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11/25/2022 4:38:00 AM

The world this week

Sam Bankman­-Fried, FTX’s disgraced founder, is just the latest person to show that American capitalism is dangerously exposed to the Icarus complex.

The world this week

“a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.”

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Two arrested by police investigating break-in at Raheem Sterling's home

Two men have been arrested by police who are investigating a break-in at the home of Raheem Sterling. Read more >>

This is quite a take Thank you for the opportunity to respond with this image. He did exactly what a regular bank does every day. If we pull the money out of them, the same thing happens. The man took custody of people's money, promising to give them a product that he had for sale, and he never gave them what he promised. Crypto is largely irrelevant to the fraud aspect of this case, just a convenient way to deflect from a democrat operative stealing billions.

This was a setup by the Illuminati To fight disinformation, twitter needs to add Conflict of Interest warnings on misleading content. The Economist is owned and operated by central banking interests. ElonMusk Capitalism and communism are two sides of the same coin, a Jewish coin, that is He stole customer's deposits. That's a felony. Why the walking on eggshells here?

Tell me you don't understand economics without telling me you don't understand economics. Try being intellectually honest, rather than gaslighting.

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Agree. Dr Jordan Peterson jordanbpeterson better give comment about it. 👍 Love that pic of Icarus.🙏 This is why no one respects this publication anymore. No it’s shows that corruption is wrong, this is not capitalism psycho! If only ponzi schemes were legitmate capitalism... This was a crime == theft via a con == a scheme as old money...

Your reporting is garbage. He defrauded investors. Corporatism is not capitalism. Criminality is not capitalism. That guy literally gambled with customers money and lost them, it's called STEALING not capitalism Man I used to read you guys religiously because you used to be fair. I slowly watched you go off the rails and I stopped reading. Now I know I was right. This is the stupidest headline I have ever seen. If the connections are true, FTX situation is neo-fascistic socialism.

Launders money for Democrats and commits fraud Let's blame capitalism Is American Capitalism now defined by stealing 10 billing dollars of users funds?

Sam Heughan was 'hurt' after Richard Madden 'snubbed' him when he was a waiterHeughan, who is best known for his role as Jamie Fraser in Outlander, graduated from RCS in 2003 was left reeling after the awkward encounter with The Bodyguard star.

Oh look another mainstream article pretending SBF was just a Hero on a mission to save the world *** man steals billions of dollars entrusted to him by customers *** - CaPItALisM iS BrOkEN It has to be clear to everyone at this point that the FTX entity was a regime tool used to transfer/steal/launder money for political gain. There’s NO WAY the coverage would be THIS preposterous if it wasn’t. This is the state protecting itself.

No, it shows that the SEC isn't doing its job of preventing fraud in the financial industry. Of course, if you steal billions of others people's money and use a chunk of it to make record donations to the political party in power, then you can get away with this sort of thing. 1. Blame everything on capitalism. 2. Propose a 'solution' to save the powerless. 3.1 The solution empowers the powerful. 3.2 The solution disempowers the powerless. 4. Repeat.

The narrative you're pushing is not working. 'Capitalism is the worst kind of government, until you consider all of the rest,' Winston Churchill. Ecommunist imagine lionizing asSBeeF Stealing money from people is American capitalism!? What the fuck are you even talking about

Strictly fans make the same point as Will Mellor returns to CorrieWill was back on our screens as Harvey Gaskell had a tense meeting with Sam Blakeman

'...his twin brother Crypto...' You call yourself an economist? Or is that just a deceptive publication name? SBF is NOT a capitalist, let's just get that straight from the start. He's a guy that came up with a scam. He knew he could get away with it why, because he knew the people that would be regulating, and enforcing the laws he would need to break. He flashed the cash, they said ok

Fixed it for you. You're Rothschild controlled communists. Nobody cares what you you think. Just delete your account you subversive scumbags. We know. 🐸 Imma remember this and repost it on all your trash so you don't forget Shove your socialist agenda up your behind The economist writing we shouldn’t blindly vaporize capitalists

Yes, central banking is an abomination Just a scammer

Coronation Street fans 'work out' Harvey twist ahead of new arrival on cobblesCoronation Street fans think they have figured out a new twist involving Harvey Gaskell as Sam Blakeman headed to the prison to grill the criminal on Wednesday night

That whole mess was the polar opposite of capitalism, but you do you. Et tu, ? Really? In related news, exchanges engaging in illicit activity are experiencing a REAL business cycles where they collapse instead of socialize the losses. But you know EconoMissed narratives. Times up guys Sam is a capitalist? Wow. I thought he was a thief.

