Johnny Depp ended marriage to Amber Heard after she allegedly defecated in their bed, court hears

Johnny Depp ended marriage to Amber Heard after she allegedly defecated in their bed, court hears

7/10/2020 3:22:00 PM

Johnny Depp ended marriage to Amber Heard after she allegedly defecated in their bed, court hears

Johnny Depp tells a libel trial he thought the 'defecation incident' was 'a fitting end to the relationship'.

Ms Wass added:"There were jokes like 'Amber Turd', 'Amber in the dumps' going on."Mr Depp replied:"It was one of the most absurd, unexpected statements that I have ever witnessed in my life so, yes, initially I did laugh because it was so strange."

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Asked if he accused Ms Heard's friends of defecating in the bed, Depp replied:"I was convinced that it was either Ms Heard herself or one of her cohort involved in leaving human faeces on the bed."Depp said in his witness statement that after the April 2016 incident, Heard"repeatedly tried to contact me either directly or through her sister".

He said:"I wasn't in a mindset - I didn't want anything to do with her any more."Mr Depp said he thought the"defecation incident" was"a fitting end to the relationship".Depp and Heard met in 2011 and began living together in 2012, before marrying in Los Angeles in February 2015. They split in May 2016.

Depp is suing The Sun's publisher, News Group Newspapers (NGN), after an article referred to"overwhelming evidence" that he attacked Heard during their relationship.The Pirates Of The Caribbean star has strenuously denied being a"wife beater" and accused Heard of being the abuser in their marriage.

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Wives are like dogs. When they start shitting in the house you know it’s the end. I can only imagine Most main stream media are against Johnny Depp. Johnny is the victim and Amber Turd is a psychopathic abuser She can do a full H Block dirty protest for all I care but doesn’t detract from the allegation of spousal abuse. Head butting his wife and breaking her nose, that’s the accusation. Shitting the bed? Not an assault

Brings a whole new meaning to 'She was shit in bed'! Johnny Depp calling her Amber Turd though 😂😂😂 JusticeForJohnnyDepp Same. Some thing you just keep between yourselves. 🙄 Scatty! 'She was shit in bed'... no, I don't think you understand... Life is like a shit sandwich and we all gotta take a bite Oh boy where marriage is full of s***

IAmChrisRamsey Rosemarino How’s this for a poo story!? Impossibly high standards Holy shit Shit happens 😳 Fair enough. That's what happens when you take someone up the ass mate I will never watch Three Days to Kill & Drive Angry in the same light again 😳🤢 AmberTurd 💩 What a couple! Surely Johnny Depp is a highly overrated creep. Totally obsessed by his own importance. Painfull!

No shit?!? Was it a bunk bed? If she was on the top it's no wonder 😬 Amber Heard looks hot af but in reality this chick is shitting in bed to wind up her husband, trampy behaviour! Happens to the best of us.....I heard! This trial is way more entertaining than any of his movies... ... true to fashion of the Sun. Their defence has so far demonstrated that Jonny Depp has a drug problem, likes taking drugs, has taken drugs in the past and has been in rehab for taking drugs. Unsure why that suggest he’s a “wifebeater”. Smear smear smear. The Sun is setting.

Sounds like something she would do I can’t believe these two got divorced as they sound made for each other! 🙄 White women are insane Amber Heard has serious problems...she'll never change she's cracked in the head.. So happy to finally see AmberTurd outed for the abuser she is. She probably wanted to play Amber and the 'chocolate' factory 🤣

Maybe she had one of Chinatowns Mr Wu’s curry !!! 🤣🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵👍🏻 Pathetic ! Too much coke & drink ! Both as deluded as each other ! She shit the bed? Sure it wasn’t just spray on tan? Amber Turd LOL 😂😂😂😂😂 Himanshu21S RohitSh70473114 oh shit !!! She is one f***ed up lady. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory 2

Just can't make it up! So I would think it's true. pdfmakerapp Too much anal sex Johnny... Why exactly do we need to know this? This is disturbing Shit the bed ! Crappy way to end a marriage Wow. This is getting messy What a shit show. 💩💩 Malicious or just a big night? Your shitting me No bloody wonder she tried so hard to discredit the poor bastard

Talk about airing your dirty laundry in public🤢 Sour grapes or dirty linen? 🤣🤣🤣 Pampers could’ve saved their marriage, I guess Too funny Every couple needs to move beyond the turd in the bed For some people that’s a sign of love! We want the truth Not BS sky news, its about a person life here How embarrassing to find a jobby in your bed...

Filthy....Horse strangling kant.... Shit a brick Amber is raw. I thought the saying '💩 the bed' was just a saying!?! Not sure what's the big deal here. I shi, er, defecate the bed regularly. Next time those little nazis use the hashtag believeallwomen remember Johnny depp Amber Turd for the rest of her career LOL

Now that's a Shit reason... Shit happens Pirates of the Crap-ibean... This is getting vicious 🥳 Yeah that would do it They deserve each other. Well suited. As for The Sun. Who reads that comic. No he said she was “ shit in bed” 😂🥴 They seem well matched, tbh. He divorced his wife because she shit the bed Ruthless !!!

Easily done. Strongbow by any chance? I bet she goes potty when she reads this. It wasn't her fault he pulled out too fast Quite the court case this one. Shame it’s not being televised Privileged celebrities. And they’re supposed to be role models? 😅 Oh shit! this is news fitting of Skys station in the MSM rankings

Johnny Depp assaulted Amber Heard after she laughed at tattoo, court toldClaim put to actor on second day of his evidence in high court libel claim against Sun ,,, news....? And she had a crap in his bed what wonderful people they both are . Liar liar

Johnny Depp attacked Amber Heard while filming Pirates of the Caribbean, court hearshe has denied this Who can believe this? How can she claim the victim card here, when she was the one taking pics of JD lowest moments. Isn't it supposed your spouse supports you and protects your intimacy and dignity? Why would she take those pics? JohnnyDeppIsASurvivor

'I never hit Amber': what Johnny Depp said about abuse allegationsThe actor’s version of events in his marriage, as he seeks libel damages from the Sun Great early afternoon routine. if she shit the bed its acceptable self defence I think I have been slapped, kicked and hit by every single girlfriend I ever had at some stage of the once that lasted for a good while. :) Though never slapped back in anyway. She is all about the money naturally. Wants money off Depp, though dont have too much anymore!

Johnny Depp praised Amber Heard's 'heroism' in his drugs battle, court hearsLibel case hears details of actor’s attempt to withdraw from prescribed narcotic Big ups to this man, he shows kindness and love in his heart even for his abuser he genuinely cares even after all of the shit he went through For gods sake Johnny don’t shit the bed. Please stop tweeting about Depp. WTF. Who edits this. Not a journalist

Amber Heard denies severing Johnny Depp's finger with a vodka bottleThe actor is currently suing a newspaper for labelling him a 'wife beater'. i really hate heard after all this rumors. i just tend to believe depp

Amber Heard denies severing Johnny Depp's finger with a vodka bottleThe actor is currently suing a newspaper for labelling him a 'wife beater'.