Johnson’s ‘final warning’ to the EU: accept my Brexit deal or it’s no deal

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PM to outline what he calls a ‘fair and reasonable’ Brexit compromise to Tory conference

Boris Johnson will lay out details of his final Brexit offer on Wednesday, setting up a high-stakes fortnight with a threat that if the EU27 fail to engage, he will press ahead with no deal.


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Is that his final final warning?

He still doesn’t understand... “Brittania” doesn’t rule the waves any more Be glad the EU🇪🇺 is there for the UK

Listen to the moral maze on radio 4. Surely you want to reduce the anger? Then embrace reason and compromise. All of you. Not just the others. Where will it end?

Not a worry for the EU

Does anyone seriously buy this stuff?

valerimelnyczuk Accept my stupidity or it's an extension and a People's Vote StopTheCoup

We will thrive out of eu Britain will b great again

No deal

Is PM yet? I thought he was fired by Queen!

You would think it was the EU which was in a state of cataclysm

Good for him. Funny thing is the EU have been saying for some time ‘accept the withdrawal agreement or it’s no deal’ and no one bats an eyelid. As soon as Johnson says it, it’s an issue.

That's how its done

So we have to revoke.

What Brexit deal? He hasn't offered one.

WARNING ⚠️ New Dominic Cummings earworm new deal or no deal new deal or no deal new deal or no deal new deal or no deal new deal or no deal new deal or no deal new deal or no deal new deal or no deal 🐛🐛🐛🐛

Good move if the deal is good. If not he'll lose everyone's support. At this point it doesn't matter if the EU or the opposition accept it or not. Reject it or have a vote of no confidence, he'll be set to win the next general election.

Boris has not come up with one single creative solution for Brexit, so he is not brilliant, and we know about his integrity. So why should he be a PM? Guess another version of Trump.

Ha ha ha

He wants to be seen as a Churchill hero. It’s a gamble. It’s a test for the Queen . Hitler was thrown in jail . This is still a power game.

At last a leader. Not a chicken farmer.

Awanso inu

Ooh, tough guy!

The american phrase “all hat no cattle” comes to mind

Learned all his negotiating skills from Trump.

Good for him. The people voted.

Lets not expect the UK to take a leadership role on the workd stage anytime soon. Not with this strategy at least.

Always got realDonaldTrump agreement and thats the place to be

scrahallia If Ireland HAD to choose between a border “erected” by EU or one “erected” by no 10 they would choose the EU. Which destroys the “I’ll jump if you don’t give me what I want” tactic. Coz Ireland doesn’t, in the end, care if you jump BorisJohnson - so best not do it & get a deal.

Warning? To the economic union you are leaving, who will NOT be devastated. If I didn't know it was a dog and pony show, I would say he was insulting the Brit's collective intelligence.

He doesn’t impress civilized law abiding governments much with his bully pulpit

That ought to do the trick. Does anyone believe he's serious about getting an agreement?

Accept my deal or I'll be sent cap in hand to Brussels begging for another Brexit extension 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🇬🇧🇪🇺

No deal

BoJo: “This is the final offer, you better accept it.” EU:

No Brexit it is then


Stand firm EU. Principles matter and our rotten Tory Government has none! ToriesOut



This eejit who is our PM hasn't a clue what 'negotiate' means. Presenting an ultimatum saying accept this or nothing doesn't come close to anything other than Autocracy.

Shout4HK and fuckchina ..... so is this brand on the rightsideofhistory or kowtowing to the corruptcommunistparty what will it be? moralcompass time... tick tick bewater

You can not fix stupid

Kkk Joker!

acoyne BorisTheTaurus

Last famous words

Except nobody knows what the deal is!

Is that the final final final and etc. etc. warning?

I know a lovely ditch.

I remember saying the same Boris “accept my deal or it’s no deal”.......I was shown the door. There was no deal.

This is utter bollox, 2 borders. Companies in NI will be swamped in paperwork & isolated behind 2 borders.

