treated by NHS hospitals or staff at any time.

WeDemandUk johnsweeneyroar He's just putting on his beer goggles to test his eyesight. Strictly speaking he should also be driving to a castle, but I'm sure it's all fine. Pity they don't investigate illegal raves, instead of running away. The police really, child rape, murder, burglary, riots this is what the police are for, not your petty political games.

Complete waste of valuable resources and nothing more than far left activism He needs a fucking pint leave him alone Non story johnsweeneyroar Lock him up!! Lock him up!! Even if he did who cares? Special people can do what the fuck they want! The sooner you are defunded the better, so that only those who want to pay for your bias can do so. DefundTheBBC

Another loser with nothing better to do than report people Does anyone know where & when the photo was actually taken? For all those defending him, you are wrong. He hasn't followed the rules. To all those saying it's a waste of police resources prosecuting someone in the limelight may have a dramatic effect on how others behave.

🤦🏿‍♂️ Sooner the BBC is defunded the better Good for him, you censorious metro-'woke' muppets He'd been back 14 days He'd tested -ve And sad, self righteous media bigots led by the BBC squeak in phony outrage and air their double standards Not a peep when the BLM trash were mass rioting and vandalising our heritage

I love that the acting leader of the Lib Dems said about this: “Important questions need to be answered”. Well they do but this ain’t one them Ed! Pathetic biased BBC I want to raise concerns about the BBC being so full of shit all the time. So you can write about him going to the pub, but can’t write about all the boats his been filming coming into England

Testing his eyesight and tastebuds. Get a life Ed.D. what a waste of police time. Well done Mr Farage, cheers. Did you all know Hitler was a Socialist and socialism has murdered 100 million. BTW BLM is a Jew hating Marxist organisation. Just saying lefties! Lock the bastard up and throw away the key 🔐 No reported Stanley Johnson yet?

Take his german passport away from him I wouldn't let him out the house let alone in to a pub . Go BBC. You are great. More reason to DefundTheBBC Complain about Nigel all you want but at least have the guts to admit that this is 99.9% political and you mainly care about getting one over on somebody you hate. There have been many breaches of the rules yet I dont recall many on the left asking for prosecution of protesters.

Why can't politicians like this just admit they got it wrong? He knows he hasn't remained in quarantine for 14 days, we know he hasn't remained in quarantinefor 14 days, he knows we know, yet he still prefers to lie & say he has. Pathetic! Someone needs to have a word with him about his dreadful halitosis. Poobreath

He is spy which of course not in favour of UK... Absolutely pathetic. I guess Ed Davey is desperate to raise his profile as nobody knows who he is Why? Cummings did what he wanted and got away with it. Well earned. Must have been tough to travel all the way to America to stand in an empty car park. ken_crichlow And how did he get into the USA when border was closed to the UK?

My gob has never been so smacked, the abolish police mob want Farage investigated for avin a pint of beer, appy days Is this what we've been reduced to? Good! Nut know they won't do anything! Really? Hasn't this irrelevant old fool wasted enpugh of our national resources already? Watch out £30 fine on its way in the post

They are spending the licence fee reporting this, DefundBBC Oops think someone made a boob boo 😒 Oh give over. You’ve all stopped talking about the hypocrites who call themselves BLM haven’t you? After all the truths started to come out. Doesn’t do your agenda any good hahahahaha. That’s another thing. How many of the BLM scum have been fined for their illegal gatherings?

So they do eye tests in the pub? DefundBBC It’s amazing what the BBC will report, we tried getting them to report on the protest of Veterans supporting Soldier F, did they? No, they would rather report about Nigel possibly breaking the quarantine rules by having a pint! Need to shut it down now! Good someone needs to make a stand against these people that Johnson keeps making excuses for.

Psychotic lefties ... 🤦 Oh do f*ck off Pathetic as usual BBC 🤦‍♂️ Nigel loves all this, it gives him airtime & plays to his 'false' anti establishment narrative that he tries to sell to his followers, many in pubs will be putting others at risk today, stay away if you wish to avoid risk, better to have ignored him & not give him publicity

Bell end What a waste of time. Surely the police have bigger and better things to do Lock him up. Give us all a break BlueLivesMatter Lock him up 🤬🤬 If they nick him they need to nick Cummings and all the mps who broke the rules plus bozzer snr. Some people will never get over 23/6/2016, will they? 😂 It is simple. Nigel_Farage should just tweet his flight ticket back to the UK to prove when he landed.

