Jolyon Palmer: Carlos Sainz should have defied Ferrari on pit call

7/28/2022 1:59:00 AM

Should Sainz have taken matters into his own hands again on Sunday? 🤔 #F1

Should Sainz have taken matters into his own hands again on Sunday? 🤔 F1

Carlos Sainz should have overruled Ferrari on their strategy call which cost him track position in France, says Jolyon Palmer.

Henry Valantine Jolyon Palmer believes Carlos Sainz should have overruled Ferrari on their strategy call in France, which cost him track position at the end of the race.Russia's new space chief confirms it will leave ISS after 2024 The paper's three authors, UCLA professor of planetary science David Paige, Paul Hayne of the University of Colorado Boulder, and UCLA researcher Tyler Horvath, used data from The Diviner instrument onboard the LRO, which had monitored temps on the lunar surface for more than 11 years.A woman has clapped back at trolls on TikTok who claim she dresses 'too young' for her age after flaunting her stunning figure in tight dresses and mini skirts.Subscribe to our daily newsletter! Sign Up Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service dealt with three call-outs in Telford including a camp fire out of control.

Sainz had started on the hard tyres from the back of the grid, but switched to the less durable medium compound after only 18 of 53 laps of the French Grand Prix at the weekend, when the Safety Car was deployed.While it was not an impossible proposition, this meant the grip on his tyres was unlikely to last until the end of the race.The group ran time-dependent 2-D and 3-D models using the data to understand the geometry and heat transfer that could lead to the elevated temperatures.As a result, he was on the radio to his team discussing whether or not to take an extra stop, to guarantee his tyres would make it to the finish, while offering him the chance to make up the deficit to the cars in front.READ MORE: Age-defying mum mistaken for model daughter – and fans say they look more like sisters Although her wild wardrobe has helped Antonia gain a large following on TikTok, sadly she is a regular target for trolls who think she needs to dress differently.He had climbed all the way from 19th up into the top five, with a podium possible as he duelled with Sergio Perez , but his team opted to try and call him into the pits at the key moment, prompting Sainz to repeatedly reply “not now” over team radio.The Mare Tranquillitatis pit crater.The Ferrari driver was then brought in a lap later after passing Perez, which left him with too little time to make up the deficit to Perez and the front-runners.Firefighters had the blaze under control by 9.

Ferrari have since been criticised for their handling of Sainz’s strategy, but team principal Mattia Binotto believes they made the correct call at the time.Click to enlarge..The Spaniard himself has taken matters into his own hands on more than one occasion this season, though – ignoring the team’s calls to drop back from Charles Leclerc at the Safety Car restart at Silverstone, as well as deciding his own strategy in drying conditions in Monaco, both to great effect.And because of the success of trusting his own convictions before, former Renault driver Palmer thinks he should have done the same again and come in earlier, of his own accord.“For long term colonization and exploration of the Moon, pits may provide a desirable habitat: they are largely free from the constant threats of harmful radiation, impacts, and extreme temperatures,” wrote the researchers.Wonder if we will have a cleaner start in Hungary this year compared to the 2021 race 😬.One user said: "I’m 38 and I still rock anything I want.

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Sainz understands race strategy and decision making better from the cockpit than the Ferrari pit wall do sat in front of millions of dollars of equipment and a TV feed.

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