Johnny Depp v Amber Heard: all the sordid details so far

5/18/2022 11:39:00 PM

The trial is being livestreamed for the world to watch on

The $50 million defamation lawsuit started in court earlier this week and it's already getting messy

The trial is being livestreamed for the world to watch on

actress never named him in The Washington Post op-ed, instead she referred to herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse”.has said that her role in Aquaman 2 Johnny Depp.Play Video 2:13 Johnny Depp was hallucinating and his sobriety had completely collapsed in the final months of their marriage, his ex-wife Amber Heard testified Monday in the civil lawsuit between the two.In addition to denying he ever hit Ms Heard, Mr Depp has accused his ex-wife of domestic violence during their turbulent relationship.

Heard, who immediately called for the case to be dismissed after Depp’s final witness finished his testimony (it was denied), and has also filed a counterclaim for defamation against Depp worth $100 million, accusing him of a smear campaign.Many have questioned why Depp has chosen to push forward with the trial, currently taking place in Fairfax County Court, Virginia, the home of The Washington Post’ s online publisher.They didn’t want to include me in the film.Depp’s 2020 libel case against the publisher of The Sun brought to light relationship details that would otherwise have been kept behind closed doors, including tales of trashed properties, drug binges and even a severed finger.Heard said it was the couple's teacup Yorkshire terrier that messed the bed and that it had a history of bowel problems ever since it had accidentally ingested Depp's marijuana.What’s more, after a 16-day trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, the judge concluded in November 2020 that the newspaper’s article referring to Depp as a “wife-beater” written by The Sun’s then executive editor, Dan Wootton, was “substantially true”.That depicted my character and another character, without giving any spoilers away, two characters fighting with one another.In fact, Judge Mr Justice Nicol referred to 14 separate incidents that The Sun’s lawyers cited to justify calling Depp a “wife-beater”.“The first of which, where I’m talking about ‘hitting’ him… What that conversation is about is about the disparity between Johnny and I, in our physical fights,” the 35-year-old said.

The former couple met on the set of the 2011 film The Rum Diary where they played tangled lovers.They just removed a bunch.In a court filing, Heard wrote that she and Depp had been dating “around the end of 2011 or the start of 2012”, shortly after Depp and long-time partner Vanessa Paradis separated after 14-years of dating.In February 2015 the two wed in a private ceremony in their Los Angeles home.Taking to the stand in Fairfax County, Virginia, Heard testified that she was paid $1m for the first Aquaman film, in addition to a box office bonus, which was released in 2018.However, the pair broke up in May 2016, with Heard filing for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences.That same month, she was granted a restraining order against Depp over allegations of domestic violence, where she accused Depp of throwing a cellphone at her during a fight, and that he screamed at her, hit her, violently grabbed her face and pulled her hair.Recommended.You told me ‘go do that’,” Ms Heard can be heard saying in the recording.

She also provided photographic evidence of her bruised face.Depp denied the claims, and the former couple settled their divorce out of court in August 2016.The divorce was finalised in 2017, with Heard stating that she would donate the $7 million divorce settlement to the American Civil Liberties Union.Ahead of the trial, Heard told her 4.1 million Instagram followers on Saturday: “I’m going to go offline for the next several weeks.Babe, you’re not punched.

As you may know, I’ll be in Virginia where I face my ex-husband Johnny Depp in court.” She continued: “Johnny is suing me for an op-ed I wrote in The Washington Post, in which I recounted my experience of violence and domestic abuse.I never named him, rather I wrote about the price women pay for speaking against men in power.I continue to pay that price, but hopefully when this case concludes, I can move on and so can Johnny.“I have always maintained a love for Johnny and it brings me great pain to have to live out the details of our past life together in front of the world.I did not f****** deck you.

” WEEK ONE In their opening argument, Depp’s lawyers branded Heard a liar who is “obsessed with her public image”, while Heard’s lawyers have stated that the actress had endured emotional, verbal and physical abuse and that Depp wants to “haunt her, to wreck her career”.Depp took the stand for the first time on April 12 to give his witness testimony.While Depp admitted that he and Heard argued during their relationship, he said that he “never” reached the point of hitting her, “nor have I ever struck a woman in my life”.He went on to explain that his ex-wife’s allegations came as a “complete shock”, and that they “permeated” the entertainment industry so much so that they had become “a global, let’s say ‘fact’, if you will”.Johnny Depp says he was a victim of domestic violence as he concludes evidence (Steve Helber/PA) / AP “I felt it was my responsibility to clear my name and my children of this horrid thing that they were having to read about their father,” continued Depp.” “What am I supposed to do? Do this? I’m not sitting here bitching about it, am I? You are – that’s the difference between me and you.

