Katie Price begs fans to join dating app to win a date with her as she's 'ready to find love'

Katie Price begs fans to join dating app to win a date with her as she's 'ready to find love'

6/1/2020 10:02:00 AM

Katie Price begs fans to join dating app to win a date with her as she's 'ready to find love'

KATIE Price has begged fans to sign up to a dating app so they can “win a date” with her. The 42-year-old star took to Instagram today and revealed she’s ready to find love as she…

to name a few.But now she's turned over a new leaf Katie is determined not to let her relationships define her and would change all "the men I chose".She told New! Magazine: "I hate the fact I let these men in the past break me and destroy me and mentally abuse me.

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"But now I'm so much better.She had a fling with footballer Dwight Yorke in the early noughties resulting in son Harvey, 17Credit: Rex FeaturesKatie and cage fighter Alex Reid planned to get married in Las VegasCredit: PA:Press Association"Before I would jump into relationships and I was needy without thinking about whether it was the right relationship.

"But now I've sorted myself out and I'm more assertive."I know what I want and I wouldn't just jump into a relationship."Katie has turned her life around and enjoys time with her familyCredit: InstagramKatieopened up about her difficult year during which she turned to drugs and booze to cope with the deaths of her animals and her mum's terminal illness.

She has moved into a rented home around the corner from ex husband Pete, 47, after her "mucky mansion" was too dilapidated to return to.The Sun Online revealed Katie is so committed to staying sober she’s doing monthly drug tests.is voluntarily undergoing checks to prove she’s free of all drugs after her stint at rehab facility The Priory.

She is willingly doing monthly drug test to prove she is taking sobriety seriouslyCredit: Getty Images - GettyHer rep confirmed that Katie wants to do the tests to "build trust" with Pete and Kieran -She says: “Katie will carry on taking tests every few months - this her choice.

“She will continue to build trust with both fathers involved in joint parenting.”The Sun Online revealed last week howKatie had managed to stay sober for three monthsafter checking into rehab in January.She celebrated her 42nd birthday with her five kids, Harvey, 17, Junior, 14, Princess, 12, Jett, 6, Bunny, 5

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Katie said: “I want everyone to see this is for real - I am back. After giving birth to my five beautiful children this is the most empowering feeling in the world.”She admitted to using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain of a terrible year.Speaking on her reality show,

My Crazy Life, she told her friend Rick: “Because my head was so numb with stuff, my reaction was ‘oh just another thing, just another thing,’ which wasn’t normal to act like, just no emotion."So that’s why I turned to something to escape from that, and mine ended up being the coke.

She said spending time with her family is the best birthday present she could getCredit: w8mediaKatie Price flirts with six YouTubers on x-rated Blind Date Read more: The Sun »

I would rather poke my eyes out with stick..the baggage is unbelievable and unbearable I would rather iron my cock flat.... On your bike tart! Yeah well why not misskp? Am 54,single,nokids,an uncle to 12nieces n nephews..no job thou..ask deep why..16yes now kp..take care young lady urs John paul,livingston,scotland...x?

Thought she was staying single I would rather shave my eyes with a spoon! Like opening a window and shagging the night. No ones that desperate 🤣 Less aggro if you go to a dog rescue centre If a Pointless Person World Championship is ever organised, this ageing airhead could easily win it. I don’t date a second hand dart broad

And shes back begging for attention and another baby daddy a joke is what u are Ermmm narr thanks.. Would she like a trip to Durham? Like sticking your knob in a jar of spam 😂😂😂😂🤪🤪 😂😂😂😂😂 no one wants you Nothing more attractive than someone who’s been banged more than Roger Taylors drum set publicly begging to be loved

Desperate times really do count for desperate measures it seems. I’d rather go without for the rest of my life It’s called desperate. Feel sorry for that bike seat tbf I'd rather use petrol as mouthwash 👍 Seen more Japs Eyes than a Nissans wing mirror. Never mind Plenty of fish more like plenty of crabs!! Ugh

Like a wizards sleeve. Yawn Fuck, she can't give it away now 🤣🤣🤣 Is that the booby prize? Love 🤣🤣🤣 Nope 👎 🤮 Fans 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 attention seeking trollop She looks like a he. Well, shares in Tinder have nose dived! All the decent straight men have fled and only thr TOWIE types wanting the attention are left! Can you actually imagin dating this sket! Knowing you will be autobiography 7!

It must be the size of a horse’s collar Oh no No thanks yuk And is being paid by the app Yeah that's not a car crash waiting to happen is it? She been rogered more times than a coppers radio I thought she has dated everyone 😂😂😂 AbadomOmodi Laugh 😂 Steupes And the ‘Booby Prize’ is....... She's bad news stay away from her

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Thought she was having a year off men I would rather shit in my hands and clap than go on a date with that creature She definitely was not begging LOL she’s getting paid to promote a dating site! PAID TO PROMOTE! FakeNews katieprice I would sooner catch Ebola , it’s a far less deadly disease. She only wants a free meal cause she got no money

Is that the booby prize 🤷‍♂️?! I'd rather stick my dick in a toaster Or more bitemarks than a second hand rubber dog bone I dont wanna date that hoe I’d rather drink a pint of coronavirus! I’d rather catch a dose of the clap......hang on, there’s probably no difference than with the date with this sl**er

Lol. Twenty years ago, ye, now, no thanks. My worst nightmare!I much prefer to stay solvent and not be front page news for my performance. Single and happy thanks katie Do you do a turn. You can move in wit me. I wouldn’t call that winning that’s for sure!! seriously? Who in their right mind would want to date her?!

Run a mile lads!! 😂 where do I sign up ? Is it me or does she look like one of those Korean Sex Dolls. Or AI dolls? Am not hating on her looks am honestly asking because when I saw her (first time today) she reminded me of that. Wow that's some prize, win a date with Katie Price, sorry I'd rather poke my eyes out with a blunt spoon.

I'm good thanks shes had more pricks than a second hand dartboard no thanks !

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Katie Price says she 'can't wait' to take son Harvey, 18, to a nightclubReality star Katie Price has revealed that she 'can't wait' to take son Harvey, 18, to a nightclub after lockdown as he will 'love it'. Such a lovely boy.

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