Juncker after meeting Johnson: UK yet to present solutions to backstop

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Boris Johnson was booed after emerging from a meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Follow live updates from the prime minister's trip here:

Outgoing Speaker defends his record in New York speech14:39REPORT: I'm not anti-democratic for vowing to cancel Brexit, says Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson

"The PM also reiterated that he would not request an extension and would take the UK out of the EU on the 31 October. "President Juncker recalled that it is the UK's responsibility to come forward with legally operational solutions that are compatible with the withdrawal agreement. Figures from the social network showed the UK government had spent £216,613 on the adverts between September 8 and September 14 - taking the total to £256,275 in 30 days.

"So that now gives some credence... So Boris Johnson quite unnecessarily has given a ridiculous encouragement to the argument that somehow the Tory Party has become as right wing as the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has become left-wing."Boris Johnson's spokesman says:"The position of the PM is that we comply with the law but that we are leaving on October 31 whatever the outcome.

Umunna then turns to Boris Johnson and says:"You cannot defend an open rules-based order abroad if you flout the rules at home." But he says Labour cannot be a champion of liberalism while it is subject to an investigation by the UK's human rights watchdog over antisemitism; while party members find it acceptable to abuse, vilify and deselect anyone who dares question the leader; and while the BBC's political editor needs to take a bodyguard to their party conference.

He tells party members in Bournemouth:"This has been one of the best political decisions I have ever made." "It is our job to make sure this country's heart beats in a liberal and internationalist direction," he adds.PICTURED: It's all smiles from the two leadersHe ignores a shout from our Brussels correspondent asking what he's hoping to achieve from the meeting today.Juncker and Johnson are sitting down to lunch at a restaurant in Luxembourg City - dining on a menu of snails, salmon and cheese.

The Streatham MP defected to the anti-Brexit party in June, having walked out of Labour with six other colleagues in February to stand as independents.


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Looks arranged to me...all these protesters

Juncker is pissed as a parrot after that lunch.

EU set up. He did right to walk away.

Juncker looked had pissed again

They were booing Juncker 🤣🤣

Blatant hostile act.

The majority of this country backs you BorisJohnson. Ignore those shouty children.

Typical they put podium next to jeering crown I would have left too good for boris.

But of course it wasn’t a set up was it! Sky news you think we are fools we are not

Forget the side show... And tell us what actually happened at the working lunch... Did Boris actually come with anything!

Can someone please clarify who was booing?europeans, Brits or woman wanting child support?

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United Kingdom Latest News, United Kingdom Headlines

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