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Kate Tempest announces they are non-binary, changes name to Kae

Kate Tempest announces they are non-binary, changes name to Kae

8/6/2020 10:08:00 PM

Kate Tempest announces they are non-binary, changes name to Kae

Performance poet, writer and musician said they had previously ‘tried to be what I thought others wanted me to be so as not to risk rejection’

Thu 6 Aug 2020 17.37 BSTThe musician and poet formerly named Kate Tempest has changed their name to Kae Tempest, and announced they are non-binary.In the announcement on Instagram, Tempest said they were changing the pronouns they use, from she and her to they and them. Their new name is pronounced like the letter K. They wrote:

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😂😂😂😂Of course she is. Pretentious, talentless fool. She. This is so sad. Our daughters need role models who have talent, strength, defy conformity and yet still remain women. It's so sad Change however you wish as long as you don’t expect people to change with you or as quickly as you. If people have known you as Kate all their lives, they know you as Kate.

Does that make her not lesbian when she has sex with women? What is wrong with being an androgynous woman? Who is non binary? Her pronouns are she and her. Pixieguts Understanding is crucial. I hope you find happiness. You’re inspirational. Be you, be well. 🌱🪐 All I got from that article is that they are a 'twitcher', with the constant references to birds.

Fucking guardian putting their literal deadname as the first word in the title god this headline is poorly written jesus get better Isn’t “they” plural? ....you deadnamed them.... right at the fucking start.... Not trying to be ugly, just genuinely curious... why them and they? Why not it.. that.. or something non plural.

Oh dear And seems she is getting exactly what she wanted attention who cares what she refers to herself as it isn’t compulsory for anyone to join in. I have to say I don’t really care. Just another confused young person. An individual is singular not plural, a plural person is a nonsensical thing. CChinneide Amazing!

Singular they is perfectly fine. prescriptivists in the comments fight me pussies Kae Tempest* Way to deadname someone fucking losers So Kae is a slightly butcher lesbian than Kate was? Big whoop. Who cares? Serious question - is using the word ‘they’ in the singular a recent thing? If not, can anyone give examples?

This doesn’t need announcing it’s not news 🙄🤷‍♂️ Anyone griping over 'singular They' who also uses 'you' in the singular is a hypocrite. Kate Tempest announces they is non-binary, changes name to Kae. - To me the issue isn’t the ‘they’, but the use of are. Thoughts? How tragic that a young woman who does not conform to a gender stereotype thinks she has to call herself non-binary, rather than call herself a proud woman who doesn't conform to sterotypes. ALLIANCELGB Transgendertrd BluskyeAllison

I'm happy for them. I hope they enjoy themselves. Welcome to the family, Kae! 💛🤍💜🖤 Yawn Oh what meaningless, childish drivel. It’s a woman with a new haircut. Call this journalism? Dear god 🤦‍♀️ genuine question: why are people only finding out about they/them and nonbinary people now or are people just acting stupid because if you acted like you knew what you were talking about people would actually call you out on your shitty beliefs

She’s just had a hair cut ffs. Who fuqing cares? The comments on this show exactly why Kae is right to go public about this. They’re a talented and inspiring artist that other young non binary or trans people can look to in a positive light. just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean it’s wrong, open your minds

No one The Guardian: She's literally removed the letter t from her name. Transphobe! Some of the comments 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ For all the people offended by singular they: Kate...Kae who? Lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Well done Kae, you’re not hurting anyone and if it makes you happy, why not? Kae's issue is Kae's. Not to sound cruel, but this doesn't really make a difference to 99.999999% (guesstimating) of the rest of the population. 'She is non-binary...' Happy to help. I always love how many people proudly wear “I’ve never heard of them” when it comes to musicians. So what? Kae’s music isn’t even supposed to be mainstream. It’s like me smugly saying I haven’t heard of the latest Nobel Prize winner - it only says anything about me not them.

I love them and their poetry. They are a very talented young person. Another women in crisis... very sad Thanks for being so courageous Kae you’re just like a Beirut doctor. 😶 Okay, but if she's now in plural, should'nt they say 'We’ve been struggling...' Rather than 'I’ve been...' ? Just asking. Poor it.

