Judges rule Parliament suspension is unlawful

Scotland's highest court ruled that Boris Johnson's move had been an attempt to 'stymie' Parliament.


'They're calling for Parliament to be recalled' The BBC's Scotland correspondent Lorna Gordon describes reaction from MPs and peers after Scotland's highest civil court rules Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament is unlawful

Scotland's highest court ruled that Boris Johnson's move had been an attempt to 'stymie' Parliament.

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel PA Media Image caption The court ruled that the prime minister was attempting to"styie Parliament" by suspending it for five weeks Boris Johnson’s suspension of the UK Parliament is unlawful, Scotland’s highest civil court has ruled. A panel of three judges at the Court of Session found in favour of a cross-party group of politicians who were challenging the prime minister's move. The decision overturns an earlier ruling from the court, which said last week Mr Johnson had not broken the law. But it will not immediately affect the current suspension of Parliament, which started in the early hours of Tuesday. This is because no order has been given by the court to cancel the suspension ahead of a full hearing at the Supreme Court in London which starts on Tuesday of next week. Why are MPs being sent home? In a summary of their findings, the Court of Session judges said they were unanimous in their belief that Mr Johnson's decision to suspend was motivated by the"improper purpose of stymying Parliament". They added:"The Court will accordingly make an Order declaring that the Prime Minister's advice to HM the Queen and the prorogation which followed thereon was unlawful and is thus null and of no effect." Their full judgment will be released on Friday. MPs are not currently due to return to Parliament until 14 October, when there will be a Queen's Speech outlining Mr Johnson's legislative plans. The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October. The group of 75 largely pro-Remain MPs and peers behind the legal challenge are headed by SNP MP Joanne Cherry, who has called for Parliament to be immediately reconvened following the ruling. Image caption The panel of three judges were unanimous in finding that the prime minister's actions were unlawful What questions do you have about the latest Brexit developments? Use this form to ask your question: If you are reading this page on the BBC News app, you will need to visit the mobile version of the Read more: BBC News (UK)

when will all this nonsense end and just except the UK voted leave and stop all this bias crap Rubbish This is a pathetic legal 'pissing contest.' The Scottish judges are peeved that the English high court got their judgment in first when they stated : 'prorogation is not a matter for the courts.' The three Scottish judges have responded with 'our mace is bigger than yours.'

Bet you hated having to report this 😂😂😘 I want to know, on oath, how those judges voted in the referendum. And my advice to Scottish courts is 60 million people overule 3 million. Let’s be clear the brexit party got more votes than the SNP at the last election and got no votes. Scottish court Against, English court For, Take it to the highest court, then ignore it, seems to work

AngelaRayner Well soon overturn this sham verdict. Brexit now and Remainers out! Start looking for new jobs. In the next GE you’ll be gone Motivated by the 'improper purpose of stymieing Parliament'. Boris isn't being judged for unlawful behaviour, but his motives. Is there any decision in life and government, that didn't require motive, particularly for improving one's negotiating position in the national interest?

It's Scotland.. Of course they'd find it illegal! Sadly the judge forgot the laws in England differ to those north of the border someone has wasted a lot of. Oney going through this name them and shame them

Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament ruled unlawful by high courtBoris Johnson's prorogation of parliament has been ruled unlawful by a court in Scotland. Give them tending They bring great news. The Scots tackling the idiocy of the day once again. better arrest the queen

BBCPolitics BuskingBrexit Trompe-l'œil: What happens when it reigns? 'Men of state, of business, discussed under paintings like this. When one of them felt he had been outwitted, he looked up for consolation. What he saw reminded him that he was a man' (Berger). Nobody has to listen to Scotland. It will remain shut until next week when the decision is overturned

Boris lied to the Queen....how patriotic of him. What a disgraceful man. But that’s Scotland. Their laws are completely different. They don’t count for anything here. Here’s a thought Give me strength, this just needs to be ended now, we need out with out a deal Bloody brilliant Joanna Cherry and Co ! So when are they all getting back to work and sorting out their mess!!!