ScumMedia. Like Dom: one law for us another for the elites. The elites Farage is keen to tell us he is most against There is a bbc reporter standing inside a hairdressers chatting to a hairdresser cutting a blokes hair ........I thought your to keep chat to the bare minimum Why is the bbc reporter not getting pulled up ?

Oh just get over him will you? One middle class man obviously a softer easier target for the Old Bill than the rioting mobs they’ve (literally) been kowtowing to for weeks. Remainer here, but they won. Time to re-build not keep this childish crap going. Nigel_Farage Good. Bring the big headed git down a peg or two!

The police have never had it so easy since lock down, so not much in the way of resources used in nabbing this rogue ... Not a fan of Farage but Ed needs to get a grip. What a plonker ! Nigel Farage does not seem to care if he spreads the virus, despite attending a rally where there were known cases of Covid-19. The rules are clear - quarantine for 14 days - test or no test...

Clearthought65 Haven’t you got better things to do. I saw Chris Mason’s report on Farage, even trawling through scheduled flights, which was embarrassing. Then you went after Boris’ elderly father in Greece. This really has to stop, the BBC is a laughing stock. News? Don't let the truth get in the way of your story

Well done Nigel_Farage , winding up all the lefty morons!!! I LOVE the way the outraged left now want Farage prosecuted for breaking quarantine, when every anarchist and Momentum member has broken lockdown this past month rioting for BlackLivesMatter !.... Leave him alone I’m sure they dropped that murder case to jump all over this. Man legally drinking a pint. What a piss take.

Leave St Nigel alone MR Ed Davey should stop wasting taxpayers money. who does he think he is, dominiccunmings or stanleyjohnson he left the con party and his commodity job years ago.. Can we just send him back? I’m gonna tell. Pathetic. For crying out loud, don’t the police have enough to do without this !!

pwsimerimiaw Bang him to rights christi73224817 ScumMedia Relentless anti Brexit agenda by the fools at bbc Get your riot gear on and sort out the mob instead of wasting time and resources on a man who’s tested negative ,in the pub having a pint . it is 2020 why is this numpty still k my news feed. made himself irrelevant 4 years ago.

It might be perfectly legitimate for the police to investigate a breach of the lockdown rules, but the fact Ed Davey found it necessary to issue a public statement to that effect just goes to show how pathetic our politician are. Petty point scoring. Embarrassing. To all those screaming and shouting about me going to the pub.... I have been back from the USA for 2 weeks and I have been tested — the result was negative. Sorry to disappoint you. Cheers!

Can we ask Leicester police why these lot broke lockdown rules 3 weeks ago? 😷 What a joke. Go and arrest the primitives in London causing trouble at BLM protests!!! Nigel is a national treasure 🇬🇧 Please report more BBC !! This post going to send the gammons into a salty rage ha ha!! The BBC reporting on farage breaking the law lol, the perfect double !! Could anything else get them bald pink heads sweating and the salty tears flowing more?! 😂

It’s okay he was on his own, nomates .. he’s getting more and more socially distanced alright.. doesn’t have a cause now.. although he did try to discredit the BLM movement... how to get noticed by insulting people, definitely has sociopathic tendencies... Desperate. Hanging’s too good for him Idiot Quiet news day? No riots?

The Kent Police should piss off and go after criminals. Another who thinks he knows better than everyone else... Arrogance He was waiting for the BLM mob to arrive. Risking vulnerable people's health. Hope he's proud. Kid stabbed in London today, but the police are wasting their time investigating this to keep the left wing media happy.

Fake News! This story is a non starter! defundbbc Will you also be asking the police to investigate the employees who flouted the lockdown regulations whilst they hunted Dominic Cummings and his family for a week or more? The is way LibDems will NEVER be in power! Nigel_Farage nigelfarage Liberals

Couldn't happen to a nicer fellow. I do not wish ill will on anybody, but ..... He's above like Cummings and Johnson pere so leave it hes just laughing at you one rule ...... Protesters must be exempt from the rules. He was in a Wetherspoons, so that's punishment enough. The desperado's on the Left do make me chuckle. I wonder if they ever think to look at themselves in the mirror? Do the realise how pathetic they are. I love that Farage can trigger them so easily, and the Police are just as bad. Keep making me smile, losers.

