John Lennon's son Julian is selling The Beatles memorabilia as NFTs

1/25/2022 11:28:00 PM

John Lennon's son is selling The Beatles memorabilia as NFTs

John Lennon's son is selling The Beatles memorabilia as NFTs

The 58-year-old will be selling The Beatles memorabilia as NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which are a form of cryptographic data, which will allow him to keep the originals.

The eldest son of the late John Lennon, 58, plans to flog several pieces from his personal collection, but they will be sold as the one-of-a-kind digital assets./ Let it be NFTs: Beatles memorabilia goes virtual Listen on Episode notes Memorabilia from The Beatles is going to be transformed into NFTs.ttle to stop unlicensed copies of luxury goods.January 23, 2022 - 17:42 GMT Diane Shipley Lisa Faulkner shared a photo with her husband, John Torode, to Instagram on Sunday, and it showed the loved-up pair cuddled close together as they smiled for the camera.

Items up for auction on February 7 as part of the collection include a black cape worn by John in Help! as well as handwritten notes for the band's 1968 classic Hey Jude, which was inspired by Julian and written by Sir Paul McCartney.The sale also features three Gibson guitars which the photographer was given by his dad, and an Afghan coat he wore in the Magical Mystery Tour film.The James Webb Telescope has arrived at its destination a million miles from earth.Sir Paul's notes for Hey Jude have a starting price of $30,000 (£22,260), but it's believed bids could more than double that.Hermès, in a rare public copyright complaint, has started legal action against Rothschild and accused him of being a “digital speculator who is seeking to get rich quick”.Each item will be sold as an audio-visual collectible, included narration by Julian himself.Twitter bans Wordle bot account spoiling the answers for everyone.

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