Joe Biden to host first 2022 press conference TODAY despite mounting health concerns

Joe Biden to host first 2022 press conference TODAY despite mounting health concerns

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1/19/2022 9:35:00 AM

Joe Biden to host first 2022 press conference TODAY despite mounting health concerns

JOE BIDEN will host his first press conference in 77 days on Wednesday January 19, despite sparking health concerns last time the US President addressed the nation.

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If diplomacy fails with Russia, we all lose. Biden must not abandon talks | Chris S ChivvisHawks in DC are calling for more US involvement in Ukraine. But that would increase the risk of direct US-Russia conflict If CChivvis were advising FDR before WWII broke out, we would all be speaking German. His argument is beyond specious. Putin's criminal crew only responds to brute force. Who assigned z terrible US as police of z planet?US is acting as a police of our planet just only 2preserve its selfish interests not 2make justice prevails.Actually, there is no justice in z capitalism that adopts z principle of darwinian survival of z fittest.Struggle 2survive! The Biden administration is the worst warmonger in 30 years.