Kate warns of lockdown loneliness for parents

Kate warns of lockdown loneliness for parents

11/27/2020 3:19:00 AM

Kate warns of lockdown loneliness for parents

The Duchess of Cambridge highlights a 'dramatic increase' in parents feeling cut off from support.

Families without a garden have had a much tougher time than has been recognised, she says."It's so difficult to keep them entertained. Every second is a battle," she says.Parents feeling isolatedThe report from the Royal Foundation shows parents under emotional pressure in the pandemic - drawing on 528,000 responses to the

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Five Big Questions survey launched by the duchess, plus further research with 3,700 people across the UK.It is claimed to be one of the biggest ever responses to such a survey into childhood - and the duchess says problems in adult life, such as "homelessness, addiction, and poor mental health are often grounded in a difficult childhood".

image copyrightimage captionParents need to protect their own well-being, says the study"The early years are not simply about how we raise our children. They are in fact about how we raise the next generation of adults. They are about the society we will become," says the duchess. headtopics.com

It shows separation from family, friends and support networks during the lockdown taking a heavy psychological toll on parents of young children - with 63% reporting feelings of loneliness, compared with 38% before the pandemic.But the Duchess of Cambridge warns her research also shows "just one in four recognise the specific importance of the first five years of a child's life".

'Complete nightmare'"I can't describe the loneliness. Everything is on you," says Rebecca Goatley, a lone parent, living in Wallingford, Oxfordshire, with her three year old son.image captionRebecca had to cope with having coronavirus while looking after her son

Making it even more of a "complete nightmare", she had coronavirus during the lockdown."I've never been so unwell in my life. I thought I was getting a bit of a sore throat and then when I was cooking dinner I couldn't smell anything," she says.

It meant looking after her son in their flat while suffering from Covid, with her mother helping by dropping round food."I've never felt tiredness like it," says Rebecca, who usually enjoys playing rugby rather than being "stuck in a flat with no one to talk to". headtopics.com

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image copyrightimage captionKate and William have also supported the cause of parenting skills for menThe whole experience of the pandemic has been one of exhaustion for parents with young children, says Rebecca."Mentally and emotionally it's been really hard," she says, with parents isolated from their friends and family while children have also been desperate to play with their own friends.

"It's been so strange - and made me feel disconnected from everything," she says."There's not been enough focus on kids in the lockdown and how it has affected them. It was like cabin fever," says Rebecca.'Feeling judged'

The research launched by the Duchess of Cambridge says parents have neglected their own well-being, with only 10% taking time to think about their own mental health.It also found 70% of parents "felt judged" about how they were bringing up their children, or how their children were behaving, and that could "make a bad situation worse".

Neil Leitch of the Early Years Alliance says "the first five years of a child's life are absolutely critical for a child's long-term life chances".But during the pandemic, he says, the focus was too often on getting children back to school, rather than the support and childcare needed for families with young children. headtopics.com

'Your identity goes'"Parents put pressure on themselves," says Zunaira, who misses the friendships and social activities that would usually be a lifeline for this mother of two young children.It is easy for parents to be guilt-tripped into thinking they should be coming up with amazing activities every day.

image captionZunaira says parents can put pressure on themselves and feel even worse"It's lonely. You lose your own self, you forget about yourself - and all the focus is on another person."Your identity goes and I felt like I was suffocating," said Zunaira, from Peterborough.

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The long, exhausting pandemic is taking its toll on young families, she says, cutting them off from the simplest pleasures."You just want to sit in a cafe, have a bit of cake and a talk," she says. Read more: BBC News (UK) »

William 'proud' of Queen and Philip for having jab

The Duke of Cambridge praises his grandparents for getting the vaccine in a video call with NHS staff.

