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Kate Middleton upcycled 2011 Alexander McQueen dress with 2018 belt

Kate proves eco credentials by upcycling decade-old £4,290 dress with 2018 belt

10/18/2021 11:46:00 AM

Kate proves eco credentials by upcycling decade-old £4,290 dress with 2018 belt

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, stunned in a gorgeous powder purple dress as she first wore in 2011 as she graced the carpet at Alexandra Palace in London last night.

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Queen of fashion and planet x Now this is pure elegance and class …. 👌🏻💖 Better than the 100,000 bedsheet Meanwhile harryandmeghaninnyc are proving their utter hypocrisy. Duchess Catherine looks beautiful and regal. Pinocchio looked a mess 🤣🤣money can’t change a character and shape. Not shaming but she could wear clothes for her sharpe not try and wear Duchess Catherine’s shape clothes 🤣🤣🤣Pinocchios definitely challenged..🤣🤣🤣

Wow the sacrifices are immeasurable She’s all fancy dress and no knickers that Kate Middleton - a Royal Expert told me She should go shopping I find a certain restriction more creative. Anyone can do it if they purchase it. Give us personal styling; and ideas x So what What a trooper 👏👏 That'll justify all those air miles ...

Kate Middleton stuns in pastel McQueen dress at Earthshot PrizeThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 39, are set to host the awards this afternoon said to the most ambitious environmental prize in history. Absolutely nobody was stunned. Journalism should file a restraining order against the writer. Enough of this new religion. More like David Copperfield 🥴

In order to prove eco credentials she must be up cycling decade-old panties too. Btw the carbon footprint of these monarchy royal billionaires is too high. This is bs PR! She is a beautiful woman. “Eco credentials”. This site has their nose so far up this woman’s arse it’s embarrassing Blah blah her dress cost more than my old battered car. Really please they don’t care about environment only how they appear to people to keep the royals relevant. Really

What utter shite she spends almost £5000 on a dress and you lot almost wet your pants because she wore it TWICE and claim she’s some sort of eco warrior for doing so utterly disgusting wealth paid for by us theft and land grabbing by generations of royals Lovely..both.. Beautiful dress Shows u doesn’t it this is an old dress that looks better than all of MM dresses combined especially the loungewear she is always out in


Kate Middleton stuns as she steps out in recycled designer coat at Kew GardensThe Duchess of Cambridge stepped out on Wednesday at Kew Gardens alongside Prince William sporting yet another recycled outfit Who writes these? The English Grammar is often atrocious 🤦🏻‍♀️. stop with the kate middleton crap!!!! her name has never been kate middleton, her real correct name is catherine elizabeth,duchess of cambridge

That's not an achievement. She could have flogged it online..

Kate Middleton dazzles in recycled gown at Earthshot awards with Prince William Kate Middleton looked a vision in a recycled 2011 gown as she walked the green carpet alongside Prince William at the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony

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Royal Family LIVE: Relaxed Kate and William ignored long list of rules handed to guestsKATE MIDDLETON and Prince William ignored a long list of rules when they met US singer Billie Eilish at the James Bond premiere, the singer has revealed. Billie Eilish said the Cambridges were friendly, funny, sweet and normal when meeting guests at the Bond premiere. 👏🏽 ohwow They are so thoughtful 🥰🥰 ohwow They we’re admired by many for doing so earthshot earthshotprize PrinceWilliam DukeofCambridge PrinceCharles 🌍💙💚👏

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