Who? So what? Is this “news”? Is this important, other than showing up another self-obsessed fool? Cool! Hope Kae won't have to deal with many transphobes in their life. 'Performance poet'. 'NB.' Such a coincidence. 🙄 Come on now Guardian. I'm sure the last thing Kae wants is public attention. 😏 hope Glastonbury will have 'They Facilities ' from now on.

I am an atheist, but this line 'My name is Legion because we are many' keep popping up in my head whenever I see anyone using they/them in their profile. Have she/they got something to promote hence needs attention? Who cares This person is even less interesting to me now than before, when I'd never heard of and had no idea who was.

Why is this news ? Does anyone give a fuck ? Please define bravery? who/who cares 💛🤍💜🖤 Congratulations Kae! Predictably, lots of far-right sockpuppets replying, claiming they can’t manage a centuries-old singular “they”. Block and don’t bother engaging. 💛🤍💜🖤 I love ‘Kae’ Tempest and she can call herself whatever she wants. But I’d love a non-binary women to explain to me what this status does for the advancement of women as a class of people. It looks like a cop out to me.

How can using 'they' be correct when referring to a singular person You can change your name & change your hair but you can never change your sex. Its a shame she feels she cant embrace her personality within her womanhood. Yawnfest. FirstWorldProblems Kae? Traditionally a girl’s name and a nice one too. Well done.

“I want to live with money. And this is a step towards that.” Ah she's joined the 'Pantomime of the Privileged', sweet! I wonder why girls being abused, awaiting FGM, being raped by ISIS/Uncle Bob, being married to a 70yr old just don't do the same? They should just state 'I'm not a girl anymore' sorted

The true test is does it sit on a chair like a bloke? I think members of the Borg from Star Trek may have been non-binary, since they used 'we' a lot. And James McAvoy's character in Glass / Split. Oh and the devil in The Exorcist, it must have been non-binary too. All those poor misunderstood demons :( I'll stick with singular.

My preferred pronoun for Kae Tempest is “who?” Oh ffs!! 😠🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I 'is neither ' she' neither 'he '.. So why shouldn't it be used in this case? This is a genuine question No one cares! Kate droppedtheT lol Non-binary. Can we have an enclosure for non-binary, so that those who decide they no longer want to live by the constraints of biology and science can create their own society, and we'll be unaffected? Many of us are happy with the version of reality we're familiar with. BLM

If she's got a Vagina she is a Women irrespective of what she or the loony left weirdos would have us believe. My poem. She is now It, what an attention seeking Tit. WHO I just pulled down a statue because the pronoun on its plague was not correct Pathetic you can be who ever you want to be. Announcing it to the world and giving yourself a label is more about celebrity than actuality.

Who? Sorry, but who cares? Not a big deal. This makes no sense ,how the fuck does any one use they too describe a singular. This is regression. Is she any relation to Harry Angelis, another person I have never heard of? If we’re mainly focusing on the immediate grammatical problems presented by this brave story, then yes, I guess we’re all going to be speaking like the BFG! Tricky, but I guess we’ll all get the hang of it quickly enough. Maybe we can just use Kae’s name rather than a pronoun?

Katie 》 Kate 》 Kae 》 Kay 》 Kanye Hmm, yeah, I see where this is going... So 🥱 So many sad people feeling the need to actively make a comment saying they’re not interested. Yeah, right. Growing up and not knowing what you have grown up as is errr weird!! If it doesn’t know then how are we. How ridiculous. How tedious. How narcissistic.

Who? She is a white woman in the arts in 2020: this was the only way to remain relevant. Sad. Clickbait from the guardian. I realise times are tough, but this is scraping the bottom of the barrel I don’t know who they is, but what actual difference does being non-binary make? Do non-binaries eat different food from binaries? Have different occupations and pasttimes? Live in different houses, choose different friends? It’s just a fad isn’t it? Honestly, tell me.

