Kate Garraway says one of Derek's carers 'burst into tears' after 'unbelievable' exchange

Kate Garraway admitted husband Derek Draper's 'amazing' conversation brought his one of his carers to tears #GMB #lifestories

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12/5/2021 11:30:00 PM

Kate Garraway admitted husband Derek Draper 's 'amazing' conversation brought his one of his carers to tears GMB lifestories

KATE GARRAWAY told Piers Morgan that his 'amazing' conversation with her husband Derek Draper brought one of his carers to tears.

Piers was over the moon for Kate(Image: GETTY)Ruth Langsford brands Coleen Nolan a 'former friend’ over Eamonn quip'‘In fact, when you hung up, one of his carers burst into tears.’"Piers had asked her why as she explained:"‘Because since he came home, it’s been so unusual to hear him interact like that.’

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"Then a horrifying thought entered Kate’s head," he continued."‘Oh God, I hope this doesn’t mean he’s been waiting all this time to hear your magical healing voice… I’m not sure the world is ready for Morgan the Miracle Worker!’"We both roared with laughter."

Kate revealed one of Derek's carers was overwhelmed with emotion(Image: ITV)Derek is back at home but receives almost constant care(Image: GETTY)Kate Garraway life in pictures(Image: EXPRESS)coronavirusback in March 2020 and he was soon placed in an induced coma. headtopics.com

Earlier this year, he was allowed to come home, where he receives almost constant care and Kate has shared how he still struggles with speaking and communicating.Piers had called Kate up ahead of them filming her Life Stories episode, and when he asked how Derek was, she then wondered if he’d like to speak to Derek himself.

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The outspoken presenter recalled exclaiming down the phone: “‘Derek!’ I cried. ‘It’s so good to talk to you!’

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Kate Garraway's husband Derek Draper 'in terrible state' amid fears 'inflammation passed through brain'The TV presenter says COVID has affected her 54-year-old husband 'from the top of his head to the tip of his toe' and he is still unable to fully communicate. Derek was one of the worst to be effected by Covid in the UK ! .. I was shocked to hear that ! Heart breaking. An intelligent man so cruelly robbed of so many of life’s gifts. considering he is the only case of his kind like this apparently due to COVID... it most likely wasn't directly because of COVID... he likely had something else going on but COVID weekend him for it to take hold.

Kate Garraway reveals words husband Derek managed before Piers Morgan interviewKATE Garraway has revealed the incredible three words her husband Derek Draper managed to utter before her Piers Morgan interview. The Good Morning Britain star – who is due to feature as a g… What’s for tea ? Was it “ fecking Myles Stephenson” Was it “Morgan’s a twat”?

Kate Garraway reveals Derek Draper can now say ‘I love you’ amid Covid ordeal‘He is there, he has fought so hard to stay in this world, and I’m not giving up on him, ever,’ says ITV presenter Ë

'Not giving up' Kate Garraway on Derek's 'terrible' state after inflammation reached brain KATE GARRAWAY has said that she will never give up on her husband, who is currently in recovery after a long and hard battle with Covid.

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