Prince William

Prince William

Kate and Wills' flirty passion is key to new Royal Family strategy, experts say

Kate and Wills appear flirty and in love - but they have reason to, experts say

10/21/2021 5:00:00 PM

Kate and Wills appear flirty and in love - but they have reason to, experts say

EXCLUSIVE: Royal expert Rebecca Russell and body language expert Darren Stanton say the royal couple are becoming increasingly tactile when appearing together in public, signalling a shift at home with the Cambridges

From William upping his game in an Bond-esque emerald suit to Kate stunning fans with a glittering dress fit for Jennifer Lopez, it's clear the royal couple have had individual image makeovers.But their relationship - or at least how they behave in public - has undergone a transformation of its own.

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According to reports, the pair were "full-on snogging" backstage at the Earthshot Prize awards.And in new black-and-white images shared on the couple's official Instagram account, they appear uncharacteristically tactile.Body language expert Darren Stanton has noticed a shift in their behaviour. He says the royal couple are becoming increasingly "human" when appearing together in public, signalling a shift at home with the Cambridges.

And while royal expert Rebecca Russell agrees, the pair have considered a slightly less romantic agenda behind the hugs and kisses. "It looks like the couple are being mischievous," Darren says. "It’s almost like they snuck away behind the curtain. Both are displaying genuine smiles and happiness and show a couple very much in love.

"William is holding the curtain back which looks like a chivalrous gesture but overall, I think it’s just two people very much in a state of happiness having fun."Following the breakup of the 'Fab Four' and Harry and Meghan's move to America, Kate and Wills have hit a big milestone themselves.

The royal couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in April and are fast approaching their forties - a time that can mark a change of gear or a second wave of passion, according to relationship experts."They’re an established couple so I think that they’ve found themselves and have found their feet and have become a lot more confident in their position," Darren says.

Royal expert Rebecca agrees, putting their increased playfulness down to growth as a couple."The couple’s newfound closeness in public has a lot to do with the fact that their children are older, and they are fast approaching 40," she said. But with every great love story comes cynicism, and it's impossible to ignore that Kate and Wills' change of pace has coincided with Meghan and Harry's bid for freedom.

A YouGov poll suggests nearly half of 18 to 24-year-olds believe the monarchy should be replaced.Darren and Rebecca both note that William and Kate's deviation from royal protocol could be a way of attempting to connect with the media and the public.

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"They’re cultivating the public perception of them," Darren says. "William and Kate realise that in this day and age they have to have a very public profile and they have to open up and build a rapport with the public, so they’re not afraid of being human."

"As the couple are taking on more royal duties in preparation for their future as modern rulers, it is vital that they use their image to attract all of the attention possible," Rebecca adds.Kate was recently praised for being "genuine" while discussing the need to break the stigma surrounding addiction.

"They're a great reset for the monarchy," Darren says. Read more: OK! Magazine »

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