Who? Never heard of her, why this ‘news’? Some people will say anything for publicity. Best left ignored not encouraged. Non binary is the new septum piercing. And I should know, I have a septum piercing. And this is news because...... 'There's not a man I meet but doth salute me As if I were their well-acquainted friend' -Shakespeare BuT tHeY iS pLuRaL

Removed the t from name. Gosh stunning and brave. That headline makes my brain hurt...Who are they?That should her or she surely?🤔 If she grew her hair and got some makeup, made herself look pretty she could get a nice husband. Interesting I’m happy for them. They can play young Ford Kieran in any Still Game prequel movie too.

This is why the Hungarian language is more inclusive, there is no she, he (one used for both), no feminine, nor male, neutral words like ship (female-why?). So this is solved in Hungary quite easily. Good for them for their integrity and courage. 👏🏽 Never heard of her, but sorry another woman has decided being a woman is too tough.

Because of a few freaks like these the family values and rights of decent people are being eroded. Well 'coming out as non-binary' does provide temporary relief from Relevance Deprivation Syndrome. Fashion! Turn to the left Fashion! Turn to the right Oooh, fashion! Who is he? International activities of the Latin America states in combating drug trafficking in the XXI century:

Surely that warrants a 16-page, pull-out, commemorative, colour, souvenir supplement ? nobodygivesafuck When there are over 7 billion people, nobody cares about some individual's confusion and choices. They can do whatever they want to themselves. Meanwhile what China does matters. Who cares? She’s odd

I'm confused. Is Kate Tempest a person or a group If a person, why 'they' She may change her name to what pleases her but she has neither the right or authority to change the associated pronoun. Pronouns are ascribed by us, the others, as a means of identification or reference. It is we who ascribes he/she/her/they/them or their, not her. DELUDED.

LOL “non binary” Translation: self obsessed idiot gets haircut. How many Kate Tempests are there? No she's cleary a women Love knows no boundaries - not gender, not sex, not colour of skin. God is love and never makes mistakes. Lord, help her. You created her, please help her love herself as you made her. Take away her confusion, which you were not the author of.

😂 Kate is a success as a woman, and inspiring to many women... to now run away from her female sex merely tells other women 'you aren't enough, you will never be enough - you must neutralise yourself to be acceptable'. The comments on this are incredibly predictable lmao Why can't a gal-bloke be called Kate?

Congrats Ricky Hatton. Stunning and brave. Who is Kate Tempest? What has she done? Do I need to care? I struggle to see why this is 'news' Person doesn't identify with all masculine or all feminine stereotypes 🤷‍♀️ I am so confused Ridiculous Who gives a fck This doesn't even make sense. you're supposed to be an English speaking newspaper. What gives?

“I don’t conform to the gender stereotypes of women, so I will define myself as a non-woman.” She’s so woke that she’s letting misogyny tell her she’s not a woman. Amazing artist. Had always considered her a great role model for gender non conforming women... Guess now she is a role model for gender conforming enbys

I don't give a flying fandango. Why can't the Guardian use personal pronouns properly: 'she' is non-binary not 'they'. Weasel words taking over. kae then announced that they is a interdimensional alien hellbent on total world domination. Good to see the Guardian is still covering the really big issues affecting the world right now 🤣

Fuck that shit. FFS🙄 I dyed my hair last week Whatever - who cares? Can someone tell Kae I don't care what it thinks it is. Seriously just be whatever you want without the attention whorish sh1t. Make sure you now how to pronounce k 'non binary ' A term used by unattractive people of both genders. Who .. what? Is this news? Is it anything remotely important?

Be what you want but don’t expect others to play along. Who is she? another pointless Guardian Story what group is announcing it because 'they' is plural There's only one. What is wrong with it? I mean, let's have some proper ambiguity here.... (punctuation notwithstanding, of course). Who? Well a rose blah blah blah...

Are there 2 of them ? The absolute narcissism of assuming that we’ll all be talking about you in the third person amongst ourselves when you’re not even there... “They are” wait..there’s two of them!? Sorry, who is they? And the world will never be the same again, lol. My mother got sectioned & dosed up with elephant tranquilizers for most of her life & branded a Paranoid Schizophrenic for half of what today's 'Woked W⚓s' spout if she was alive today she'd be a fxxkin superstar God bless her.