TheBabylonBee . lol If that’s what you think then it’s clear you haven’t the slightest clue what capitalism is… which is unfortunate given you’re literally called “The Economist” “SBF is just the latest person to show that humans have prideful, greedy tendencies that will show in any economic system.” Fixed it for you.

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ARKASINDAN DUSEN CZ DİR NET No. He is a crook What exactly is American Capitalism vs. Capitalism? 🤣😂🤣 We used to prosecute financial crimes. Now the democrats are celebrating it and blaming capitalism lol. What about evergrande that was Chinese so it isn't just a western problem my friend How many publications did this guy buy off?

testing WTF, he is just a criminal. So when a rich chosenite steals money, the blame is on capitalism? What kind of economics is that? Communism? Crypto is different. It is a geek Ponzi. A criminal conspiracy. Good news. It will collapse.

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My bitcoin savings are in cold storage. Your opinion is no longer required. Amazing how often you guys manage to have a bad take on crypto. Just amaze.. If Charles Schwab took the $27 I have left in my account and lost it betting on AMC or GME that would be like what this kid did, right? Why are all these media hacks protecting this guy?

Tell me more about Keynesian economics LOL the stuff SBF did is in no way even remotely in the same galaxy as actual capitalism. The only system that effectively exposes corruption is capitalism. Socialism, communism, gov-centered economies R far more corrupt. But because the investigators are employed by the same individuals who run the corrupt businesses and gov, they cannot be questioned or looked into.

Change handle to TheCommunist I must've missed when you wrote the glowing fluffer pieces on Bernie Madoff These articles are all over the map. Writer throwing everything at the wall except what actually happened to see if it sticks. This gives me the impression that things are even worse than people are letting on.

No, Samuel is simply the latest in a long running line of Jewish Capitalists running fraudulent financial schemes to implode a market/company. the economy is dangerously exposed to the jewish mafia. Thank u for finally saying this! Communism/socialism, isn’t vulnerable to billionaires paying off government’s decision makers like capitalism is. (Got yer back homie 👊🏼)

There has been no investigative finding released about the FTX issue. Matters of importance to the Money Market are seriously looked into. Until then, nothing really happened. The Ecommunist Weird way to discuss theft. Now we know who he shared those billions of customer's money with. Unbelievable . You people are *filthy* liars. Bankman-Fried is just a thief.

Not even hiding it anymore huh ? 😂

😂🤣😭 Nice way of describing a crook. Maybe you are a lot too complacent SILENCE SBF acted as the total opposite of a capitalist and it’s the reason why the media and public figures were salivating at the sight of his faux altruism. They threw money at him precisely because he was not a classical capitalist. And now all the money is gone. Funny that.

Man, how bad of a take can you give? The Economist: 'Hold my beer'. Wait, a Ponzi scheme is an indictment on capitalism, not an indictment on greedy fraudsters with cozy relationships with regulators and politicians? Cronyism and fraud are not hallmarks of capitalism. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂 He is just a scammer and he will do it again

This is as far away from the truth as one can get. Here is what a real investigator found out. You misspelled ponzi scheme.

Leftwing bullshit. No wonder you all believe in that AGW scam. How much money did he give you? It is a failure of the DC regulators, politicians and MSM. Too addicted to money to ask questions. Can't remember Icarus fleeing with stolen billions to Latin America Lol. Nah. It exposed the deep state money laundering scam.

That’s why there shouldn’t be any government control of currency. It never ever ends well for anyone. Except for the elites spin doctors at play. joke of an article. corrupt Democrats. the end SBF is just a fraud and a thief. Can we stop with the damn euphemisms. Every bubble has a starring role for a character like him.