At which point they'll do nothing just like DurhamPolice Bbc lefty lies again what a fool I am to even read this bullshit Bollox! ScumMedia FakeNews Does anyone give a fxxx about Ed Davies petty mindedness Who cares! Yes let's not worry about London burning Surely they’ve got better things to do. Catch criminals!

Nothing will be done. Is there even a case to answer? ScumMedia Fuck right off BBC... Again I advise all who follow do not listen to anything emitted by the BBC as it is all lies, lies and damned lies. DefundTheBBC I wonder if that tastes like Alexandra or Isabelle's pishh on the tip of Nigel Farage's tongue 🤔

24hrsFromTulsa is not a quarantine duration Farage. Coronavirus: What are the new rules when pubs reopen?😂there are no more rules anymore, do what you like, wear or don’t wear your mask,social distance if you like, travel anywhere you want🤑🤑😂😂🤧😷😎 Isn't it baffling how the Eurosceptic's arsenals are spit firing their seeming venoms against Sir Davey, Ag Lib Democrat leader all because of the salient question has raised on Farage's apparent breach of the quarantine guidance? Kent Police&Home Secretary should do the needful.

If they have time after they've welcomed and bedded down the daily tide of illegals. Why are you reporting this ? You ignore Linnekers obscene piss take with his salary . And how long did you ignore Savilles behaviour for the sake of ratings 🐙 Full transparency then... has he given the date he arrived back in the UK?

Oh stop it! Leave the man alone! Lock him up selfish git, same with Johnson's father LibDems bad grasses. 'There are clearly serious questions to answer for Nigel Farage,' Sir Ed said 😂😂😂😂 Shouldn’t the report say ... ‘Man going out for peaceful pint’ That’s what you usually say ? He was only testing his eyesight 🤣😂

Can you believe reported by Ed Davey. Y’know, wants to be leader of Lib Dems and PM some day. Grassing an adversary for nipping to the pub 14 days after he got back from the states. Oh wait, yes, 14 days AFTER he got back, so not breaking quarantine then. Dull twat Sad people He LOVES the attention. Hope the media ignore it.

Surely you could have pointed out that if he was at a Trump rally on the evening of the 20th June, then he couldn't possibly have arrived in the UK 2 weeks ago today. FactCheck please, BBCRealityCheck Are we going to see Ed Davey prosecuted for wasting police time? Cant help yourselves can ya! Yet people didn't give a shit when thousands of people, most who were from BAME communities (the ones that are more at risk), were crowded together at the BLMprotest across the country 🤔

Hopefully Kent Police will just completely ignore the LibDems ... everyone else does! Is that news. DefundBBC Doesn't need Sherlock Holmes to solve this! Check what return flight NigelFarage was on? But even if he broke Quarantine nothing will be done, obviously he got lost going to BarnardCastle! pubsreopen C4News bbcnews skynews NotMovingOnTillDomHasGone

🤬🤬🤬🤬 BORE OFF Mostly peaceful trip to the pub Throw the bloody book at him How pathetic What’s the pentaly for wasting police time? Lock him up, lock him up, lock him up.... So the kent_police are looking at someone going to the pub because of lockdown but metpoliceuk are doing nothing about the violent thugs and rioting in London congrats SadiqKhan good use of resources. idiots.

desperate to catch Farage. So sad lol Not really news is it? defundthebbc the British brainwashing cult Sure kentpolicedover can do the maths as clearly old Nigel_Farage is getting a bit muddled in his old age. This breaks quarantine rules set out by UKGovTweets Conservatives Ah but the protests, violence and looting that's perfectly ok. Don't even know why we bother, nobody ever does anything about the hypocrisy and unfair double standards.

Any update on the receptionist and maintenance man who were stabbed in Glasgow hotel? If he was black? Maybe until this is resolved we should stop Brexit? What do you think EdwardJDavey 😂 Who cares BBC Police won’t give a shit about crap like this. BBC doing their shit again If tested too early you can deliver a false negative test. Is why we have quarantine rules.