Yawn And why should we care? People are suffering, dying, being hungry e.t.c and we should learn about someone’s personal choice. How utterly selfish and propagand-driven.. So like every other human on the planet then. The rest of us dont need attention so we continue with our normal apparently nblives. Please stop putting people in boxes. Especially to be 'different'.

What a T Just live how you want to live - you don’t need a new label or fresh pronouns. Ricky Hatton is looking slim again in that picture. Anything to get YOUR 15 minutes of fame Weirdo I thank them for sharing... Get over theyself We all are, Kate, we all are. Is it? Good for it I guess? What does it do? And the obligingly gives HER the oxygen of publicity instead of the name of a decent psychiatrist!

What a load of shite Does literally anyone care? Who in the hell cares. Why do you insist on public attention whoring articles. Is there no news, or do you employ and incompetent staff! Who cares? M'kae Who the fuck is she, anyways? Somebody needs a publicity boost I suspect. Not the most interesting way to get them's name in the headlines but them has to take whatever them can get I suppose.

‘Kay. So much hate in this thread. Deeply sad. Shows why we still need a Pride 🏳️‍🌈👊🏽 We are Borg Okae 'They' Give me strength. What a bag of bollocks. Are you reporting on random peoples identities now or is this some sort of celeb I've never heard of? Happy for Kae to change her name but I draw the line at referring to her as they. People who want to engage in this shite can do so but I won’t be dragged into it.

Another stunning victory against the totalitarian horror of so-called biological 'reality.' 👏👏👏 Hopefully this will encourage more of our non-binary brethren to follow Kae's lead and come out as plural. ✊ nonbinary Gender identity politics is certainly one way to murder the English language. 2020 is just too much 😳

Never heard of her. Comes across as a bit of a 🤡 Who are they? Never heard of them, the only experience in non-binary I've had is using Hexadecimal, but each to their own power I suppose. Fucking drivel. “Kate Tempest is a narcissist/clown, but more importantly, biologically a woman, so this is just all post modernist inspired nonsense anyway, + who cares about her choice of pronouns, it’s not up to her how someone chooses to address her”. There, fixed it

“They” is a plural pronoun and refers to a group of two or more people. Why is this news and who is they? Do we care? Wait, 'they' changed their names? How many Kate Tempests are there and why did they all change their name at the same time?! Kate and who? Rest of the world yawns and then laughs. Who is she Never heard of her.

Who is she anouncing as non-binary? Fine What bathrooms or changing rooms are they gonna use though? Or what sports are they gonna play in? Serious questions They have just been awarded an honorary degree. How many should Deez send out to they them. 'They' just doesn't work. Surely it's better to create a good neutral gender pronoun than to write in this clumsy and stilted style?

She sounds lovely. Does she have any albums anyone has heard of? What instruments does she play? Who are her band mates? Such a good and virtuous announcement. We'll be sure to congratulate her! Can’t get into her. Find her very irksome and up her own arse. Very very overrated woman. Oh really. Who cares.

Kate is a she, a female a women, time this utter nonsense stopped and people need to grow up. Cut your hair short and look like a bloke, she's still female and a she, her. It's getting beyond ridiculous. Good lord. I’ve not got a problem with someone going on this journey who doesn’t hurt anyone else. It’s the “fuck you with my woman dick” crowd, and their “ciswomen” I have a problem with.

I only see one. Why have I just read this rubbish. I should be ashamed of myself..enough.. Try taking disinfectant Is she a quantum mechanical wave function? Well it will get 'they' in the Guardian... Home of the attention seeking woke jokes... Do these people realise how utterly idiotic they(!) sound? Who?

So what happens, what actually changes, who is declaring yourself as non binary for? Um who? Who’s he? Is The Guardian just doing this for absolutely anyone now? Reminds me of that girl in Big Brother who had a proper strop in the diary room, shouting 'Who is she? Who is she?' I feel like that girl right now, but not enough to change my pronouns 'Announces'.. like a child might

Who? Kate Tempest sounds like she is fighting with mental health issues. Is the Guardian running a WGAF column now? How ever did this become a news story. Who is this woman, anyway? What is her contribution to our society? So what? Ffs Not ‘Attention seeky, McSeekyFace?’ Maybe it's just really hard to come out as a lesbian these days?