You shouldn't be recycling the same argument you used for Bernie Madoff. Oh wait, you didn't, because he... DIDN'T commit as much fraud? Hm. And the fake news that you guys are were putting SBF on the pedestal. Why don’t to find out how much money he gave each democrat. And don’t forget 10% for the big guy

Another puff piece even from the 'Economist'. An Icarus complex that can be broken down to flying to close to the sun asks for an more fragmented approach to creating an cryptocurrency without overheads or good will. Veering away from the topic is that if an person is going to carry on in life like Cupid, 'No soup for you!'

I’m confused, isn’t the economist meant to understand how economics works? Aren’t they here to elegantly explain how this was the result of political cronyism and the opposite of a free market? If you're having a bad day just remember there are some people who pay to read the economist. terrible journalism🤡 your readers deserve a summary of what really happened:

How is stealing the same as capitalism? True, this can’t happen under socialism because nobody has anything to invest

When did The Economist become The Ecommunist? Love this new satire account! What does Democrat Donor Bankman’s crimes have to do with capitalism? Dude just did a speed run of fractional reserve banking. Journalism Flying too close to the sun implies he was creating anything of value instead of the worthless mess of corruption, manipulation, & fraud that he actually put together.

thankful the people in the comments are smarter than your reporters SBF was not practicing capitalism, he was running a confidence scheme. Try to keep up. 🤡🤡🤡 The notion that wanton fraud is some element of capitalism is absurd. Equally absurd that you think of yourself as The Economist

As Socrates says 'an unexamined life is not worth living'; similarly an unchecked capitalism is not worth having. BTW, are all you 'stealing' people serious? You dont think banks 'steal' from us? What do you think would happen if we all closed our accounts tomorrow? Thats right, the MONEY WOULDNT BE THERE. It would be all tied up in leverage and rehypothecated repo scams & it would go to 0

Stealing isn't capitalism. Stealing is a crime. You misspelled stakeholder cronyism Jesus Christ - what is this take. HE STOLE CLIENTS FUNDS - he is a criminal Cronyism isnt free market I like the reverse psychology of this cartoon. Ackshually, Icarus was the kid, who melted. His dad Deadalus, flew just fine... Its like, tell me without telling me legacy finance destroyed crypto... Anyway the problem was indeed inherited. LEVERAGE Not crypto or scams, leverage

The Economist, a disgraced publication, is just the latest example to show that American journalism is dangerously exposed to narcissism complex. Not sure you even understand the basics of capitalism given your rag has turned completely Communist. Defrauding people is not Capitalism. It is a crime. Good lord. What has happened to this publication.

Frauds. Might as well call yourselves “Leftist Politics Disguised as Expert News”.

Corporatism & Fraud != Capitalism. Pretty sure taking in and redirecting funds for your goals is a socialist economic example, not a capitalist one 🤷‍♂️ Capitalism is not about Ponzi schemes Cancelled my subscription last week. Longtime subscriber. Can’t take this sophomoric garbage anymore. The best part is people in 100k college debt to write shit this.

The Ecommunist... “.. stealing from and defrauding customers is not capitalism, “” Yeah, THATS what it is exposed to...🤣🤣🤣 Oh. Sure. Capitalism is the problem. THAT’s the lesson here. So much dumb. It hurts.

Where is the headline 'WHY HAVEN'T THE DEMOCRATS RETURNED THE STOLEN FUNDS SBF FILTERED THROUGH THE DNC' 🖕🏼🖕🏼🤡🖕🏼🖕🏼 It’s called fraud Can't believe this is the hill y'all are willing to die on. When did you guys take his money. Was it before or after sucking him off. We see you. Hey, your commie is showing.

Stealing money and printing money sure sounds a lot like socialism. Stealing client funds to prop up a failing hedge fund and, likely, to fund donations meant to provide a veneer of respectability is NOT aiming too high. It was a con. Another stellar example of journalistic prowess

The Ecommunist Wow you wrote a whole article trying to be smart American capitalism is crony, so in that sense it performed exactly as it should. Grifting, grafting, bribery, theft, political protection etc etc. Notice how the media either defends Sam, or attacks crypto, but never attacks Burger-boy directly ….

Delete your account, magazine , and anyone who decided to go with this 'article' Your as bad to news as SBF was to his customers. 🙄 Bahamian company means America sux like we said - sincerely, Marxist Euro-weenie “journalists” Sam stole money and printed money, in other words he taxed his clients and ran a fiat central bank.