Let’s not get carried away with all this Queenie s*hit!!! Of course Johnson is a first class criminal but he wouldn’t have been able to get away with it if it wasn’t for a so called queen Read: ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ Don’t we all massage the truth to benefit our needs, don’t see anyone pointing fingers at you! All MPs are liars and cheats don’t trust any of them and think we need to rethink the whole UK government as we look like a bunch of idiots

Boris Johnson's suspension of parliament is 'unlawful', court rulesThe Scottish Civil Court has ruled that Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue parliament was unlawful. FFS An actual circus! How can it be illegal if the Queen has passed it🙄

Wow a Scottish Judge in a Scottish Court... biased much Nah, it wasn't. And the Supreme Court will spank these Judge's arses for wasting everyone's time with this pathetically desperate ruling. Hahaha they lied to the queen aye right we Scots meant to believe that she knew fine what’s she was doing she went along with because torys offered her more money.

There are more people live in Yorkshire than live in Scotland So sit back down you Scottish C**t The Queen does not strike me as a person who would not have asked pertinent questions. Or are you saying she is as thick as a short plank? Fandabidozi the remoaner judges are at it now. Can anyone show us the law that has been broken.

Pretty obvious you have cl.e up with your view of inference based on no facts. And you call yourself judges. You couldn't judge a marrow competition let alone facts of law. It is your opinion. Why not be honest . Oh I forgot you don't have to. Ahh Brexit, the gift that keeps on giving! What are you going to do lock the Queen up in her own prisons?

Boris Johnson loses second attempt to trigger early general electionBoris Johnson loses second attempt to trigger early general election: Breaking news: Boris is still an inept twat. Rain is wet. Etc.. تلاش بیهوده است. چون با دیوید کامرون ۵ سال جلو آن را گرفتیم. دو سوم آرا مجلس کسب کردن کار سختی است. حزبی میتواند دولت را منحل کند که قدرت کافی داشته باشد اوضاع را بدست بگیرد. وقتی هیچکدام از احزاب قدرت حزبی و ائتلافی کافی ندارند. ریسک برای کشور است. ممکن است هرج و مرج سیاسی شود

chunkymark UN €lected PM ( Plutocracy Mafia ) : UN €lected Queen of London : UN-lawful €VIL acts : UN €lected Lords - 8 MILLION missing people ⚰️⚰️⚰️ Democracy of the UK ( Unkind 2 Kids ) : economic FORCED abortions - Tory : criminal banker dou-BLED debt ruins ! So the Queen is now complicit in a crime will Brexiteers be calling for her to face justice in the courts ?

Surely in light of the current decision Johnson must step down, he’s been found to have lied to all and sundry including HM The Queen. Someone else has got to take over as Temp PM, as he’s now deemed not fit for high office. NotMyPrimeMinister Johnsonout So the queen was wrongly advised by all the QC she has at her disposal.

BBCPolitics Any political decision without considering people’s views is a dangerous trend in a democratic setup.Judiciary being the only neutral trendsetter has always done justice to constitutional provisions. BrexitOpportunities Brexitvote brexitbarometer BrexitDebate Just waiting for Laura K to make it Corbyn’s fault

Why didn’t the queen say NO ? Is she not allowed is she just a puppet that does what the prime minister says ? Does she only do as she’s told or does she have free will to say NO ? SHOCK! BorisJohnsonLies If anyone wonders why many Scots want independence just read these comments. I bet those three judges are SNP voters.

Brexit: SNP demands recall of parliament after Scottish court rules prorogation unlawful - live newsBrexit: public does not need to see worst-case no-deal scenarios, says Leadsom - live news And the lemmings will still cheer it on Speaking as a mother, I guess? Mother Gothel, that is.

Kevyla Mogg lied to HMTQ, that is now undeniable, his resignation should come just before Johnson's. What's bloody Scotland got to do with it. They, the government, want to remain in Europe AND break free from the rest of the UK. So they can keep their noses OUT! BBCPolitics Would that not mean then that the govt could take Labour and the rest of the opposition to court for stymieing brexit, which we voted for?

Civil court 😂 So was mps destroying democracy but it looks like they will get away with it. It obvious Scottish judges all have different views to each other bit of a laugh eh!! BBCPolitics May I ask, where does the queen fit into all this? If as the courts say, she has been misled, should she not summon Johnson. After all why did the little weasel get her ascent in the first place, if it was not needed.