BUT KATE IS THE WOMAN WHO DOMINATES THE WORLD; WILLIAN IS A POWERFUL AND LUCKY ONE WITH KATE,THE REAL MISS UNIVERSE, THE MOST ADMIRED WOMAN ON THE PLANET FOR HER BEAUTY.-I KISS HER CUTE AND STRAWBERRY FEET. This discussion is so important! Thank you Kate Lockdown can be especially hard on new parents. As the support just isn't there for them. However if in doubt speak to your midwife or contact friends or family via phone. Get the support DontSufferInSilence

She is so amazing 5BigInsights She calls it lockdown, I call it an average Tuesday. She's certainly not a lonely parent with all her butlers, maid, cleaners, gardeners, nannies and chauffeurs. IvoryTower Not just lockdown issues but the research highlights day to day issues too. Well done, no one else seems to care and the government sure doesn’t do why shouldn’t we encourage this. As a person of privilege she’s using her platform for good.

This comes from the results of her early years surveys she’s been conducting this year with her team. 500,000 people have spoken, these are THEIR thoughts. 👏🏽 In 2035, Cyprus will be a Muslim majority. Sweden in 2125. France in 2135. Greece in 2135. Belgium in 2140. Bulgaria in 2140. Italy in 2175. Luxembourg in 2175. U.K. in 2180. Slovenia in 2190. Switzerland in 2195. Ireland in 2200. Lithuania in 2215. This doesn’t include illegals.

Well she can go KensingtonRoyal I have no tolerance for self serving virtue signaling elitist eugenicists. Plandemic Surely we should focus on the joy experienced in having children instead of always looking at the negatives. Kate who? Really? Who would have thought? are you the vigilante man? How can parents be lonely? Aren't kids around and dad / mom? Didn't read the article. Feels depressing for no reason.

me myself and I How does she relate enough to give out warnings? What advice can she give? How does she know? The arrogance is beyond belief Your headline should say 'Duchess of Cambridge' - not 'Kate' Wow, did she think that up all by herself? Thanks for that, entitled cow can bore off along with the rest of the royal spongers. And before you all start talking about the royal grant, blah blah blah, they still live in massive palaces, with staffs of hundreds, by birthright. FU.

Well done to The Duchess of Cambridge, biggest study into early years thats ever been done ❤👏👏 Correct Her 10 servants can keep her company..... 500,000 respondents. The largest ever study in Early Years. Working on this behind the scenes for 3 years. She is talking about the report results- not her opinion.

No ones listening the royals and the BBC are ‘crimin//S of humanity How the f would she know this is terrible news Good old golden Kate. Has to get back in the limelight ...🙄 Who is Kate? What will she know about ”loneliness” did she ever experience it to talk about it... How would she know ? given that she lives in a palace 🤔

Not just parents 🙄🤦‍♀️ I think Kate gets it. The problem is that the government don’t. Can Kate ask her mum-in-law to dissolve parliament ? Everyones lonely Oh please..... Loneliness is way overrated 👴🏾 Can always rely on the caring nature of social media to shine through .....the state of some of the responses on here........

Most workers prefer to work flexibly rather than return to offices. r4today wfh I remember, the first day back at school after holidays/vacations.. the Peace, the Quiet, the Sanity. Now not only do we not have those moments, but duct tape is looking real good, and lack of adult conversations.. if you are a parent, you know exactly what I mean.

I'm so sad for her. At least she has all that money to keep her warm. You got the wrong spouse ... Yup. The struggle is real. Kate who? Who the hell is Kate? Some random called Kate saying something is not news Any support for Meghan and Harry............ Kate...call me. 🤙 If Boris had responded directly to the virus, it would never have come to this

No one likes her and her rude, snobbish ways. Acts like an ice queen. She was jealous of Meghan's star power, and plotted against her. She had no credibility with anyone on any subject. America loves Harry and Meghan. Even Tory MPs are criticising Boris Johnson's authoritarian Covid restrictions. Direct quote from Graham Brady: 'the policies have been far too authoritarian. I think they have interfered in people's private and personal lives in a way which is unacceptable'. Boris is a tyrant.

Is she furloughed ? As a mother of a mid April baby I totally relate! For those having an affair, I'm sure it's a logistical nightmare. 😂 How about the loneliness of people living alone? we've had enough. no more lockdowns. no more. just stop this madness. the government is trying to justify the previous ones by doing them again and again.

No doubt, but many people have not even got close to another person all year. Part of the pedo protecting grifting crew so she can do one. I seen mine daily. Fuck lockdown.