Oh who cares about this crap? What genitals do non-binaries have? You can go off people...Special K. Sad Bandwagon. Imagine not knowing that 'they' has been a singular term for centuries 😑 Bigots have got to hate I guess 🤷‍♂️ 'I WANT ATTENTION!!!' Never heard of her What a vagina. Who? they is for plural, thats a single person.

No such thing as non-binary. Stay out of trouble Kae because in prison, you'll discover you're binary AF. It's no wonder you're having to beg for money if this sort of story passes the editor's test. 1. Not many have heard of this person 2. Nobody cares what he/she/it/they/xe calls themselves. 3. If the wrong pronoun is used Kae will be sure to tell the offensive oaf.

Thought this was grauniadmeme at first glance. Then i saw it was the real deal. When reality trumps satire, and the edges start to thin out. 'They.' I know some non-binary people feel uncomfortable with some pronouns, but using a plural when referring to a singular creates confusing and clunky sentences.

cool, whatever wtf is kate tempest? and who cares? Who is they? She Who? Love UB40 Insanity. Good luck to her. She has my full support. Who? Can we use bloke? Absolute WHO? Who? I've decided my pronouns are we. We are not amused. Another victory for the patriarchy! From this day forth, I am replacing the pronoun “I” with “we.” Because you know, this is the shit that’s acceptable now.

They? More like.. who. First world problems from the 'I, ME MINE' cult, as ever. yes, i can believe theres nothing interesting about her, so she had to rebrand. Awww.. was someone not getting enough attention? Is that a band or something? They're all changing their name to kae? God save earth - Tweeting From znxbhsh, Mars.

LOL thank God, this is so important! All for changing your name but isn’t non binary actually enforcing the binary? It’s saying “I’m born a woman (Or man) but I don’t feel like the stereotype of that sex so I’m different”. Just be a non conforming woman? What next? People saying they are aliens?! Who? They sounds like a lot of people.

😅 isn’t this the ‘they’ who did the poem about the specialness of their haircut needs ? They? I am non-digital, non-electronic, and non-human. I identify as a neutron star🙄. I think the people who lived in the last century are glad to be in their graves, rather than be alive in this time of stupidities.

2 Tim. 3:13 🤡🌎 Using they in a sentence really doesn't look or sound right does it. Oh pleeeeeeze...... Yawn. Why should we give a flying fuck Right ,thanks for letting us/we/they/them know this exciting news Good for them. Who? Lotta people in this thread with 'just reasonable concerns' getting real upset about someone using different pronouns in a way that doesn't affect them in any way at all. 👴

they /ðeɪ/ pronoun used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified. 'the two men could get life sentences if they are convicted' Stop perverting the English language for the benefit of a minute minority and to push your woke agenda. What is non-binary? Those flat Earthers and their novel ideas.

I thought there was only 1 Kate Tempest I don’t understand any of that headline. Not a clue but I’m pretty sure I’d rather not understand. How many of them are there? I woke up dazed and confused but soon realized that Led Zeppelin hold the rights. This is peak Guardian content So *Kae Tempest announces they are non-binary?

who cares? seriously? shall i contact you next time i knock one out? you know, seeing as youre sooooo focused on everyones sexual preferences/genders They Kate Tempest and who else? What the fuck is non binary now? Your grasp of the English language is dire, and all the more tragic for you being a British based news writer

Well that's confusing. How many Kate Tempests are there? Stop pandering to mentally ill people. You are not helping them. You are making it worse. These people need help. Who? So refreshing to see the use of they/them used by mainstream media. progress LGBTQIA Empowerment NonBinaryPeoplesDay nonbinaryawarenessweek

. Isn’t a problem, is it? One can always switch back or to yet another identity or go part-time. Pronouns are flexible The Guardian is however the best grammar teacher amongst the main papers. Students will easily learn all available pronouns in no time. . It doesn’t matter, why is everyone obsessed with this?