That's it, enough is enough, I'm done. I mean it, I really mean it, I'm done. I really, really, mean it. Look, if you don't agree with me I'm f****** screwed. EU: Looks like you're screwed then, don't it.

Boris “Do what I say you darned EU or I’ll shoot the UK in the foot!”

UKSupremeCourt Having been adjudjed by the Supreme Court to have broken the law by illegally suspending parliament; BorisJohnson gives two fingers to that court decision an an almost daily basis by proclaiming that this CrimeMinister fully intends to break the law again.

Is he is a position to warn the EU?

Slither on Boris

Fine, don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya... byeee

does he know we’ve already more or less fully prepared ourselves... can he say the same x

Boris negotiation style to leaving economic partnership -- agree with my terms or UK leaves! So I guess UK is leaving and Boris is ignoring Parliament -- and he pretends UK is still a democracy!

No deal? Global recession is now on its way & a no deal will hurt even more. It will be your choice BorisJonsonPM and your responsibility for having called on Brexit 3 years ago & for a no deal now. We 🇪🇺 won’t take the blame, so face the consequences & live with it.

Don't want to lose my job and everyone

Go get a deal right now

Boris --what a clown

What deal?


. BorisJohnson wants to take the UK out of the EU on the basis of a disorderly EUref2016. BorisJohnson is a master of wishful thinking; and he has a record of lying. EUref2016 was disorderly, normal result:52.1% for Remain. Johnson lies often

He is rather transparent. So much for the elite ruling class

So what he is saying is going to ignore the ruling from Parliament, I thought one of the main reasons for leaving was for Parliament to get its Sovereignty back from the EU but it seems Boris again didn’t mean what he said before the referendum

Boris Johnson believes there is a loophole in the Benn Act. The loophole, of course, being 'I'm in control and you can't make me request an extension.'

His final warning before he gets replaced by somone more sensible. 👍🏼

acoyne So it’s remain then, is it?

Doesn't this hurt the UK more than the rest of Europe? So basically he's threatening to punch himself in the face?

call for a no confidence vote and oust johnson.

All that education and he hasn't got a clue how to negotiate.

Because it worked so well the first 34 times you tried that bluff. Asshat.

But what is his deal then?

Johnson: 'accept my Brexit deal or it’s no deal” EU: “are you still here?'

Squeaked the mouse.

All mouth and trousers. Johnson is empty.

The only way someone can make demands from a position of no strength whatsoever is if they have no fear of accountability. Which Boris has nailed perfectly.

BorisJohnson hasn't worked out the EU dont care if it is a del or not they just want an ending ~ stay or go On the other hand his political future at home.dies depend.on a deal Guess who feels the pressure Clue not Brussels BrexitChaos

Oh, is BorisJohnson giving the EU leaders an empty ultimatum again?

Not unlike when Gob and Tobias warned Michael they needed his answer before midnight.

Best offer. Just click the link..

Take my deal, or I pour this gasoline over my head and set myself on fire.

Good lad.

Complete contempt for the law then

Brrrr, we are terrorised 😂 And take what, btw ? So, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adiós, arrivederci, do widzenia, adeus, tot ziens αντίο, etc...

What happened to the Germans needing to sell us their BMW’s BorisJohnson ?

His final warning is actually ‘accept my brexit deal or I’ll be replaced as PM’. Not a threat really...

accept or ill shoot myself, final offfer

Johnson is hardly in a position to give ultimatums.

I don't think it will happen and I think the EU knows that it won't. Therefore play hard ball till we remain.

'Do as I say or I'll shoot myself in the head!'

I bet they’re shitting themselves.

So its NO DEAL then!

No Deal Brexit is like wilfully shitting your pants on the underground. You might feel initial relief to 'get it done' but then you've got to sit in it while everyone gives you the evils for stinking up the place.

His threats would carry more wait if he was actually any good at bluffing! He smirks pretty much every time he lies. He must be God awful at poker!

He is legally obligated to ask for an extension. No Deal is dead and buried.

That's a good electioneering position for Boris to rest on.

Don’t think the EU gives two shits what this buffoon says

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