Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Junk food addict who lost 5 stone without exercising says she looks 10 years younger

'I lost five stone without exercising and now look so much younger'


'I lost five stone without exercising and now look so much younger'

A JUNK food addict looks ten years younger after shedding an impressive five stone – without exercise. Irene Roman, 45, looks so different now that she claims people don’t recognise her…

Irene Roman, 45, looks so different now that she claims people don't recognise her anymore.

Her weight had piled on thanks to years of skipping breakfast and plumping for greasy takeaways, chocolate, crisps, cakes and litres of Coke Zero later on in the day.

Irene, from New South Wales, Oz, used to drive through McDonald's to eat a large burger meal with hot chips before eating again at home for a second dinner.

She eventually decided that she'd had enough of hating her own reflection

And she decided to bin her treats and go for a whole foods, healthy approach to dieting instead

Lasts for two days and you can eat whatever and however much you want in combination with Detox Drops or Patches

By this point, you're supposed to have learned what foods and self-care methods work best for you

Not only does she look younger but she feels more energetic and healthy too

“Lunch is usually chicken, a salad, or tuna. I now eat an apple for an afternoon snack, along with a cup of tea. No more McDonalds or KFC.

She joined the Slim by Nature Detox, which focused on lean proteins and fresh fruit and veg

She says that she never goes to the gym or does "crazy" workouts

“I always used to avoid any strenuous activities or sports. But after I lost the weight, I knew I wanted to celebrate by going skydiving," she recalled.

“I have so much more energy and no longer feel sluggish and unmotivated. I feel alive."

“Not only do people say I look younger, but I feel so much younger now too.

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