FFS anything important you want to report. I hope the old bill said to you.....and? 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 Bitter people with no lives clearly. He can’t count to 14. And the BBC propaganda machine rushed to report it! More verbal diarrhoea from the lamestream media! Will the BBC report why BLM aren't bing investigated for breaking C19 laws for the last 3 weeks?

There are people out there who are so very desperate to rubbish Farage. They are getting desperate and are spending hours watching the man. How the turntables It’s strange that people think this is a something to mock. His whole platform is based on obeying the laws of the nation. He broke quarantine and if he doesn’t get prosecuted the entire premise of “obey our country’s laws” is null and void

I bet the BBC employees are sweating right now. Maxwell is naming names by all accounts. Massive BBC scoop. BBC gets its man. He’s special though innit Lib Dems throwing their toy's out of the pram Charge the wanker with wasting police time and malicious intent. Idiot Davey 😂😂😂 imagine having him as your dad?

Wasting police time? Probably! Is it really in the public interest if he has a pint? Not really but key thing is he knew it would that's why he did it. So petty. But mummy, why does Mr Farage get to go to the pub? Stop him mummy!!! Uh. It's not fair. Haven't they got more pressing things to do? What pathetic individual reported him?

F..k off BBC. wondering if Nigel_Farage will be questioning the very same law & breaches of Conservatives Cummings & co ? as pretty sure all law apply to all under the rule of law ? If you do the maths he may well have self quarantined it’s exactly fourteen days since he was in the states some people might end up with egg on their chin and I don’t mean from their Wetherspoons all day Breakfast 🤔😂

😂😂 Weldone nigel you've triggered the lefties again. Enjoy your pint mate 😂😂😂😂

Nigel Farage reported to police for visiting pub after US Trump rally tripWas pictured in Tulsa last month 1st - why is that person still news-worthy? 2nd - hope he (and you UK ppl) are aware that quite a number of Trump staffers and other government people in the Trump admin have tested positive. So have fun with that festering virus cesspool (i mean Farage) Does anyone really care what that Extreme Right Racist Slimeball does, anymore Apart from other Extreme Right Racist Slimeballs, of course. Farage is the man 👌

Police contacted after Nigel Farage accused of flouting quarantine rules in trip to pub🔴 Kent police have been contacted after Nigel Farage posts a picture of himself enjoying a pint amid claims he should be in quarantine Don’t waste virtual ink on this complete non-story. Please. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 plz sir Mr Farage has been naughty get the police getagrip When there is so much deceit going on in government and we are being fed lie after lie, THIS is what you chose to report. You should be ashamed. You have the opportunity to blow the lid of this government and chose THIS instead?

Nigel Farage accused of breaking quarantine rules with pub visitBrexit party leader visited pub less than two weeks after attending a Donald Trump rally in Tulsa Meh, the rules don’t matter anymore. The real question is why he was allowed to travel to the US and then back to the UK with no quarantine in either direction. let him do it, i say

People are reporting Nigel Farage to the police for 'breaking 14 day quarantine' to go to the pubNigel Farage is being accused of breaking a mandatory 14 day coronavirus quarantine after his recent trip to the US... to go to the pub. On 20 June, the Brexit Party leader posted a photo of himself Time to set an example. carolecadwalla Puh c people hahaha

Nigel Farage reported to police for visiting pub after US Trump rally tripWas pictured in Tulsa last month 1st - why is that person still news-worthy? 2nd - hope he (and you UK ppl) are aware that quite a number of Trump staffers and other government people in the Trump admin have tested positive. So have fun with that festering virus cesspool (i mean Farage) Does anyone really care what that Extreme Right Racist Slimeball does, anymore Apart from other Extreme Right Racist Slimeballs, of course. Farage is the man 👌

Police contacted after Nigel Farage accused of flouting quarantine rules in trip to pub🔴 Kent police have been contacted after Nigel Farage posts a picture of himself enjoying a pint amid claims he should be in quarantine Don’t waste virtual ink on this complete non-story. Please. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 plz sir Mr Farage has been naughty get the police getagrip When there is so much deceit going on in government and we are being fed lie after lie, THIS is what you chose to report. You should be ashamed. You have the opportunity to blow the lid of this government and chose THIS instead?