YOUTUBE JAVIER MENOS Oh. I thought this was the parody grauniadmeme account. But no. Another one of those parody headlines lol. So woke it's making me tired. what a sad, depressing waste of human value and worth. 'You are fearfully and wonderfully made'. They? Multiple persons in one skin? Imagine reading a book where you had 'they' being used for 1 person, you would have no clue what was going on.

Does anyone really understand any of this...look down and you will know what sex you are. Kate and who? Your either male or female, get over it. Self-indulgent tripe. What do you mean they? It is one person FFS! Had to Google who she was. It's name isn't even tempest it's Katie Calvert and changing its name won't change or help anything or anyone.

So shes a tomboy then, right? Nope,still female. Has she got a split personality? You would think a journalist would be better at grammar. I believe they like to be called mentally challenged Is I am or is I ain't a them? I’d never heard of them over here in France. Nice discovery. All my support to KaeTempest. Thank you for the words and the sharing 😍

She is 34 with that child face 😂😂😂😂 .I would keep away from her any gender. You going on some list anyhow She’s a woman.Don’t pander to this non-binary crap.There are men and women.Simple. Massive love and respect to Kae. They are simply beautiful and calming to listen to and absorb. Their words impact me like no-one else. I stand with you. 3

Oh for fuck sake - we don’t fuckin care Therein lies the problem. By changing the name from Kate to Kae, Tempest has reinforced established gender identities by implying that the name 'Kate' cannot be non-binary. This is just pointless semantics. katetempest nonbinary semantics Who is 'they'? Does she have a mouse in her pocket?

What a load of bollocks Is this news? Weirdos How many of her are there? Hilarious that in the article she refers to herself using 'I', 'I've', 'me' etc. She's taking you all for a nice woke ride - and you've payed for the petrol... Who? We used to have bullies that would keep on top of theys like this. Good for them.

Who? And who cares? My neighbours ingrown toenails are more interesting. It's reassuring ,in these unsettling times, that some folk have their feet firmly nailed to terra Firma....give them a knighthood..🐴⚔️ 😂 😂 😂 Who? Wondered why she'd not been on Radio 6 for a few months, had hoped they'd seen through the woke bullshit and realised she's rubbish.

Amazingly talented musician, poet, author, performer. Always fascinating, engaging, and incredibly intelligent. Welcome, Kae. I'm a fan. FFS. Double your pronouns for maximum media coverage. People are binary. Simple. We are not non-binary as that is not who or what humans are. Who I liked when she played Chesney in Corrie.

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on” Not hurting anyone and makes Kae happier. No one should complain. Kate Tempest is the most overated entertainer in the UK today, her 'poetry' sounds like it was written by a prepubescent boy, it's utter dross. Recording career in the shitter, then? Books not selling?

Gimme a break. Who? I'm in two minds as to whether this is the Guardian altering their language to suit the pronouns or if they're simply following their normal poor grammar style. ...and just to reinforce her non-binaryness, she’s had her hair cut like a bloke...... tomsort of balance it out a bit 😂 what new age nonsense👆😡

More insanity. Thanks for the update, I need be on the edge of my seat no longer. who? Looking like SHE is more confused than ever. She, there is only one of her. Don't know much about them, but good for Kae. Hope people don't moan. It makes Kae happier and she isn't hurting anyone. Who’s the other person?

I’ve been struggling to accept myself and I am so self absorbed that I will use this to proclaim myself a they. That’s all they have to say about this. She sounds confused. This should help. They? Who is the second person to whom you are referring? She”ll still need to go for smear tests like all the other women though. Cant see what her announcement will do to change her life (or anyone elses), just like when my son used to identify as a dinosaur

Kae is an amazingly talented individual that's all that matters. Kae Tempest is everything that is great about young people in 2020 their work is simply breathtaking. kaeTempest 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 Niektórym Bozia urody poskąpiła ..pożałowała ok who the fuck cares lol Is they a twin? Who gives a fu*k

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