“My goal is the truth, because it killed me that people I’d met over the years...would think that I was a fraud and had lied to them”.He also revealed that his daughter Lily Rose Depp didn’t attend their wedding.

“She and Heard were not on great terms for several reasons,” he said.He also likened his relationship with Heard to his relationship with his abusive mother, Betty Sue Palmer, who he said “had the ability to be as cruel as anyone can be,” and that his mother’s death in 2016 made him realise he wanted a divorce.“It opened my eyes to the fact that – yes, try, in relationships, whether friendships, whether courtships, whether marriage.Try your best.If it’s not going to work, it’s not going to work.

” Christi Dembrowski, was the first out of the estimated 120 witnesses to give testimony, and took to the stand to corroborate Depp’s volatile childhood.“Mom would, she would scream, she would yell.She would hit [Dad], call him names.” REUTERS According to Dembrowski, who worked as Depp’s assistant and manager during his career, her brother’s demeanour changed when he became involved with Ms Heard.“He seemed sadder,” she said.

“If I’m honest, I debated going [to the wedding],” she said.“I wanted to make sure that I showed up anyway, because I wanted to make sure, honestly, that my little brother knew I was going to be there no matter what.” Dembrowski also stated that Heard would often insult Depp, and that Heard referred to him as “an old fat man” when she was told of Depp’s Dior campaign.WEEK TWO Depp started the week with a two-day testimony in which he said Heard “grossly embellished” his substance abuse and that it had been “an easy target” for the actress after their marriage broke down.“It has never been for the party effect, it has been trying to numb the things inside that have, that can plague someone who has experienced trauma,” he told the court in Virginia.

Audio of Depp moaning “like a pained animal” after mixing opioids and alcohol was played in court, while a photo taken by Heard of the actor asleep clutching melted ice cream that was spilling onto his clothes and the floor was circulated.In response, Depp said he had worked a 17-hour day and had taken some opioids to help in wind down, and that Heard gave him the ice cream “because she knew what was going to happen”.Fairfax County Court A photo of Depp’s severed finger was also shown in court, which he claimed was the result of a row with Heard where she “hurled” a bottle of vodka at him.“I was looking directly at my bone..

.sticking out...blood was pouring out,” Depp said of the 2015 incident which occured while he was in Australia filming the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, before adding it was"probably the closest I’ve ever been" to having a nervous breakdown.

He also refuted claims that the “human faecal matter” that was found on his bed sheets were from his Yorkshire terriers.“I lived with those dogs for many years.That [faecal matter] did not come from a dog.” Depp said that before the 2016 incident he had gone to Coachella Festival and on his return security guard Sean Bett warned him against going into the bedroom."I laughed.

It was so outside.It was so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh.” REUTERS However, jurors were also presented with audio in which the actor appeared to warn Heard of violence if their arguments escalated.“The next move, if I don’t walk away … it’s going to be a bloodbath, like it was on the island,” says Depp on the recording played in court.Text exchanges between actor Paul Bettany from 2013 also revealed that he had written: “Let’s drown her before we burn her!!! I will f*** her burnt corpse afterwards to make sure she is dead.

..” To which he said that the “text about burning Ms Heard is directly from Monty Python and burning and drowning witches...

It is a film we all watched when we were about 10, it’s irreverent and abstract humour”.WEEK THREE In his final stand on Monday 25 April, Depp testified that he had planned to make sure his character Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise would have a “proper goodbye”, rather than stopping abruptly after the fifth movie.Experts told.

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Amber Heard explains audio where she admitted to ‘hitting’ Johnny Depp‘What that conversation is about is the disparity between Johnny and I, in our physical fights’ She said it was his fault she hit him! Like many abusers say, ' they made me hit them'. How anyone can defend her behaviour is shocking.

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