This is what the UK Courts SHOULD be looking at: ibackboris100 jjvpeperstraten Difference: no judges appointed by Trump... Wow 😮! alykhansatchu WillKnocker

Brexit blocking MPs handed boost after a Scottish court says Boris was UNLAWFUL to shutdown ParliamentBREXIT blockers have been handed a boost after a Scottish court says Boris was UNLAWFUL to shutdown Parliament. Top judges rule in favour of an appeal against the PM and the case will go to the Sup… The case will be taken to Britain's highest court. Utter rubbish Go Scottland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Just a quiet thought. If anyone finds themselves believing the Johnson/Mogg/Cummings electoral promises.....they're all lies too. Who cares what Scotland thinks. The most famous scotsman of the last 30 years is Mel Gibson 🤣. Go Boris 👍👍👍 We do not answer to Scotland and there courts London judge last week ruled UNLAWFUL we go on FACTS not fiction

Don’t worry it’s only a Scottish court They will make their minds in a minute some judges say no some said yes who cares BBCPolitics By a biased Scottish Court BBCPolitics And he said the prorogation itself was unlawful, so he is saying the Queen broke the law. BBCPolitics Thank you And Scotland is completely non biased!!!!! 😂 I don’t think so...

weehighlandlass Right BBC Scotland, let's see how you can blame the SNP on this one.

Brexit: chants of 'shame' as suspension of parliament descends into chaosFive-week suspension begins with shouts, singing and signs reading ‘silenced’ The remainiacs have made our parliament a laughing stock. All should be ashamed The vast majority of the people in this country couldn’t give a flying flamingo as to what Bercow and his treasonous Remain MPs think. Good riddance.

BBCPolitics I wouldn't trust a Scottish SNP judge to rule fairly on anything. The same arseholes freed the Lockerbie bomber ffs BBCPolitics BorisJohnson you are on quite a winning streak. Plus Haute Juridiction d'Ecosse Boris Johnson a agi Illégalement ! Tbf, Johnson has lied to everyone else so why not the Queen too?

No grudges here folks... BBCPolitics The court ruling is that it was the PM's advice given to HM the Queen on prorogation which is unlawful. This ruling does not change the prorogation itself. The Supreme Court sitting next Tuesday will decide lawfulness of prorogation itself Somewhere , in his little offshore , tax avoiding shit hole PaulDacre is wishing he could undermine the Queens law by publishing the pictures of the Supreme Court judges. We are coming for you sponger Paul, with law, legislation and a 99% tax rate. Brexit OffshoreCoward

So the Scottish courts have been gotten at too then? Best Scottish decision since Aberdeen let Fergie move to MUFC.

Scotland doesn’t really mean that much to be fair. Let’s be honest, they can’t even sort out the difference between legal currency or tender of Scottish notes. ? It was the Queen that that sanctioned the Prorogation & under our constitution surely only she can end it legally. Perhaps our constitution has been destroyed by game playing MPs or will MPs who return to Parliament be committing treason

That was in Scotland anyway, they want independence so I rule it bollocks. I shall send a bottle of The Famous Grouse and an ivory handled revolver round to No10. Was the judge given the correct information? Remainer judge. Off with their heads! The undemocratic remainers that is! GETBREXITDONE bbclaurak So when will you be reporting on the University of Alaska report? A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7

I always thought the Scottish being mean was a myth..until one day on my first visit to Scotland,I seen 2 taxis crash into each other and 28 people got out...

Is a Civil Court ruling binding in the rest of the UK? To be fair it's now one all in the courts, So the courts are split, the government is split and the country is split . . . This Brexit thing is not going well, we seem damned if we leave and damned if we stay. And folk are just getting angry. AngelaRayner if the queen had no choice but to suspend parliment then why did Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson request a meeting with the queen asking her to reverse her decision. it's obvious the queen had a choice to make and she made a bad one

Like we are going to take notice of the biased Scotland courts Make Boris come back! But Make Parliament explain why they do not honor the VOTE! All people voted to leave EU! It was a legal vote of all the citizens! HONOR THE VOTE! BBC BBCWorld bbcworldservice BBCBreaking Easy Recall and have an election

GO FOR IT POEPLE'S PRINCESS. YOU CAN DO THE WHOLE POLICY MAGOO IF YOU VAUNT TOO? I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOVE. BABABABA. If the judges all get taught the same law how come they have a different outcome on this or other issues? BarristerSecret Eleições diretas para rainha. Judges are listened too, MP's are listened too, just the people that are ignored

BBCPolitics Boris Johnson lied ? .. well colour me shocked. Frances_Coppola Antirogued? The Queen, needs to desolve Parliament, no one is interested in these Politicians & their constant lies. Everyone of them can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned. Really go see the queen and tell her that The remainers still bitter about losing.