I think you were at this fundraising party with SBF, sun mask on the right? That dude worked hand in hand with the SEC. He was actually working on regulating his competitors out of the market but his ponzi scheme collapsed first.

Crony capitalism- honestly his enablers should all be held accountable - they will not be. Looking at you auntie Maxine He's a thief and a liar. Get your facts straight. Oh wait, he probably made a very large 'donation' to your publication. We have capitalism in America? Where? In unregulated crypto? Reminder: Bernie Madoff operated his Ponzi scheme in perhaps the most hyper-regulated industry in the nation. FTXbankruptcy

You know literally no one believes you guys. Write all the puff crap you want. He disgraced American Capitalism from ...wait for it .. the Bahamas! The real deplorables are those who religiously follow Sam Bankman-Fried to live on the sun. WSJ FT CNBC greggutfeld jimmykimmel colbertlateshow HARRISFAULKNER joerogan NBCNews FoxNews TuckerCarlson nypost MSNBC

Clown take. Not sure why this tweet is in my timeline, elonmusk and twittersupport. I blocked this unbelievable trash.

Or..... As PT Barnum said. There's a sucker born every minute, or was it... A fool and his money are soon parted. Crony corporatism ISN’T capitalism What happened to you? Anything to distract from his political connections This is much closer fraud, fools. Yes, it’s the financial system and not the corrupt, deceitful group of people that planned and executed this scam. This is such a ridiculous tweet from a fake economy rag.

The coverage on this is crazy. This guy must be connected to everyone. fightoracle Benaskren Deregulation and get rid of all copyright/patent laws. That’s when you will see capitalism, what we have now is a machine to make billionaires and wealthy politicians, not capitalism. You're a joke if you think this is evidence of a failure of capitalism

When was the last serious article you published?

Excessive greed make many go foolish in reasoning. Crony capitalism. cobie damn Delete your account Penthouse letters to editor used to be more intelligent than most of the stuff you write now. TheBabylonBee must have bought the economist Hes a thief. The end. You know... you would think with a name like 'The Economist', you'd know something about economics... your entire brand should be labeled as misinformation.

You misspelled, 'Sam should be in jail by now'.

kaltoons what is this garbage? you are the enemy I'm not an economist, but I don't think stealing is 'flying too close to the sun.' Here is who's next: Yeah, well, for every criminal like Bankman-Fried, there are 1000 successful entrepreneurs. Jobs, Musk, Gates, etc., etc. As the Economist pushes communism…

Another Dem scam artist comes undone It’s so odd how every corporate media outlet is essentially defending this guy or placing the blame somewhere else. Seems pretty obvious he is extremely well connected 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 According to the eCommunist!! Yeah right

This is a CIA supported rag U guys….how much did they pay u? ...yea, ok, commie Y’all are a complete joke. Yes, all businesses are just one embezzlement of the company’s liquid capital away from bankruptcy. Kind of why it’s a crime… the party in control using cartoons & court🤡jestures to distact from their theft &💸money laundering 'Look...👴🏼👉🏼capitalism did it'

Pseudo-intellectuals are tickled to understand the reference while unashamed to be spoon-fed misdirecting propaganda American capitalism is dangerously tied to man-crushes. Ok, i won't be taking any more financial advice from you. Why the Berlin Wall falling showed capitalism failed

I think you mean it shows that Oedipus had unfettered exposure to the Electra complex. The “Economist” Lame and weak… disappointing from a once great magazine! Nothing to do with capitalism …. “The Economist” Another solution will replace it and society will be reborn just give it time

Published since September 1843 to take part in “a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.contributing beauty editor at British Vogue, Hair by Sam McKnight , and the talent who spent seven years working with Princess Diana as her personal hairstylist, until her untimely death in 1997.Sam Heughan recalls the moment where fellow actor Richard Madden didn't recognise him at an event leaving him "hurt" and "embarrassed".Coronation Street fans took to social media as TV worlds collided and Strictly Come Dancing star Will Mellor returned to our screens as the villainous drugs lord Harvey Gaskell.

” The Economist .