Can't wait when the HoC's Brexit delay is declared unlawful... Boris Johnson current mood..... SupremeCourt Prorogation Bois is unfit for office. Hastings got it right. starting to think anarchy might be the way forward at this point.

If a monarch is deliberately deceived for political gain, is that not treason? BBCPolitics I hope when there is a GE boris wipes the floor with you all Get them back in, and make use of the time to discuss other key issues that have been put on the back burner. The first one to mention Brexit has to pick up the bar bill for the week.

Why doesn’t Scotland’s highest court call for a Scottish referendum and then feck off..no wait...they want to keep their English tax payers funding,while paying feck all in EU membership fees.. Who is paying for all this? Leave means leave!!! Let's not waste anymore money and time and start preparing for it.

There is no way Boris will reconcile with that!🤣 Secondly London's lawyer's which have far more influence and persuasion will have the ultimate say if it even goes that far!🤣 As ever the Scottish SNP meddling in everyone else's affairs and JOANNA CHERRY is the puppet of it all. bbclaurak Relief from the liar MPs 🐓🐓🐓 - wish it was prorogued more often.


How much were they paid to overturn the decision. recallparliament Top tip from TM. LiarJohnson 🗣💨 bbclaurak No, please! No! Not that I have any objection to parliament being recalled for another 15 days of mega-waffle but not PLEASE another self-aggrandising farewell speech from Bercow! NO! we know what Boris already thinks of Scotland although an ethics, business accumen and education system better than ours, And the Scottish Phenomena is that top people throughout the world and history and innovation were from Scottish background. and lets not forget Liverpool.

Well done. Judges see the lies told to the Queen. Recall Parliament. bbclaurak GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow GeneralElectionNow

A British court ruled it was legal? The question is, what difference does it make? Can they force parliament to be recalled? bbclaurak But what now? Does Boris grant Scotland immediate independence so the decision is irrelevant? Does he have to do a ten stretch in a Scottish prison if he goes north? Does he just ignore it?

BBCPolitics No. 10 messed it up themselves when they sent this as a response to the anti-prorogue petition. That’s what happens when you let an amateur like Cummings take control. They claim proroguing has nothing to do with Brexit, but then email millions of people admitting it does. And with the traitors to this nation is not what they have done unlawful

BBCPolitics So the queen broke the law? Is the Tower of London still available bbclaurak An MP responds... 'No can do. We've earned these seaside jollies'. Remember when Cameron said that voting for Labour would be a vote for chaos and confusion? Yeah...simpler times bbclaurak They get one ruling their way and become cheerleaders. FFS. Bring on the Supreme Court.

bbclaurak The high court has already ruled it isn't unlawful so the Scottish civil court can do one 🖕 All MPs should go to Parliament now and bang on the door until it's reopen to democracy! How do you feel

bbclaurak Scottish politicians if you don't want to leave the EU so much. Why don't you go and live in France or Germany? We don't want to be in the EU and also many many remain voters are getting fed up with your political games. SkyNewsPolitics sophieraworth Sorry Scotland the UK is governed by Westminster not the small minded SNP.

sophieraworth it's Scotland.... they had their chance to have their say and it failed... deal with it... lets just get on with it now.... bbclaurak All REMAINIACS need bear in mind that THE QUEEN consented to the proroguing of Parliament.... so has the Queen now broken the Law or is she the Law and if she has giving official approval, proroguing still stands.

bbclaurak Decision made by Lord Drummond Young who was nominated for office by a Labour first minister...politically motivated or not? UK government says it will appeal a Scottish court's ruling that suspending Parliament is unlawful, saying it is 'legal and necessary'

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